Canon camera 1300d and lens review

Canon 1300d (Canon rebel t6 )

People often say which Canon lens or camera should I get or what is the best budget camera?

I find the 1300d  dslr the best budget camera also known as the Canon rebel t6. 

On MPB you can pick one up for £194 in excellent condition or £134 in well used condition so in my opinion I would say it is the best budget camera to start off with.

The Canon 1300d is easy to use and light weight. It is known as a starter camera in the photography world, so I am told it is supposed to be the best Canon camera to learn and master your photography skills on.

Then, you can move onto a newer model such as the Canon m50 once you learn the basics. 

For a low price, 1300d is a great way to start photography and the easy settings make it great for new photographers such as myself and for now I am going to continue to learn and use the 1300D.

One fault I would say I dislike about the 1300D is when you use video mode, it automatically switches to the live LCD screen view and it will not allow you to look through the eye viewer.

I dislike this option, as it can be hard sometimes holding the camera hand-held in front of you while trying to record wildlife and other moving subjects on a tripod. It is not that bad, but hand-held is difficult.

But then again it is not really a video camera is it and for the camera price I can not really complain this camera is suitable for making vlog videos and making YouTube videos. 

Many pro photographers will say it is not the best camera but most of them have been doing photography for years and own top of the range camera's. 

After a while of using the camera and the kit lens (Canon EF 50 mm)

I thought I have learned the basics so I need a new camera now but thought I will reach out to some of the expert camera people to see what they say.

When speaking to a well known photographer about upgrading cameras he told me why upgrade if the camera you are using  is getting you good videos and photos and by looking at your photos and vids they are good so why spend money on a new camera?

He said instead of wasting money upgrading to a new camera model get some lens, buy a new lens that will be compatible with your next camera if you are going to stick with using canon cameras. 

That way you will save money in the long run and have a bunch of lenses that will last years plus you will learn how to use different lenses.

So I took the advice of the expert. I did just that and bought a telephoto and a macro lens.


At the moment I am still new to the different types of lens and their capabilities as I am still learning.

I have just bought a new macro lens because I have always wanted to do macro photography since starting photography and after the advice on whether to buy a new cam I thought no get some new lens.

The macro lenses are pricey. I did some research and saw quite a few, ranging from around £300 to £400. 

After reading some reviews, I went for the more expensive 35mm Canon model, as it had the best reviews and had a built-in ring light.

I must say I can see why people would want a true macro lens. The photo quality is sharp and amazing.

Used camera lenses

I always buy used camera lenses if I can the reason is when I buy from MPB the lenses are used and they look more or less new and for the price MPB lenses are well worth it as they are a lot lower then if I was to buy a brand new lens.

Kit Lens

Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 STM Standard Prime Lens

This lens normally comes with many 1300D cameras when bought as a package, I was recommended this lens when I purchased my camera.

This is a great lens and produces sharp photos. It even works well in low-light conditions.

Many sites recommend this lens for portraits, but I have not really gotten into that style of photography yet so can really not comment, but  it seems to have outstanding reviews from many professional photographers.

Telephoto Lens

Canon EF-S 55-250 mm f/4-5.6 IS STM 

I recently bought this lens and I can not say a bad word about it, really, the zoom is great and the auto-focus is fast. 

The lens is light and produces sharp photos at a distance and image stabilization makes it even better, well worth the money. I have recently been using it to photograph Birds, Cows and other animals that are on farms and at a distance. 

As you can see I have a hood attached. I got that with the lens and it helps keep the sun off a little and offers a little protection to the lens.

Photo Quality of Lens short video.

This lens is quite useful if you are video recording from a distance, as it allows you to auto-focus and zoom to get a clear subject in frame. All the zoomed in footage on my YouTube channel was filmed using this lens it really is a good lens for the price which you can roughly get for £154 in good condition.

You can see the video quality of this lens on the video I filmed of a sheep at Winnats Pass.

Sheep cooling off in a cave

The lens is not heavy, as it is mostly made from plastic, so it is quite easy to hold hand-held, but I would recommend using a monopod with the lens, as I sometimes use when filming, just to get a less shaky recording. 

Sometimes a tripod is a little difficult to set up and move quickly if, say, for example, you are on a village road and cars appear so a monopod is ideal.

Macro Lens

Canon 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM

Only just bought this lens, but my first impression of the lens is good. This is my first true macro lens.
In the past I used extension adapters that give a macro effect but after trying this new lens, I can see why people buy a true macro lens. 

They are good and well worth the money. Yes they are expensive but a good investment. It cost me £400 if you are wondering. I payed in instalments so that made it easier to buy.

Took this photo the other day of a snail on a leaf in a church yard. This was taken free hand, without a tripod so you can see even handheld with no stability, you can get good macro shots outdoors with this lens.

If you want to see what the video quality is like using this lens then check out this video of a house fly I filmed free hand close up using the macro lens below is the video link and the photo I took.

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