Baby Sheep In Cave

Baby Lambs ,Sheep coming out of a cave in the peak district they had been taking shelter in there from the hot, humid heatwave we have had the past week.

Funny Horse Video


Just a short funny clip of a Horse I filmed on a farm in Meltham.

The Horse looked like a superhero avenger, with the hood and cape that made me laugh.

Flock of sheep at Tatton Park

 Sheep at Tatton Park they was in another part of the park as the Flower show was taking place with thousands of people and Tv crews.

Reindeers at Tatton Park

Never seen a Reindeer in the wild if I remember correctly I think they are only found in the mountains of Scotland which looking at the terrain is understandable.

The Reindeers At Tatton Park are a cool site though like a Christmas advert up close. I only got a quick video as I was on my way out of the park and the flower show was ending so people were rushing to get out and beat the traffic.

Sheep On Edge of Mam Tor Ridge

 Sheep standing on the edge of Mam Tor Summit In Buxton.

A few people had appeared with some kids and thought it was funny to try and scare the sheep right near the edge which I thought was stupid to be honest.

Small little baby birds

Short clips of some little baby birds I think they are starlings but not sure.

You know it is summer in England when you see all the small little birds flying around in the city.

I see people who live in the countryside photograph birds everyday but in the city can be quite difficult.

Dogs Running at Dog show

I was passing by and heard a lot of dogs barking so stopped to take a look and realised it was a dog show taking place. 

So I stopped to get a quick video and a few quick photos did not have my tripod so photos were not the best they could be.

The dog at 2:07 was that fast that the camera was not focusing.

Thankfully I had my telephoto lens so was able to zoom in on the dogs. 

Cute Jumping Sheep at Mam Tor


Sheep jumping over some water as they came down the summit of Mam Tor in Buxton.

I have some longer footage that I will be uploading this is just a short clip I filmed today.

Baby Sheep Admiring The View


Nice little sheep looking over the edge of a road that was destroyed by an earthquake, Landslide in the 1970s at Mam Tor In Buxton.

I got a little nervous when the little guy got near the edge I will never put any animal in danger so Made sure I stayed my distance and kept as still as possible to not alarm the little guy.

Sheep In The Peak District


Sheep reaching the bottom of Mam Tor Mountain in the Peak District.

If you look at my other videos you can see the sheep walking down the side of the Mountain this video was filmed at the bottom of MamTor mountain.

Buxton is an awesome place to go to be outdoors in nature the Peak District is massive and is very relaxing.

Cattle Walking Down Mountain

I was sitting at the entrance to blue John Mine and it was getting late about 6oclock so had to head home soon when I heard Sheep in the distance calling out.

As I looked I could see the cattle walking down the side of Mam Tor Hill, Mountain in Buxton there were marching down the hill like an army would.

Using my telephoto lens I zoomed in the best I could to try get some video footage after recording them for a while I decided to try and go to the bottom of the mountain to get a closer video before the light faded.

You can the video below.

Sheep at the bottom of Mam Tor Mountain.

Dare Devil Sheep At Top Of Mam Tor Mountain

Dare devil lone sheep at the top of Mam Tor the view must of been great but I would not stand near the edge at that Height. 

At the same time there was a climber making his way up with no rope on the side of the lose rock side which was not wise to be honest guess he was a dare devil as well.

The sheep was clearly not botherd about heights I have been at the top of Mam Tor at the summt and it is very high.

It was windy from where I was filming at the bottom so it had to be stronger at the top.


Adorable Sheep Walking Home

The sheep looked like they were walking home normally you would see a sheep dog herding the sheep and the sheep would make sheep noises but they seemed to know the way and made there own way.

The last few times I have been in Buxton after around 6 o clock the sheep seemed to walk towards a sheep farm nearby so I am guessing they make there way to the farm after a certain time of day the farmer must then count them.

Cute Sheep Drinking Water


Nice sheep drinking some water in Buxton during a heatwave.

They had just made there way down the Mam Tor Mountain you can see in my other videos as they make there way down the side of the Mountain they were so thirsty.

Sheep In The English Countryside

 Sheep walking on the high ground of the English countryside in Buxton.