Herbs used for stress and anxiety

List of herbs that can be used for anxiety and stress

If you're going to use herbs, always try using a branded type if you buy tea bags etc you know what you're getting  rather than buying loose herbs from a market stall or off eBay.

Don't get me wrong if you live in a country where herbs on market stalls are the real thing (India) as an example then of course buy them.

I am talking about the UK herbs many times I have bought herbs in the past from market stalls
and they have not been what they claim to be so just be a little cautious.

Herbs can be great to use and help you in many ways I use herbs everyday not just for stress relief but for a number of other issues.


Ginger contains a potent antioxidant, gingerol, which helps cleanse the harmful chemicals our bodies produce when we’re worried so ginger is a good herb to use. 

Ginger can also influence serotonin levels to make you feel better, more calm and relaxed.

You can use ginger as a powder or in its raw form in curry's,stir fries etc
or buy some tablets or tea bags.

I use the tea bags. I drink ginger and lemon tea every day and I feel much better rather than drinking tea or coffee.

I use ginger as well after a workout as it is known to help reduce muscle pain and soreness.

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Helps with anxiety, depression, and insomnia a few cups a day always helped me sleep. 

I don't really like the taste of chamomile if I am honest. I add a few teaspoons of sugar or some honey. 

I noticed I don't seem to wake up in the night or have as many nightmares when I use this herb.

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Valerian has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy 
to help people relax and sleep better. 

Valerian is a great herb I used to take it every morning before cycling to work. It does help relax you.

But when you first start taking it can be a strong herb so make sure you stick to the guidelines to avoid driving or operating dangerous machinery after taking it as it can make you feel tired and fall asleep.

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This herb has been known to have been used as a short-term treatment for anxiety disorders.

It is mainly used in tea bags or as an oil in aromatherapy often used to make rooms and baths smell nice but it is also known to help relax people if you walk in a room and it smells of lavender it relaxes you.

Few drops of the oil in bath water can help tired body and muscles as well.

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Green Tea

The tea has an amino acid naturally in the tea, (theanine)  which is said to promote relaxation and benefit other stress problems.

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St John's Wort 

This has been used to treat nervousness, tiredness, poor appetite, and trouble sleeping and some forms of depression.

Many people swear by St John's Wort to improve their low mood. 

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Milk Thistle

Mainly used for liver conditions and diabetes but has also
had success in helping with symptoms of severe anxiety.

Many people use the herb for indigestion and an upset stomach.


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I have used all these herbs and still use some daily, some worked better than others for me.

Before you start going out buying and trying new herbs
seek doctors' advice as some of these could interact with medication tablets you are taking and have side effects so it's better to be safe and get advice from your medical practitioner/doctor before you use them.

The Job from hell (Toilet Cleaning)

If you have ever done a job you hated you will understand what this job was like.

I worked in a shopping center for 6 years cleaning
It started off as a normal cleaning job at first.

But after an argument I got the punishment of toilet cleaning. 
I am not going to put the name of the shopping center
as I like to keep this blog anonymous from people I know.

If I put to much info names etc
people I know may work it out who I am.

So what did the job involve

  • Cleaning up feces,Urine
  • Cleaning up sick vomit
  • Cleaning up used drug needles
  • Cleaning up blood
  • Cleaning public & staff toilets
  • Unblocking toilets

A few examples around 4 times a day I would have to remove used drug needles from the public toilets drug addicts would often go in the toilets.

Lock themselves in the toilet cubicles to inject heroin to get high.

Other drug users would use tinfoil and burn drugs on it to inhale and smoke other drugs not sure what type maybe crack? or heroin not sure.

Afterwards when they left the toilets it was my job to go in and clean up after them
now the burnt tin foil did not bother me just stunk of burnt metal so no trouble atoll just putting it in the bin etc.

The horrible ones were the drug needle users
I don't care what people do in there life non of my business but the drug needle users was putting my life at risk of getting HIV how you say?

They would go in the toilet cubicle lock door then use the needle to take there drugs.
Then leave the toilet wall's full of blood that could of been HIV infected.

Apparently when the drug users pull out the needle after injecting drugs into the vein the blood can often squirt out and all over on to the walls of the toilet cubicle which is what would happen every day in this job.

The traps of scum

Sometimes the drug users would hide the used (Syringe) needle (No I am not joking)
this is why I call them scum not saying they all are but the ones that did this are.

They would hide them like some sort of trap in toilet tissue holders, tape them to the back of toilet door handles, tape with sellotape under toilet seats so the next person to use toilet would get pricked by the sharp end of the syringe.

They even would place them on top of toilet doors so when the next toilet user would push open the door to use the toilet the needle would hit them on the head or shoulder.

Reasons for the traps

Why would the drug users hide the needles?
If I had to guess I think they wanted
to make people who got pricked by the needle. 

