My Friendly Cow Friend

The little calf kept following me around the farm. 

She got a little stuck, nothing major, just a little tree branch in the trees caught on her leg. 
There was no need for animal rescue.

But I went over anyway to see if I could help the little calf  but she managed to get free herself. 
After that she kept following me around the farm guessing she knew I was a friend to animals by then.

Pet Cow

The friendly cow made me think do people have cows as pets?.
I know farmers have cows for there milk and sadly meat.

But is there farmers that just look after Cows because they like them like just as pets would be interesting to know.

One of my followers on twitter has a sheep farm looking after old sheep which I think is amazing so there has to be farms with cows as pets hopefully.

Cow Ambush

Funny cow was hiding in the bush like she was waiting to ambush me.

I found this nice far in the Bakewell area of England I was just on nan adventure walking in the countryside when I saw this large bridge and group of cows and bulls on a farm.

So I had a walk over and there was around 30 cows and bulls and even some baby calf's.

As I walked across the field I could hear twigs snapping but could not see anything so I walked towards an opening in the trees.

When I walked near the trees I heard sticks even more and then a cow came out and popped her head out of the trees for a look to see what I was doing. 

The first thing I did was to back off slowly to give the cow some room. The last thing you want to do is corner an animal even by accident as they may get defensive and charge at you.

Animal Lovers Herd

If like me you are a Animal Lover then this cow herd will make you day better.

The Cow herd is moving along a farm they got a little nervous as this farm was right next to a road and motorbikes.

The bikes were flying past really fast and making a lot of noise so it seemed to spook them a little. 

Reminded me of that scene from the movie Jurassic park where the dinosaurs move in herds when we first see the dinosaurs and the music plays.

I seen something on TV the other day where they were saying Cows are an issue with climate change.

Yes sure they are when every rich millionaire has a high powered jet, expensive cars and all the other pollution in the world but they say cows are an issue.

Well Watto Photos will always stand by our animal friends.

Bulls In Bakewell

Large group of  Bulls & cows on a farm in the Bakewell area of England. They did not seem to mind me being there. 

I walked right into the middle of the herd and they did not seem to be aggressive but rather curious and a few walked over to me.

I mostly try to keep my distance near Bulls. I try to use my telephoto lens so I can zoom in to get up close video without having to get right next to them. 

The funny thing about cows and bulls is when you are close up to them with a camera they get curious and will walk up and sniff your camera or try and eat it.