Bee nest on a street

Honey bee's taking over a street in Manchester today.

Looks like there was a nest in the bush behind the fence as the Bees were all over I am guessing the Queen was in the nest. 

I was driving down the street and noticed the big cloud of Bees' so I knew I had to get out of my car and get a few video clips.

Can bees sense royalty

I did have a few of the Bees land on my head and arms as I walked up to the nest but none of them stung me. It was strange to be honest bees and wasps always land on me but never seem to sting me.

I remember seeing the Mila Kunis movie Jupiter Ascending. Part of the movie shows some Bees hovering around Mila's character and one of the other actors says bees can sense royalty. 

Of course I am not saying I am royalty but can Bees sense humans who are friendly to them?.

The average Bee seems to have a bad reputation but I think to be honest if you don't provoke them they will not sting.

Do bees recognize royalty

A few years ago I saw a small egg sized ball on the wall in my garage and saw one lone yellow jacket Wasp. The little guy looked tired.

So I put some sugar on a spoon with some water and a small tangerine for the little wasp. The next day the Wasp was there again so I did the same. 

Each day the little egg ball was getting bigger and more Wasp appeared everyday. A few weeks later the nest ball was the size of a football. 

There must have been hundreds of yellow jacket wasps everyday. They would land on my hands, arms and head and I would always leave them some food and a little water next to the nest. 

Never once did I get stung.

Now I contacted some Wasp experts online to ask him if he could explain why they were not aggressive as I have seen online that yellow jackets are the worst most aggressive type of wasps, Bees etc. 

He told me the lone wasp that I saw must have been a Queen and because I had fed her and in effect helped build the nest she must have trusted me. 

So the other wasps knew I was a friend and not a foe as apparently if the queen sends a message to the other wasps that's when the wasps sting people near a nest.

Now I am no expert on wasp yellow jackets but it was strange they never stung me.

Around 6 months later the nest was empty and they just went away.

This is what I always say about animals. If they trust you they will be friendly. Look how people tame Lions as an example.

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