Worry that they might have been infected with HIV etc
I will never know.

If I use public toilets now when out shopping I check to make sure no needle's
Are hidden and my advice to you is to do same.


The shopping center did have security guards who would recognize the regular drug users and sometimes throw them out but like I say it was around 4 a day I would clean up after.

The most needles I moved from the toilets in one day was 15 if I remember correctly.

Some of the drug users would take them (The needles) with them and I started to recognize them plus I seen a few needles in their hands many times walking out of toilets with the needle in the hand up the sleeve.

Some of the regular drug users even started to say hello to me often and I just left them to it end of day if they was not leaving a used needle as a trap or on floor they was doing no harm to me as I did not have to clean it up afterwords.

The shopping center installed UV Lighting above each cubicle in hope the UV light would stop the drug user finding a vein as you guess it did not work.

As you can imagine I was removing blood daily
that could have had HIV, Hepatitis all number of risks.

It was a daily worry and a dirty and dangerous job and it was minimum wage.

And the fact there was also many different characters who came in the toilets daily
you just never knew who would walk in.

One regular person would walk in few times a week and do press ups on the floor and then just walk out he did that few times a week.

One of the other regulars would walk in and make a plane noise and wave his hands saying his was a plane he did that every morning.

He was harmless he had some mental issues and his carer would bring in in the shopping center every morning for a coffee.

Many homeless people would come in the toilets to have a wash at the sinks.

The shopping center supervisors told me if I seen homeless people using the toilets, sinks etc.

I was to go and get security to throw them out.

As you can guess I did no such thing end of the day the people are homeless what harm are they doing having a wash at the sinks we are humans.

Did I ever get pricked by a needle?

I was removing a used paper towel holder(Cardboard tube inside of toilet roll)
from a paper towel dispenser my 3rd week doing the toilet job felt a sharp prick through my glove looked down and I had a small blood pierce mark on my hand. 

Inside the towel dispenser there had been a hidden syringe (needle) in the holder with tape so when a person was reaching for tissue sat on the toilet they would get pricked from the sharp end of the needle of the used syringe.

So I got pricked by a needle, saw this small blood mark on my hand, looked in the toilet holder and realized it was a used drug needle taped to the inside so I ran to sink and washed my hands with soap and water right away.

Blood Test have I been infected?

I went right to the hospital and took the used drug needle with me.

I will be honest I thought right then that is me dead now. I did not know anything about HIV only from people in my area who were drug users who had died from it and stuff I seen on TV.

My first thought was I would have got HIV now so I went to the hospital they said they would do tests but It will take a month before I know for sure if I had been infected and to have a seat and wait to be called up.

Few hours later at the hospital the nurse comes back to me and calls me into the room and I have a blood test and they take the used drug syringe the one I brought with me from toilet tissue holder and put it in a yellow sharp box.

Few minutes later the nurse comes out says
stay positive the chances are you will be fine the needle I got pricked by had a small crack in it so air had managed to get into the inside the plastic part of the syringe which would mean the HIV virus would more than likely of died due to the air exposure before I pricked myself.

Getting blood results

I still had to wait a long month before results came back.

Lucky enough, I was negative all clear
on everything. 

No infection that day taught me a lesson live life every day as its your last
I don't mean in a negative way I just mean we all get stressed over petty things.

There is a famous quote by Marcus Aurelius
On that day it made sense to me.

(Death smiles at us all all a man can do is smile back)

In other words, we all know our fate in the end it's what we do before that time that is important
who we love, how we help others, what legacy do we leave behind?
did we do good on this earth did we help animals etc.

The job was the worst of the worst public
toilet cleaning which as you can imagine involved the stuff of nightmares.

I would get ill every week, colds, flu a few times a month, mumps, gland fever, cold sores, ulcers.rashes,eye infections,mouth abscess.

Writing on the walls

Some visitors to the shopping center toilets would even leave feces on floors, inside public sinks and urinals.

A few times I would find feces on walls inside the toilet cubicle (some would write words on the walls in feces yes I am being honest)  they was just words like
(Yum yum)  and  (sh*t)  1 person did write a long Set of words on the back of toilet door like a poem written in feces but I can not remember what it said.

(This even happened in the staff toilets twice as well as the public toilets )👆

(Staff Toilets)

I do remember what that writing said as well
as the shopping center managers took photos before I was allowed to clean it up and
They went to the fast food outlet who the writer claimed he worked at on the wall.

The managers said we have checked CCTV pointing to door near toilets only your staff member has been in that toilet in the last half an hour so we know who it is.

Lets just say I did not eat at 1 of the fast food outlets again. I won't say which one as they may sue me (Also reason I wont say name of shopping center) but it's the truth.
I like to keep my name,blog anonymous hence the reason for the (watto photos name etc).

