Deer Wondering Around Alone at Tatton Park

Nice lone Deer at National Trust Tatton park. The park was very quiet and there were no people around which is strange as the ark is normally full of people when the weather is nice.

The reason why the animal part of the park was quite was that in most parts of the park the RHS flower show was on at the other end of the park so most people were at that it is a big special event it is even on the TV which I did not know to be honest.

I had a quick look online while I was there as I was thinking of going to the flower show but tickets were like £35 and to be honest that was a little pricy for my budget. 

It made me think would I even be allowed to take photos of any of the stall holders flowers? 

So thought more then likely no so I just will continue videoing and taking photos of the animals at least I don't have any people walk in front of my camera this time.

Daddy Long Legs Spider Guarding Her Eggs

A daddy long legs spider as they are known as by many or just a house spider. 
They have a few names olcus phalangioides,Cellar spiders etc.

I seen the little spider in the corner of my garden shed with a small egg sack of spiders. 

Creeping slowly I tried to get quite close but was filming freehand so it was difficult trying to stay steady and I did not want to get too close and scare the little spider.

Many people hate spiders but they do no harm but people always want to step on them for no reason.
So I always try and just leave them be like this little spider. 

Look at it this way they keep flies away and limit the number in of flies in your house and we all know the common house fly carries around 30 different type of disease's so choose your ally I choose the spider.


I have heard a lot of myths about these spiders for example they are the most poisonous spider in the world even worse then the famous black widow spider. 

But because they are so small they are harmless to humans because either they have no fangs or there fangs can not pierce human skin. 

Well to be honest I have no clue what is true I think they do have fangs but I think the most dangerous spider part is myth,

The daddy long legs was in my garden shed probably because it was dry and with it being winter. 
I will not be going in there to do any type of garden work. So I guess the spider has a home for the winter. 

Not my best video was just a quick video it is a little shaky as I did not use a tripod.

I used my macro lens (Canon 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM) to film this spider an awesome lens if I would of used a tripod and macro rail the video would of been a lot more clear and steady.

Flock of sheep on a farm

Nice happy sheep on a farm in the English countryside not to sure of the area as it was in the middle of nowhere I only remember it was near Bakewell yes the place where they make Bakewell cakes.

I was just driving and seen the sheep standing at the gate so got out of my camera with my camera then attached my cam to the monopod and started to video them.

There was one sheep that just kept watching me I am not sure if sheep flocks have leaders or not but it seemed to be the one the other sheep would follow.

When I first got near the gate It looked like the sheep were trying to open the gate what do you think?.

I love being outdoors in the wild doing photography and videoing animals such as these sheep they have funny characters to them. 

Hopefully I can travel more soon would love to visit Scotland again and maybe even go to the Shetland Islands. 

I have still not seen a sheepdog on any of the farms sounds daft but the amount of sheep I have filmed thought I would have seen at least one sheep dog or shepherd controlling the sheep.

Camera Equipment on a budget

Since starting photography, I have built up the equipment I use mostly by learning from other photographers and asking them for advice. If I am stuck trying to solve an issue I try to research as best I can.

When first starting photography you start to realise how expensive some of the equipment is.

I have seen camera lenses for over £10000 it is a very expensive hobby. 

So if like me you are not rich then you have to stick to a budget so below I have listed some of the equipment I use and tell you how much I paid for it and where I got it from to help you save money.

All the equipment below is used on a Canon 1300 D camera some may be computable with your camera some may not always check.

Below is just some simple inexpensive equipment you can buy on a budget.

Extension Tube Adapters

This is the tube adapter that I used before I got my macro lens from what I have been reading, you can use them with a macro lens to get even closer to insects, etc so I will have to try that one.

If you can't afford a true macro lens at the moment or just want to try some macro tubes they are worth the money,

I got these from amazon for around £20 one thing to look for is some of these are not automatic so they will not autofocus with your camera so always have a good read before you buy a set to see if they are compatible with your camera.

Set of camera extension tube adapters

Camera lens cleaning kit

I had my camera for a month and got dust on the sensor because I was anxious and was using it everywhere sooner or later you will get dust it just happens.

