Angry Cow In Buxton

Went to a farm in Buxton and tried to feed a cow that I normally see sometimes but this time the cow seemed annoyed. 

I originally thought it was due to the rain and cold as it was pouring down which is why I was filming on my phone.

Mostly in the rain. I avoid using my camera in the rain.

As I arrived on the farm I saw one of the cows walking over to me which they always do when I see them.

They must recognise me by now. You can see in the video the cow walks over to me and sniffs my hand.

So as I approached the cow again to give her some grass food she tried to headbutt me kind of trying to ram me like a bull would do. I managed to back off quite quickly before I fell over. 

To be honest I thought that was strange of the cow as you can see in the other video the cow was friendly when she first walked over.

The week later I was passing the same farm so thought it was worth stopping again to see my cow friends. As I got on the field I saw my friend, the aggressive cow. 

This time the aggressive cow  had a baby calf with her and was mooing when people walked near. 

I suppose this explains why she may have been defensive the week before. I did not see a little cow that week but it seems to explain the defensiveness of the cow.

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