Will The Rhino Go Like The Dodo?

Rhinoceros at Knowsley safari park close up. Not to close as I did not want them over turning the car which they easily could. 

These animals are awesome it is a shame they are going extinct like the Dodo because of hunters.

No animal should face extinction in this world we live in. People say it will not happen and Rhinos will increase and not end up like the Dodo.

The Dodo

If you are wondering what the Dodo was. It was a bird that was wiped off the earth around the year 1681 because it was hunted constantly. 

The strange part is the animals are thought to have been on the earth for millions of years and then us humans came along.

The common phrase people often use is an animal will go like the Dodo. 

Scientist have even talked about trying to bring the Dodo and even the Woolly Mammoth back to life with DNA but said what's the point it will go extinct again due to humans.

If you are thinking animals won't go extinct anymore like the Dodo well in the year 2020 eight animals went extinct.


Seeing a rhino up close at the zoo is awesome both Chester zoo and Knowsley are great places to visit and I would fully recommend a day out to both of them if the weather is good.

At Knowsley safari park you get to drive past the Rhinos on the safari drive. 

But again you can not walk past them on foot due to safety issues you would get people trying to stroke them which would probably end up in someone getting stamped on.

There are only around 27,000 Rhinos left in the wild. Some species such as the white Rhino have only two remining left and when you think how big the world is it is just sad.

Humans seem to treat this planet and the animals on it for granted you could understand if an animal had to be hunted if people were starving in a remote part of the world and had no other food source. 

You could say well you still disagree but the people have no choice but to hunt to live.
But it's not that which is making animals extinct like the Dodo it is the evil hunters hunting for sport.

I disagree with hunting and I always have. Not only the that look at all the rich people with there real fur coats worth thousands of pounds there is alternatives to real fur but hey that celebrity wants to show off that fur coat at the Oscars.

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