We had just entered the pandemic so no shops were open and from what I read online, it was £50 to remove the dust from the camera so after some online research I found these cleaning swabs and a small air blower

Camera Dust remover air blower

After a few hours watching some videos on YouTube of how to use the swabs and blower I nervously decided to try remove the dust myself. It worked, thankfully. 

I have used the blower and swabs around four times now, so again, it's worth getting a pack of the swabs and a cheap blower if you can. Sometimes using the blower is enough just to blow the dust out. 

Camera Dust remover wipes to remove dust from sensor

Use the swabs at your own risk, though, as I have read a lot of bad reviews of these swabs, causing problems with the camera if used incorrectly.  

If you can afford to get your camera done professionally to clean the dust, then my advice would be to do that but if you are on a budget then try the swabs.

Also check your camera sizes when buying these swab wipes as some are different size's some come pre moistened others are dry with a little bottle of solution.

Where to find camera equipment on a budget

Charity shops

One of the best places is charity shops. You would be surprised what people give away of course you are not going to find a brand new boxed lens no but you may find tripods or even some decent lens. 

A friend of mine told me the shop near them had camera parts so I decided to call down and indeed they did.
I found a decent Tamron lens for £6 which is normally about £80. 


I am always a little cautious of lenses on eBay. The issue is some that sell lenses on there do not show you the actual lenses but just the outer plastic, metal shell layer so may look great and in good condition from the side but the lens may have fungus inside or be scratched you just never know with eBay sellers sometimes.

Always check to see if the seller accepts returns and what their feedback level is and check out other items they are selling.  If they have a lot of lenses they may sell camera equipment often.

But if they have one lens for sale then they are more than likely just a photographer also checking their feedback to see if any person has left any bad feedback about the lens.

The other issue with buying off ebay is even if the seller accepts returns most times you have to pay the delivery to return the item so sometimes you end up out of pocket. 


I find this website to be the best for camera equipment. They have a lot of cameras and lenses and they are normally at a good price plus you get a guarantee and they also ship worldwide so if you are in the US or Australia you know you can use them.

Memory cards

Nothing worse than being out and finding something good to photograph and running out of room on your camera card which is why it is worth having a few spare.

I always stick to a brand mainly because I have had no problems. You can get non branded cheaper cards but I find for the price the Kingston Canvas select is ideal and I use them for photos and videos every day.

Since doing photography I have mostly stuck to 32g Kingston cards. You can get bigger size's but I just stick to 32g cards for the time being. I can get easily 400 photos on them in RAW format.

32g kingston Memory card for dlsr cameras

Memory card case

Always worth buying a memory card case you can get a good shock proof solid waterproof case for around £8.

I got this one below for £2 from eBay and it keeps my cards secure and dry. It makes it easy to navigate between the cards as many of my cards look the same so I put little numbers on the front of each card so I know which card is which.

Sd card case slots

The last thing you want if you are outdoors is to drop a memory card in a field and have to search for it while holding the camera so this case is ideal instead of storing cards in your pocket.

Sd Memory card case holder

Extra memory for laptop

Hard Drive

If you are taking a lot of photos and videos in RAW format they can take up a lot of room on your memory cards so you have a choice either buy a lot of memory cards which is going to be costly in the long run or back up the photos to a laptop. 

Photo files are big so you will need some extra space if you upload to your laptop so the best budget option is to buy an external hard drive. These are the type you can carry with you and plug into any computer with a usb wire.

External hard drives are not too expensive depending on the size for example for I got one for £30 you can get a 500G Sonnics hard drive from amazon for around £25 which is a good price.

Transferring photos

Most cameras these days have WIFI so you can transfer your photos from camera to laptop wireless 
My camera has this feature but to be honest I find it quicker just taking the card out and transferring that way.

Nearly all modern desktop and laptops have a memory card port now but if, like me, your laptop port decides to have a day off then you can buy a cheap memory card reader. 

The reader plugs into your desktop or laptop's usb port and they accept camera cards and also the small micro SD type.

