Animals In The Zoo wolves, Meerkats And ,Bush Dogs

Short Clips of Animals In The Zoo. I only managed to get short clips of these animals which is why I have added them all on the same video.

The Zoo was quite busy and people kept walking in front of my camera so I had to keep stopping filming.

Only managed to get short clips and I was trying to work my camera focus it decided to not work that day very good but got what I could.

The Meerkats were more or less impossible to photograph or video as people were pushing you out of the way to try and get a photo of them. 

At the time there was restrictions in place keep a 2 metres apart wear mask in the indoor parts
did anyone listen to them rules? Nope. 

I stood around for about half an hour hoping there would be a gap in the crowd to use my telephoto lens and monopod to get a decent set of photos or a longer video but it just kept getting more busy so I moved on.

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