Animals In The Zoo Deer's

From what I found these animals are Spotted Deer and Eld Deer.

Knowsley Safari Park Zoo

The zoo is a great place to go if the weather is good, as the animals seem to like the dry weather I have been before when it was raining and could not see many of the animals.

The Deer were quite a distance from myself so I had to keep zooming in, but cars kept driving past and would get in the way.

Well worth a day out to the zoo just try to go when it is not busy if you go on a weekend it is going to be really busy if the weather is nice.
The reason I say this is when I was filming from My car the road on the safari drive is quite wide and there is plenty of room.

But you would get cars that would have no consideration for you and park at the side of you and block your view so then if you were taking photos or videoing you had to stop and drive ten or so metres to park up again. 

One idiot even pulled up at the side of me saw me videoing on my camera as I had the window down and lens stuck out of window and he just smirked and stayed there. 

That is the type of people there is these days he could of parked behind me or even in front but felt he had to park at the side to block my view this is why I say go when it is not busy.

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