This one below cost me £2 from eBay it is worth buying a few.

Sd card to laptop reader

You can see below the two ports: the larger port for normal camera memory cards and the smaller SD port for micro SD cards.

Sd card and micro SD card reader

Tripods & Monopods

If you want crystal clear photos and be able to take photos in low light then you will need a tripod
amazon have a budget tripod for £19 and to be honest it was not too bad to start off with that is what I first used.

I upgraded to a new tripod as the rubber parts of the tripod started to fall off. I was using it everyday on all types of terrain so I could have just bought some rubber leg ends but I thought it was time for an upgrade.

Canon1300 d Camera with telephoto lens

So I went and got a RAYROW camera tripod from amazon for around £25
It was a good buy because I like this tripod. 

It is easy to use and not too heavy and you can tell it is well made. 
You also get a little bag which makes it easier to carry. 

As you can see in the photos the tripod holds my camera and my telephoto lens stable.

Canon Camera on rayrow tripod

The key I find with amazon tripods is to wait and look for special offers like black Friday events, Christmas etc they normally have good sales on that's how I got this tripod I got about £15 off if I remember correctly.

One little bit of advice I would say for tripods is to always buy spare tripod heads, that is the part that connects your camera to the tripod and slots into the top of the tripod. 

You will not believe the time you will waste looking for the connector you had in your hand a few minutes before. 

You can normally pick up cheap budget ones from eBay just make sure you measure the tripod head before buying to make sure you get the right size.

Mini Tripod

A small tripod is a great piece of equipment to carry if you want to go light for the day. I got a Polarduck Mini Tripod for £10 from amazon and it is a decent little tripod. 

The mini tripod has a screw on the top so you can even connect speakers, lights and other equipment that has the same screw thread. The tripod also came with a mobile phone holder so you could use it as a phone tripod for £10 it's worth it.

Polarduck Mini Tripod close up

I find this tripod useful for low level photos such as roads or low down near water puddles. You can even place it on top of your car for good photos of the moon at night, which I have done a few times.

Because it has a ball head you just click the button at the side and it adjusts the angle which is perfect for low level angle photos.

Camera tripod screw thread


If you don't like carrying a tripod around then you can also consider a monopod
this is just a stick that extends and has a screw at the top where you lock your camera on. 

The idea is you use the monopod to give you a more stable photo so you are able to hold the camera more steady. Do they work?

I have to say yes they do. I got the K&F Concept 67" Camera Monopod for £25 from amazon
And started to use it when  filming my animal YouTube videos. 

This monopod is also a walking stick as well so if you are going on a hike it is perfect. It has a little spike on the bottom that can be used to place in soft ground such as grass for more stable photos. 

If you are on solid ground you can twist the spike again and a rubber end adjusts to use a soft rubber stump.

A lot of the time when approaching animals if I start setting up my tripod they get spooked and run off.

Camera on a monopod in the outdoors

Monopods are just a lot easier to use and can be set up a lot quieter than a tripod. All you do is attach your camera and roll with the film as you can see in the above photo of  how close I am to the cows.

You will see monopods often at Football and other sports games a lot of their photographers use them to get better quality photos so again well worth an investment.

Don't get me wrong I am not saying it is as good as a tripod because it is not. You will always get a clearer, more clear photo using a tripod as they offer better stability but for quick photos monopods are good.

Spare Batteries

After you have started using your camera a while you will notice how long the battery lasts. 
For example if you are videoing or using your camera flash it will drain the battery more. 

Having a few spare batteries is a must. I can't tell you the amount of times my battery went when I first got my camera. I even went out at night a few times to take photos and got to the location and the battery had no charge because I forgot to charge it last time I used my camera.

After a while and when I could afford to, I decided to invest in a few spare batteries. They can be quite expensive if you buy the original brand make battery's some cost around £40 each.

Canon 1300d Battery

I got a two pack of Duracell for £18 from the Duracell website which I thought was a bargain and they work very well. I personally think they don't last as long as the brand batteries. 

But for £19 they are cost effective and a great buy and I use them everyday and you easily get a few hours of photo taking out of one battery.

