Nov 4, 2021

How to promote your YouTube channel

When we make a YouTube channel, we all ask how to promote our channel.

You may have the best content, but if no one sees it, then the channel will never grow. 

Sometimes, just posting on YouTube is not enough. 

You have to try and share your content to get an audience. If you get a good audience, it will increase the chances of the channel growing.

We all want to be able to promote our YouTube channel for free, but it can be difficult to find the right social media sites to post on. 

This is why I made this post to save you some time. The sites below may help you grow your channel.

People like Mr. Beast did not find fame overnight and have a big channel. They worked hard promoting their channel. They created content people liked, so it kept being shared and their channel grew.

YouTube is simple; the longer people watch one of your videos, the more likely YouTube will recommend that video to other viewers, so you need to get people to view your content first.


Reddit is a great place to share your channel and get a lot of traffic. However, always read the rules and post content that is relevant to the sub you are posting in.

There are a lot of subs on reddit that allow you to share YouTube videos. Just go to the search bar and type in "YouTube."

For example, the sub below R/Videos has 25.7 million members, so it is a great place to share your videos. Try to only post once a day, more than one video, and they may ban you as spam.

Here are a few subs you could share your channel's videos on.

YouTube Views




YouTube Self Promotion



Reddit has a lot of people who may troll as they have nothing better to do and try to send you nasty comments about your posts. Just try and be aware of that and ignore, report, and block them. They just want attention, so don't even reply. 

If you are unsure if you can post videos on a sub, contact the moderators and ask them.



Imgur is for memes, gifs, and short videos, so you can use this to gain some traffic to your channel.

The best thing to do is to make short clips of your videos and post them here with a short description, tags, and either a link to your channel in the tab or comments. 

You could just write, "If you want to see the full video, check out my channel."

Screen Shot of Imgur

Remember, though, if you post video clips here, some people may steal your clips and reupload them to YouTube as their own content.

Yes, this happened to me, and I had to ask YouTube to remove my content from the person's channel, so now I always put a watermark on my videos.



Tumblr can be a good site to share your video links on. You have the chance to add keywords and a little description about the video post, which helps your posts get found. This is why it is important to write as many relevant words in the description as possible.



I have not had much success with this site, but again, it may be worth checking out. I do add my links every time I create a new video, but I have not seen any real traffic from here.



This site could be very good for traffic. Many people have had success using Pinterest and get a lot of traffic from here. 

Recently, Pinterest changed their algorithm and my views went down a lot, but if you create good content and use good thumbnails and a decent description, you can get a good number of people visiting your pins that connect to your YouTube channel.


As with Instagram and Pinterest, they have said they are going to be promoting videos more, so now is the chance to try and pin some of your channel videos and also join some group boards where you can post your videos.

6.Twitter   (Bio)

Always include a link to your channel in your Twitter bio, so that if someone clicks on your bio, they can check out your channel.

Let's say you tweet Wesley Snipes and Ricky Gervais and they like your tweet. People will then click on your profile and see more about you. 

Both of these celebrities liked tweets of mine, and within an hour I got 20,30 subscribers and a lot of views from Twitter. 

It is a good strategy if you interact with celebrities, but don't randomly send them your channel links. Do what I do and interact, talk, and tweet them if it's relevant.


Do not DM people(Direct Message) your channel links.

A lot of people hate Dm's .Some people find it annoying.

#Hasetag Trending

For example, if the hashtag (# Chesterzoo) is trending and you have a video that you filmed at Chester zoo on your channel,

Then this is the perfect time to promote that video and your channel. 

People are making Chester Zoo a trend, so posting your video now and adding the hashtag (# Chesterzoo) is definitely going to get you some views and may even get you some subscribers.


Getting more views on Twitter

There are also a number of Twitter followers that you can follow and they will RT your channel.

You can even tweet your videos to YouTube on their Twitter account. They may even reply.

I have had that a few times when YouTube comments on my video tweets, like this one below, and yes, it helps get views to your channel.

Few places to post your channel.

YouTube Twitter



The site recently said they will be promoting short clips like TikTok style clips more now and photos will not be given the same promotion as videos.

We all know Instagram is mostly photos, but now they want to jump on the TikTok train.

As with the other sites, you can add one website to your bio page. 

This is the perfect place to add your channel link. I find a good way to promote your channel here is to edit your video clip and add your channel name at the end of the clip.


The future looks like it's TikTok. That's why YouTube and Instagram are promoting short-style videos. More people want to view a video, then swipe and view the next.

Simple, short, funny, entertaining clips do very well on TikTok. 

There is a good opportunity here to promote your channel. It's easy to do. 

All you need to do is create a short clip like you did for Imgur from one of your channel videos and then add it to TikTok. 

But make sure you add your YouTube channel link to your bio. That way, people who like your videos may check your bio. 

If they see a YouTube channel link, they may check it out. 

