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Hi, welcome to my blog. My name is Watto. 

This blog is a record of my photography travels where I add my daily YouTube videos of animals I film in nature around the English countryside with a little information about the videos. 

All the videos are on my YouTube channel but here I go into more detail about the video.

I will also add some camera advice and some YouTube tips to this blog when I can.

Photography never even crossed my mind until last year, just at the start of the pandemic, mainly just capturing photos in parks and around the streets I then started to photograph Cows on farms. 

While doing that I thought wouldn't it be good creating a small video clip with the photos I take to record a story of the photo.

I served in the British Army no not the SAS before you ask and yes people do ask. 
I did a few years in The Royal Engineer's.

Traveling is one of my favourite things but recently not had the money to do that but I always say adapt and keep positive.


Since I first started doing photography, I have built up a small YouTube channel where I upload videos out and about when doing photography. 

 I always edit my videos to create the best content all my videos are family friendly and so is this blog. 

Always stay positive don't let the jealous losers get you down there the ones wasting there life watching you while you are enjoying yours. Wake up every morning and think what a joy it is to be alive.

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Email wattophotos@gmail.com

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