Wrist strap paracord 

A camera wrist strap is a must if you're going outside taking photos.
The paracord attach's to your wrist so if you drop your camera it won't drop on the ground and smash. 

Because the cord is like a safety net when you drop a camera it is attached to your wrist so you pull your hand up and the camera won't hit the ground and yes I have done just that. 

Camera para cord wrist guard

When I first got my camera my bag zip was open and out my camera fell so I bought one of these straps and a few weeks later I was filming and the wind blew over my monopod. 

Luckily the strap stopped my camera and monopod falling over so I can say  they do work. They are around £3 from eBay.

You can see in the photo that I have zoomed in. I am using the paracord  strap on my wrist attached to my camera so if  the wind blows the monopod over or I drop it I know my camera is safe because I have the para cord attached to me.

If you have any questions leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can.

Canon camera 1300d and lens review

Canon 1300d (Canon rebel t6 )

People often say which Canon lens or camera should I get or what is the best budget camera?

I find the 1300d  dslr the best budget camera also known as the Canon rebel t6. 

On MPB you can pick one up for £194 in excellent condition or £134 in well used condition so in my opinion I would say it is the best budget camera to start off with.

The Canon 1300d is easy to use and light weight. It is known as a starter camera in the photography world, so I am told it is supposed to be the best Canon camera to learn and master your photography skills on.

Then, you can move onto a newer model such as the Canon m50 once you learn the basics. 

For a low price, 1300d is a great way to start photography and the easy settings make it great for new photographers such as myself and for now I am going to continue to learn and use the 1300D.

One fault I would say I dislike about the 1300D is when you use video mode, it automatically switches to the live LCD screen view and it will not allow you to look through the eye viewer.

I dislike this option, as it can be hard sometimes holding the camera hand-held in front of you while trying to record wildlife and other moving subjects on a tripod. It is not that bad, but hand-held is difficult.

But then again it is not really a video camera is it and for the camera price I can not really complain this camera is suitable for making vlog videos and making YouTube videos. 

Many pro photographers will say it is not the best camera but most of them have been doing photography for years and own top of the range camera's. 

After a while of using the camera and the kit lens (Canon EF 50 mm)

I thought I have learned the basics so I need a new camera now but thought I will reach out to some of the expert camera people to see what they say.

When speaking to a well known photographer about upgrading cameras he told me why upgrade if the camera you are using  is getting you good videos and photos and by looking at your photos and vids they are good so why spend money on a new camera?

He said instead of wasting money upgrading to a new camera model get some lens, buy a new lens that will be compatible with your next camera if you are going to stick with using canon cameras. 

That way you will save money in the long run and have a bunch of lenses that will last years plus you will learn how to use different lenses.

So I took the advice of the expert. I did just that and bought a telephoto and a macro lens.


At the moment I am still new to the different types of lens and their capabilities as I am still learning.

I have just bought a new macro lens because I have always wanted to do macro photography since starting photography and after the advice on whether to buy a new cam I thought no get some new lens.

The macro lenses are pricey. I did some research and saw quite a few, ranging from around £300 to £400. 

After reading some reviews, I went for the more expensive 35mm Canon model, as it had the best reviews and had a built-in ring light.

I must say I can see why people would want a true macro lens. The photo quality is sharp and amazing.

Used camera lenses

I always buy used camera lenses if I can the reason is when I buy from MPB the lenses are used and they look more or less new and for the price MPB lenses are well worth it as they are a lot lower then if I was to buy a brand new lens.

Kit Lens

Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 STM Standard Prime Lens

This lens normally comes with many 1300D cameras when bought as a package, I was recommended this lens when I purchased my camera.

This is a great lens and produces sharp photos. It even works well in low-light conditions.

Many sites recommend this lens for portraits, but I have not really gotten into that style of photography yet so can really not comment, but  it seems to have outstanding reviews from many professional photographers.

Telephoto Lens

Canon EF-S 55-250 mm f/4-5.6 IS STM 

I recently bought this lens and I can not say a bad word about it, really, the zoom is great and the auto-focus is fast. 

