Day To Day News Around Manchester

Body Camera reasons I bought one recently.

Since doing photography I have had a few members of the public come over to me aggressively asking why I was taking photos. 

I would understand if you was photographing them fair enough they are going to want to know why you are taking photos of them but not once has that been the case.

Some people are just interested and polite I even carry a few cards now and hand them to people who are interested in my photography prints etc.

Last two times of aggressive people have been:

1: I took a photo of a war statue and had some guy go crazy at me for photographing the war statue.

He only stopped when I told him I was ex British Army.

2: Took some photos of a Bus protest crowd and a member of the public walked over across the road and told me I needed permission from each person from the crowd to photograph them and he would phone police if I did not delete the photos.

I kindly told him I am not deleting the photos and I don't need permission to photograph any crowd/people on a public street as it is not a crime. 

And if he did not trust what I was saying phone the police and they will explain I am right and I will wait for them if need be to explain to you. 

He just said right OK in an annoyed tone and walked off.

BOBLOV KJ21Pro HD1296P Body Camera 

I bought a body camera as people can be aggressive for no reason you never know who is going to walk up to you and what there reaction is going to be or what they are going to say. 

So I like to be able to prove that I am out doing photography and be able to say to people who are acting aggressively towards me for photographing that your being recorded.

This is the model I bought I made a quick video to show the video quality.

Quite a good camera lasts about 8 hours video and sound quality is good and I have a attachment so it clicks onto my chest so it is on hands free display.

Buxton Derbyshire

If you visit one place in the UK I would say Buxton is a must the views are amazing.

The air in Buxton is fresh and if you like hiking and being out in nature then Buxton in Derbyshire is the place to go.

Here are a few videos & photos of some of the great views in Buxton.

I also have some prints of photos I have took in my artshop.

Vine Photography book

I have only just learned what a vine was so decided to create my first book with the day to day life of street photography I had taken in Manchester during the lock downs due to the Covid-19 Virus.

So have a look at my book on the Blurb website.

BLURB Wattophotos Vine Book

Military Apache helicopters flying over Manchester on training mission

Seen these 2 army helicopters flying over north Manchester today got a quick video and few photos.

I heard a load noise looked out the window and seen them in the distance so scrambled to get my camera.

I must say it is a rare sight to see two gunship helicopters flying over a city like Manchester.

My video and photos were even published by the MEN news after I sent it to them.

Story in Manchester Evening News

Greater Manchester Police Headquarters flags at half mast.

The Union Flag at half mask at police station HQ in a tribute to the passing of Prince Philip.

Nice sign of respect to a man who served this country proud.

Manchester Fire Rescue Service Water Training 

This was at Media City In Salford just a guess but I think they were doing some kind of flood training I did not want to disturb them by asking as there instructor was teaching them.

The guys on the bank was throwing ropes then the fireman in the water was trying to gain his balance and pull himself to them.  

I did get a few short videos as you can guess it was a little windy so you will have to forgive my shaky camera.

Salford Lads Club,Manchester

Built in 1903 the club building became famous when the band the Smiths stood outside it and had there photo taken which later became one of there music album covers. 

Now people from all over come to have there photo took outside the famous green door in the center of Manchester

Traffic Warden At Media City,Salford

The guy in the photos below had parked in a taxi rank and came back to his car just as the warden had put a ticket on his windscreen. As you can tell he was not happy.

 I did manage to get a quick video but I was trying to hold my camera and tripod as well as trying to take photos so was shaky.

I think one of the lads below said something to the warden as he was laughing.

The warden did walk over to me asking what I was taking photos of. I just said anything on the street he was ok and quite friendly for a traffic warden to be honest.

Manchester Bus Driver Strike

This is a Unite the union bus driver strike who are striking outside the bus depot on Queens Road,Manchester.

There was a large crowd and by the sounds of the beeping cars many of the public are behind them and support the strike. 

I have to say over the years I have seen what bus drivers put up with long hours, abuse from passengers it is a tough job.

Collyhurst Abandoned Shops & Stone Totem Pole

A strange stone totem in a part of Collyhurst now abandoned. The shops and row of flats have now been left to rot I could not get many photos. 

As I was taking photos of the stone statue around 6 cars of lads turned up all looking at me so I had to make a fast retreat I am guessing they thought I was a news crew or something either way was not wise to stick around. I drove past 5 mins later and there was 9 cars then and around 20 lads.

The Hatch

Seen this in a park in North Manchester and it reminded me of the underground hatch from the TV series Lost.

It is a manhole tunnel that leads to a large underground sewer system that connects to the sewers cleans the water then pumps the water into a local canal.

Lost Tv show and the Hatch shown below

Image By

Lapwing In The City

I had never seen one of these birds before I was driving down a street in Newton Heath,Manchester and seen the bird on the side of the road. 

I thought it was a parrot as I don't know birds so managed to get a photo it was only later I found out it was a Lapwing and they are rare to see in city's

Rats During Lock down

Not fully sure why but since the lock downs we seem to have more rats in Manchester maybe it is because people are fly tipping more and leaven more bin bags of food outside either way the numbers have increase I seen this magpie eating something as I was driving past it turned out to be a dead Rat which was a little strange.

Video below

Moston College Demolition

Looks like another building has fallen under the hammer and is being demolished not sure why but  managed to get a few photos of the demo work.