(Phantom flooder)

Other times visitors would flood the toilets by putting books, leaflets down the toilet and keep pressing the toilet flush to block the toilet and flood the toilets.

One regular visitor did flood the toilets 2,3 times a week he even had a nickname by the center's security guards who named him ( The Phantom Flooder) because we did not know who he was as by time myself got in the toilets to mop up the water,urine  etc.

The toilets were always empty of people and flooded. He did finally get caught in the act once and was banned for life from the shopping center.

Lets just say trying to pull shop leaflets and books out of a toilet with your hands is not easy when they had been jammed in there.

Why did I do that job?

I left school with few GCSEs and had no experience in anything. 
I went to college and did a 2 year computer course passed that with merit.

After leaving college I went to jobs for interviews none of them would employ me even though I was qualified in IT Computers and was ex military all of them said I had no office experience I would often respond well how would I get experience if no company would offer me a job.

Nightmare begins

When I first started the job it was just a normal cleaning job at first did not involve any toilet cleaning 
it was just cleaning food tables moving trays and some mopping up.

After doing that for about 3 months
I asked for a day off as my Nan had just passed.
And they said it was to short notice and I could not have the day off.

I said your joking right how was I to know?
what would happen?.

I need 1 day off and I am having the day off simple as I said.

So after a bit of answering back arguing etc 
I had the day off to attend funeral etc.

The next day I went in work
one of the supervisors came up to me and said about your shifts your hours are changing from 11-7 to 
12-9 you are no longer are needed to clean the tables or mop floors we have a new role for you.
I got the new job of toilet cleaner
it was clearly a punishment.

I was doing 11 days now in a row without a day off every time I asked for a day off. 

They would say we will have to look at the work rota then when I did finally get a day off it was 1 day off then another 7 days in before I got a day off again.

So I was doing 18 days in a row more or less
with 2 days off I never got 2 days off in a row if you think that's bad I got
12 days off a year holidays.

No way to live life

They would make me work 12.9pm
then the next day I would be on a 10am till 7pm
I had no life I would get home at 10pm have something to eat then get in bed for the next day shift at 10am till 7pm.

I know reading this you probably think you should have just quit looking back now it annoys me thinking I should have.

I needed money and was having no luck with interviews. 

I was trying to get out but just could not escape.

It was my first proper job since the British army
so I did not have much clue in how normal jobs were.


I even went into one company and they said it's a points based system on the interview and you're lacking 1 point.

Apparently I was perfect for the job but I needed retail experience even though the job was office based so I was told if  I could go and get a job in (Next the clothes shop) and come back in 6 months the office job company would more than likely hire me.

Why did I do it so long

Well I went for interviews at places while I was employed there but as I say having no office experience even work agencies would not register me as I had no office experience
yes I could have lied on CV but could I have blagged my way in an office job I don't know.

I just felt like a prisoner trapped no choice other than to quit and have no money.

After a few years  I finally left the job after doing some online safety courses, got qualified in H&S and volunteered at a few places doing free risk assessments and then got a job as H&S advisor.

Looking back at the cleaning job it was so wrong I had no training no proper PPE equipment I had to buy my own gloves to use to clean toilets as the ones provided were marigold with rips in them.

1 pair had to last 3 months according to my supervisor and they would not buy more I was told when I kept asking for some gloves
I did not know the laws regarding PPE at the time. 

I ended up buying my own pair of gloves 2,3 times a week so I was safe from germs etc as you can guess I was always alert for syringes after my hospital visit. I never put my hand where I could not see if it was clear.

(I have a lot of stories to share about this
Job Role I may add in other posts)

Health and Illness

While doing the cleaning job I was getting ill every week I
went to doctors his advice was eat some fruit to get the vitamins and exercise.

So I took doctors advice and went to the gym on day off and did some exercise at home and I would eat fruit every day and it did nothing to help me. 

I was still getting ill every week.

I ended up doing some research on how ancient cultures stayed healthy
found out the ancient Egyptian pyramid builders would eat garlic 3 times a day as it boosts immune system helps fight flu, colds and prevented them getting ill so thought worth a try so started eating garlic few times a week I hated garlic at the time.

Native Americans

The natives would take an herb called (Echinacea)
as it did the same as garlic boosted immunity, helped upper respiratory infections. 
improved body health and prevented influenza and colds.

They even used it for snake bites.

Garlic and Echinacea

So after eating 3 cloves of garlic a day and trying this new herb (Echinacea) for a few weeks
My health improved.

I did not get ill felt better had no colds, mouth ulcers, or anything
don't take my word for it do some research and try it.

You can buy from Echinacea anywhere online or in shops for example Swanson vitamins in the US.

I buy my Echinacea from amazon (will put links below). You can also get the drops but I think the tablets last longer and are better.

I exercise regularly now and have garlic few times a week in stir frys and have my echinacea and some vitamins B12 and other B vitamins now and again.