The lens is light and produces sharp photos at a distance and image stabilization makes it even better, well worth the money. I have recently been using it to photograph Birds, Cows and other animals that are on farms and at a distance. 

As you can see I have a hood attached. I got that with the lens and it helps keep the sun off a little and offers a little protection to the lens.

Photo Quality of Lens short video.

This lens is quite useful if you are video recording from a distance, as it allows you to auto-focus and zoom to get a clear subject in frame. All the zoomed in footage on my YouTube channel was filmed using this lens it really is a good lens for the price which you can roughly get for £154 in good condition.

You can see the video quality of this lens on the video I filmed of a sheep at Winnats Pass.

Sheep cooling off in a cave

The lens is not heavy, as it is mostly made from plastic, so it is quite easy to hold hand-held, but I would recommend using a monopod with the lens, as I sometimes use when filming, just to get a less shaky recording. 

Sometimes a tripod is a little difficult to set up and move quickly if, say, for example, you are on a village road and cars appear so a monopod is ideal.

Macro Lens

Canon 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM

Only just bought this lens, but my first impression of the lens is good. This is my first true macro lens.
In the past I used extension adapters that give a macro effect but after trying this new lens, I can see why people buy a true macro lens. 

They are good and well worth the money. Yes they are expensive but a good investment. It cost me £400 if you are wondering. I payed in instalments so that made it easier to buy.

Took this photo the other day of a snail on a leaf in a church yard. This was taken free hand, without a tripod so you can see even handheld with no stability, you can get good macro shots outdoors with this lens.

If you want to see what the video quality is like using this lens then check out this video of a house fly I filmed free hand close up using the macro lens below is the video link and the photo I took.

Animals In The Zoo Deer's

From what I found these animals are Spotted Deer and Eld Deer.

Knowsley Safari Park Zoo

The zoo is a great place to go if the weather is good, as the animals seem to like the dry weather I have been before when it was raining and could not see many of the animals.

The Deer were quite a distance from myself so I had to keep zooming in, but cars kept driving past and would get in the way.

Well worth a day out to the zoo just try to go when it is not busy if you go on a weekend it is going to be really busy if the weather is nice.
The reason I say this is when I was filming from My car the road on the safari drive is quite wide and there is plenty of room.

But you would get cars that would have no consideration for you and park at the side of you and block your view so then if you were taking photos or videoing you had to stop and drive ten or so metres to park up again. 

One idiot even pulled up at the side of me saw me videoing on my camera as I had the window down and lens stuck out of window and he just smirked and stayed there. 

That is the type of people there is these days he could of parked behind me or even in front but felt he had to park at the side to block my view this is why I say go when it is not busy.

Animals In The Zoo Giraffes

Animals In The Zoo couple of nice Giraffes at Knowsley Safari Park in Prescot, England.

I never knew they were so big in size when seen up close but they were friendly and kept walking over to people they are nice animals.

I think the zoo allows people to feed the Giraffes as I saw a zookeeper with some of the public feeding them from over the fence. 

So they must allow that sometimes. I did try and get a photo but I was trying to find the Tiger as well in his enclosure which I can tell you is not easy he was hid behind a log so could not really get a good video or photo.

Animals In The Zoo wolves, Meerkats And ,Bush Dogs

Short Clips of Animals In The Zoo. I only managed to get short clips of these animals which is why I have added them all on the same video.

The Zoo was quite busy and people kept walking in front of my camera so I had to keep stopping filming.

Only managed to get short clips and I was trying to work my camera focus it decided to not work that day very good but got what I could.

The Meerkats were more or less impossible to photograph or video as people were pushing you out of the way to try and get a photo of them. 

At the time there was restrictions in place keep a 2 metres apart wear mask in the indoor parts
did anyone listen to them rules? Nope. 

I stood around for about half an hour hoping there would be a gap in the crowd to use my telephoto lens and monopod to get a decent set of photos or a longer video but it just kept getting more busy so I moved on.

Will The Rhino Go Like The Dodo?