You could even put a little logo in the videos you post in the bottom corner with your YT channel name.

9.PS4 Online Gaming

If you play games online, one of the things you can do is tell people about your channel. When I played GTA and Call of Duty online a few years ago,

I would always ask friends to check out my channel, and I got a lot of views and subscribers from that on my old channel.


If you have a blog, always try and add some of your videos to your posts if they are relevant to the blog post. It will help send traffic to your channel, like this blog. 

I have redesigned this blog and it is still new. It's growing slowly, but I will keep adding more content if I think it can help people. 

11.Bussiness card & T- shirt

Let's say you go to events or, like me, you're a photographer. Get a business card and add your channel link to it. That way, you could hand your card out to people you meet, or even pin it to boards if you're at college, etc.

You could get a T-shirt with your logo and channel name printed. 

I guarantee if you are on the street and people see it, someone will check out your channel just out of curiosity, so you could even try that.

What's the first thing you do if you are on the street and want information? You go on your phone and Google what it is. 

So if you see someone with a T-shirt that says "Watto Photos YouTube" with a cool logo on, you may do the same and Google Watto Photos.

I am not sure if you can use the YouTube logo to advertise your channel on a T-shirt. I think maybe you would need permission from them, but it may be worth asking YouTube to see.

12.Social Blade

It's not so much a video sharing site, but you can go on here and see any channel's monetization estimate and views. You can also get a blue verified tick.

Which is why it is worth creating an account here. You can also add keywords here so your channel has a subject. For example, my channel shows as (Animals). 

Consider this: the more you get your channel's name and brand out there, the more likely it will help rank your channel higher in Google searches.

You may end up on the first page of Google, so the more sites you have accounts with, the better. Try Google (Watto Photos) and see where my channel shows up.

Watto Photos on Social Blade

13.Bored Panda

On this site you can post your links and add a little description, but each post has to be approved by the site admins, so you are never sure if your post will get approved, but it is worth checking out.

Bored Panda


I can't really offer much advice here as I don't have an account on Facebook, but from what people tell me, there are a lot of groups on there that you can join where people will share your videos for you.

15.Buy me a coffee

This is a good site for creators to use to get donations and support from people. It is also useful to use again, like social blade, to get your brand out there and gain some viewers and maybe some donations.



The link tree is quite a useful tool. You can add all your social media accounts to one page, so you can put one link on your social media channel, like Twitter. 

When people click the link, it will have all of your social media links shown, so it makes it easy for people to find you on multiple sites at once.


17.Youtube (Comments)

Commenting on a big YouTuber's account is a great way to grow. Let's say Mr. Beast posts a video and you have notifications turned on, so you click onto his new video. 

A few minutes after he posts, you leave a funny comment, and it gets a lot of likes.

Millions of people worldwide will see your comment and may click on your avatar icon and visit your channel. It's worth a try. YouTube may even start recommending your channel in the video tabs.

18.Shorts from YouTube's second channel

You could create a second channel just for shorts and add some links or even a pinned comment with some information about your main channel. 

This is what I have done. I am waiting to see if I get any traffic from my short channel to my main channel.

18.Youtube 2rd channel shorts

You could create a 2rd channel just for shorts and add some links or even a pinned comment with some information about your main channel. 

This is what I have done. I am waiting to see if I get any traffic from my shorts channel to my main channel.


Quora is mostly for answering and asking questions. You can't just drop links, but let's say someone asks a question (How to create shorts) and you have a video showing how. 

You could then reply to the post and say it's simple, you just add # shorts to the video title, but have a look at this video I created where I explain how to create YouTube Shorts. 

So in the months ahead, or even years ahead, when people are looking at how to create shorts, the reply you posted will show up and people will click onto your video, and again, you will get traffic from that one post.


It's mostly a job site and for making connections in the work industry. People often say it's just like Facebook, which in a way it is, but for work stuff. 

But if you make videos on your channel, such as "How to Tie a Tie" or "How to Get a Pay Rise" and post the videos here, people looking for jobs may see your posts and click them, and again, you get a subscriber and views. 

If you are thinking about who is going to go on YouTube, LinkedIn and search for "How to Tie a Tie,"

Well, there is a video on YouTube with 86 million views. The one below has 43 million views.



If you have a brand, people will start to remember you and recognise your avatar.

If you create accounts on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, and the other sites above, Use the same avatar, logo, and name as on your YouTube channel.

People will remember you more that way. If you Google (Watto Photos), you will see my accounts on various sites pop up on the first page of Google because I use the same name and avatar on all my accounts.

Check out my channel for fun animals. We all have a favourite animal.

My YouTube Channel 

Watto Photos

How to make Short video clips?

If you want to make short video clips from your main YouTube channel to post on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your channel,

I recommend using Canva. That's what I use, and yes, it is free. There is a paid version, but I use the free version and find it has enough options for me to create good short clips to advertise my YouTube channel.