Police Cordon Street

Not to sure about what happened here just that it was blocked off with police tape

I did not want to ask the officers as they looked a little busy.

North Manchester

Old Mill Manchester

Part of an old mill building being demolished in Newton heath,Manchester.

Construction has not stopped during any of the knockdowns mainly because it is outdoors with fresh air but there is still a high risk of catching the virus but hey I don't make the rules.

Start of demolition

Newton Heath Manchester

Look out below

Hough Hall  15th Century Farm House

Built around the 1500s sadly they are demolishing parts of this building and possibly all of the hall depending on the results of the recent structure check

One of the oldest buildings in Manchester looks like it will soon be a piece of land for flats which is often the case.

Hough Hall Road,Manchester At Night

Recent Demolition of Chimneys

Roof Starting To Crumble

Animals In The City

This is a car-park in Newton Heath in Manchester that often has geese on the canals nearby and they mostly stay on the canals but since UK lock down they seem to venture more in the Urban street area maybe for food?. 

Many different types of birds such as crow,seagulls,geese and pigeons seem to be mixing close together as well as you can see in the photo below.

Geese In The City

    Unusual Birds Mixing Together

Old WW2 Bunker In Forest

These bunkers in Rochdale were a secret during the second world war now they seem to be decaying more each year which is a shame they could be protected for future generations and history.

Healey Dell,Rochdale

Decaying Bunker

Lockdown Where?

Judging by the traffic near the Manchester city center it seems most people did not know or were not abiding by the national lock down.

Bury New Road,Manchester

Laughing Gas

It seems these small canisters is the new kind of high for the local gangs the problem is these small metal objects are often thrown at oncoming car windows which seems to be happening more in Manchester

I saw these in a car park close to the city center.

Manchester,Car park

Old HellFire Club

Another popular building in north Manchester that seems to have had its days.

From what I read it had a fire and it looks like it is up for sale guessing it will be knocked down to make way for flats being so close to Manchester city center.

Queens Road,Manchester

Pubs Closed During Lock down

Due to the current UK lockdown all pubs like this one have been told to close and I think many of them probably will not be able to open even once the lock down is lifted. During WW2 pubs stayed open my guess is it was to boost morale and keep people positive sadly it is not the case now.

My guess is people are going to adapt and be less social and drink at home more which means more pubs closing and jobs lost hopefully they will be able to open by summer and recover.

Grimshaw Lane,Middleton

Manchester Dark Nights 

I have worked in street lighting in the past and I have to say Manchester is still not illuminated correctly the lights are just not bright enough whether it is the council dimming them to save money (Yes they do that) or just that they are not enough on the streets I don't know.

I don't think any of us would want to walk down these streets at night.I was driving my car so was a little safer then having to walk but I was still alert taking the photos out of my car with a tripod as it was just too dark.

Lord North Street, Manchester

Edge Lane, Manchester


2021 Bird House

I seen this in a local park when going for a walk at the start of the year  the person that put this up did not know the week later we would be back in a lock down again you can tell these lock downs are affecting people's mental health and I think even once it is over that many people will have many mental health problems.

Blackley Park,Manchester

Fly Tipping

Not sure what makes people dump rubbish on streets when there is a nearby rubbish tip that takes rubbish free. At the end of the day the people that dump rubbish like on this street are just making the area look more rough and encouraging rats and others to fly tip.

Jocelyn Street,Manchester

Boat To The Fallen

A boat memorial created by the locals to honor the memory of two fallen Middleton,soldiers of the British Army.

Soldiers Joel Halliwell and Lee Rigby. Sadly Lee's name is known around the world as he was the victim of a terror attack in London 2013 that made the news world wide.


16th Century Nether Alderley Mill 

This mill in Alderley Edge,Chester was built around the 16th century and is still standing and in good condition for its age it is a popular tourist attraction for people interested in history. The Mill is a designated Grade II  listed building. 

Congleton Road,Chester

The Angel Boggart Hole Clough

The angel war memorial was built in 1920 to the fallen of the great war then after the second world war in 1945 more names were added to brass plaques that were located on the side of the memorial sadly the brass metal plaques were stolen by scrap metal thieves and never recovered.

Angel Hill, Manchester

Inscription to the fallen

Soldier War Memorial 

This statue in Oldham stood out to me so I had to get a photo. 

The strange part was while I was standing taking a photo and a member of the public across the road started shouting abuse at me. 

Shouting what am I  Fu***** taking photos of that for?. I just ignored the man but he was trying to cross the road to get to me and I did not know his intention. 

So I shouted back I am ex British Army so what's your problem he then immediately shouted Oh then walked off I still do not know what his problem was.

Bride Oak Street,Oldham

Dedicated To The Fallen Inscription

Converted Bus To Burger Van

This is a genius solution to recycling.  This old double decker bus has been converted into a mini burger bar takeaway with seats inside and a mini kitchen. I haven't had the chance to try the food but looking online it looks tasty.

Huddersfield Road,Oldham

Hero's on The Front Line

Since the pandemic in the northwest the sites of ambulance's have been quite common. You have to respect how busy the emergency services are at the moment and the fact they only got a 1% pay rise from the government was quite an insult. 

But I guess it is the same all over the world were the politicians give themselves a high pay rise yet give the front line workers low pay rises.

Ambulance In Manchester

All photos are owned and took by myself and are copyrighted.