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Hi my name is Watto I got into Photography as a way to handle stress seems to work up to now if only the hulk did Photography.

I have served in the British Army as a Soldier done quite a few jobs in different areas,
office work,construction,Cleaning janitor, health and safety advisor, environmental advisor.

Now I do photography and this blog in my spare time.

I find It helps relieve stress being outdoors taking photos which is the reason why I created this blog as well to help others and share my experience.

I am fully Qualified in Health and Safety And a few other subjects I have a lot of experience in many areas.

My spelling and grammar is not the best 
I will admit that so I try spell and grammar check all my work.

I will try answer questions to the best of my knowledge
and provide advice if asked. 

I thought maybe it's time to share some of my experiences that I have had in life to maybe help others if they are dealing with the same situations. 

I have had a few jobs some of them have been bad but same again I have learned from them so I can maybe share what I have learned .

This blog will be safe for work etc I wont post anything that is not in line with google's policy 
and I intend to keep it family friendly.

I use herbal medicine a lot to keep me healthy and fit so I will often share
tips I drink things such as ginger tea I do not use any illegal type of herbal medicine and neither will I promote them on this blog.

I will try add advice on general life
Some travel advice I have learned I have been to 9 countries so learned a little which I think may be of help to some.

I have been to France,Germany,Greece,Turkey,Egypt,Italy,Malta,Canary islands,Majorca
so know little bits of tips from my travels there I am no expert but like I say I learn from everything.

I have traveled all over the UK from the Top of Scotland to the bottom of Cornwall and to most of the popular sites Stonehenge etc.

So any questions on these places just ask.

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