Rhinoceros at Knowsley safari park close up. Not to close as I did not want them over turning the car which they easily could. 

These animals are awesome it is a shame they are going extinct like the Dodo because of hunters.

No animal should face extinction in this world we live in. People say it will not happen and Rhinos will increase and not end up like the Dodo.

The Dodo

If you are wondering what the Dodo was. It was a bird that was wiped off the earth around the year 1681 because it was hunted constantly. 

The strange part is the animals are thought to have been on the earth for millions of years and then us humans came along.

The common phrase people often use is an animal will go like the Dodo. 

Scientist have even talked about trying to bring the Dodo and even the Woolly Mammoth back to life with DNA but said what's the point it will go extinct again due to humans.

If you are thinking animals won't go extinct anymore like the Dodo well in the year 2020 eight animals went extinct.


Seeing a rhino up close at the zoo is awesome both Chester zoo and Knowsley are great places to visit and I would fully recommend a day out to both of them if the weather is good.

At Knowsley safari park you get to drive past the Rhinos on the safari drive. 

But again you can not walk past them on foot due to safety issues you would get people trying to stroke them which would probably end up in someone getting stamped on.

There are only around 27,000 Rhinos left in the wild. Some species such as the white Rhino have only two remining left and when you think how big the world is it is just sad.

Humans seem to treat this planet and the animals on it for granted you could understand if an animal had to be hunted if people were starving in a remote part of the world and had no other food source. 

You could say well you still disagree but the people have no choice but to hunt to live.
But it's not that which is making animals extinct like the Dodo it is the evil hunters hunting for sport.

I disagree with hunting and I always have. Not only the that look at all the rich people with there real fur coats worth thousands of pounds there is alternatives to real fur but hey that celebrity wants to show off that fur coat at the Oscars.

Animals In The Zoo Forest Buffalo & Bison


Forest Buffalo and Bison on the Safari drive at Knowsley Safari Park.

You get to see these animals on the safari animals drive the part where you use your car. I am guessing the zoo won't allow people to walk near as they could charge at you.

Black Sheep On A Farm

On my travels in the countryside around England and Wales I have not really come across many black sheep I know they are more rare then normal sheep but I have just not really seen any.

I heard it somewhere that the wool from a black sheep is more expensive then normal wool and it is used for carpet mats and coats so the farmers like black sheep. Not sure if that is right just something I read.

Animal Black sheep on farm in the Bakewell area of England.

I only managed to get a few short clips as the happy sheep kept moving around the farm fast and it was starting to go dark.

We all know the song baa baa black sheep so here is a real black sheep.


I decided to create a  YouTube channel where I would upload all the animals that I photograph around the countryside. 

Most of the photos I have taken also have a short video clip that I have filmed along with the photography.

Watto Photos YouTube Channel

This nice Cow here is called Yoda The Cow according to the name tag.

Yoda was probably the start of me filming Cows properly to be honest they were always just friendly when I was out taking photos but never even thought why not make some videos of the animals. 

I uploaded the video below to YouTube and noticed it was really popular getting around 60,000 viewers I was surprised to be honest.
Animal Channel

Some times it can be difficult here to get photos and videos mainly due to the weather as it rains often. 

But if you like seeing Cows, Sheep, Deer and other great animals in the wild roaming the English countryside then have a look at my channel I promise you won't be disappointed..

Animal Prints

Selection of photos I have taken from around the UK of animals.

I sell wall art prints of photos on my art site they are available in frames and on many other items click the link below to see my portfolio.

Watto Photos Wall Art

Funny Horse on a farm

Was driving past this farm in Saddleworth part of Oldham in England when saw this horse looking at me so knew I had to stop I could tell he had a character to him just the way he was looking at me.

I was a little worried the horse may catch one of his eyes on the barb wire but after speaking to the farmer he told me the horse was aware of the wire and itched his head everyday on the fence post and he wanted peoples attention. When people walk past they always stop and he says hello.

Baby Sheep In Cave

Baby Lambs ,Sheep coming out of a cave in the peak district they had been taking shelter in there from the hot, humid heatwave we have had the past week.