Oct 24, 2021

Creating a YouTube Channel

Why create a YouTube channel you ask?. Why not if you film content anything be it animals or nature videos anything you do as a hobby you could end up trending.

The most important advice most famous YouTube will tell you is to enjoy what you upload otherwise you may give up early.

A few things to bear in mind

  • Don't upload other peoples content
  • Learn about YouTubes copyright rules
  • Use your own music or music that is royalty free for YouTube.
  • Use your own images as thumbnails

How WattoPhotos Channel Started

When I started doing photography I had no intention of creating a YouTube channel
there was no WattoPhotos at the time.

This cute cow in the photo below which I known to be called (Yoda the Cow) was the reason for me creating a channel.

I was out in the countryside one day I think it may of been in the Buxton area if I remember correctly and I was taking some photos just learning how to use my 1300D camera better. 

After a few minutes of taking photos I tried the video option on the camera and noticed the cow kept looking at me like he/she wanted to be a star.

Watto Photos YouTube Channel

Later on at the night I was going over my photos and watched the short video clips I had videoed then it hit me why not create some short video clips when I am outdoors in the countryside. 

I am out taking photos so I am not having to go out of the way as I would be photographing the animals in the countryside anyway and that was the start of my YouTube channel.


YouTube can be strange at times one video can get many views and end up trending and others can get none it can be for a number of reasons thumbnails, tags ,promotion or just he content is not popular.

When I uploaded the Yoda the cow video to YouTube I noticed it was really popular, getting around 60,000 views. I was surprised, to be honest.

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