I decided to create a  YouTube channel where I would upload all the animals that I photograph around the countryside. 

Most of the photos I have taken also have a short video clip that I have filmed along with the photography.

Watto Photos YouTube Channel

This nice Cow here is called Yoda The Cow according to the name tag.

Yoda was probably the start of me filming Cows properly to be honest they were always just friendly when I was out taking photos but never even thought why not make some videos of the animals. 

I uploaded the video below to YouTube and noticed it was really popular getting around 60,000 viewers I was surprised to be honest.
Animal Channel

Some times it can be difficult here to get photos and videos mainly due to the weather as it rains often. 

But if you like seeing Cows, Sheep, Deer and other great animals in the wild roaming the English countryside then have a look at my channel I promise you won't be disappointed..

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