Our ancestors
You have to look at it this way how did our ancestors survive to create us they lived off the land they knew what plants was deadly such as  (Foxglove) and what plants, Herbs and food helped us survive.

We would be fools to think the people of the past were unintelligent because they were not. We would not be here as humans if they were would we.

Links to Echinacea Tablets & drops

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What made this job worse

I would get in work some days and the supervisor and her witch sister who also worked there would be on a early shift.

They would go in the public toilets before I got there and before the shopping center was open to the public etc and they would film the actual toilets the seats, floor,sinks, wall mirrors etc

Looking for dirt marks or any signs of the floor not being mopped by me at the night before.

So when I arrived at work it was like a interrogation
they would say to me you did not clean the toilets properly last night or you did not mop the floor.

I did I would say?

The supervisor would then say look we have filmed the toilets on our mobile cell phone they would show me video clips and say can you see that small mark on the toilet seat there etc.

You also have missed that piece of chewing gum on the back of the toilet door.

They would say stupid comments like
The mirrors have streaks on the glass.

And the floor has streaks where you have mopped it but left marks etc.

The center would close at the night around 8pm and I had an hour to mop the floor and do a deep clean.

Now they was not massive toilets think if I remember there was 12 toilets and 10 urinals and around 10 sinks and a big long mirror.

The wooden toilet cubicle walls had that much urine soaked in them 
that no matter how much disinfectant you put on them the smell of urine.

Would not go away and the wooden toilet walls started to rot after a while the urine soaked in that much the wooden walls would start to break away.

If a floor is clean it is clean no one is going to walk in and say well there is a small mark there the size of a skittle well no normal person other then the witch and her sister.

Now don't get me wrong the army make you do stupid things at times like telling you to mop a floor with a dish cloth etc but that's the army you kind of expect that.

But as I said before it was my first normal job this cleaning job.

I thought damn is this what work life is all about.

I have no clue why some people are like that.

Better late then never

I remember one day I got there at 12.03 I was due to start work at 12:00 but the bus was a little late.

So I had to rush to get there for that time anyway.

I get in work sign my name and the time 12.03 on the sign in book.

With in less then a minute the supervisor comes marching over your late
I know I said only by 3 minutes the bus was late.

Well sign in for 12.30 she said.

We only pay per half an hour
I said I am 3 mins late not 30 mins late?

No you have to sign in for 12.30 or you wont get paid for the whole day the supervisor said.
Well I will have 3 minutes less on my break or do 3 minutes extra tonight.
No you cant do that she replied.

Fair enough I said but I am not starting work until 12.30.

Yes you are the supervisor replied.
I just sat down and said lets see which person is going to try move me before 12.30 then.

The past has a funny way

The funny thing is a few years later just before I left the company.

I was working in another department by then and the supervisor and her witch sister got in trouble for locking some one in the shopping center by accident without checking the toilets was empty.

They had locked up gone home a hour early as they thought that part of the shopping center was empty so they thought they could sneak home a hour early and no one would notice even thou they interrogated me for  3 mins of lateness.

They locked the customer in not knowing he was on the toilet and he was talking legal action saying that he was locked in until the next morning etc.

The supervisor and her sister both asked me to defend them.

I was a union rep by that time so knew work laws inside out 
and had helped other staff members save there jobs by going as there union rep in meetings etc

Anyway I just said to the supervisor and her sister did you think because I work in a different department now I would forget about the past.

I said the past has a funny way of catching up with people and I just smiled and walked off.

The supervisor got demoted to guess what
Cleaning toilets and her sister got sacked.

I did it my way

My main problem was I just assumed all jobs and boss's were like that.

I did not know any laws or H&S until I started to learn them myself.

But I left the company not long after if I would of known my rights,work laws and H&S etc I would of been able to argue better and quote laws probably would of had the building closed down.

So my advice to you if your in same situation learn:

  • Work employment law
  • H&S law
  • Join a union
  • Human rights law

Or even message me in comments and I will try help if I can with advice.

Don't put up with a boss or a job making you ill you live once when your older you will regret
not doing anything.

People say learn from your mistakes I disagree 
learn from other peoples mistake instead such as mine.

Mental Health during the pandemic Covid 19

World On hold under siege

The current pandemic virus has put the world on hold and has been the biggest challenge for the whole world since WW2. We are all more stressed as we can not avoid the pandemic on the TV, Internet, public places we are constantly reminded of it daily.

So what can we do to stay positive

Well first of all avoiding negative news sounds easier said than done. 

I know in the past I would watch sky news ,read paper every day and have the daily mail and sky news app on my phone.

I would click on news apps 6,7 times a day and afterwards I always felt negative and sad seeing the constant bad news about the virus around the world as well as constant war or other bad news.

My advice is avoid the news as much as possible, only watch it maybe once a day say the 6pm headlines rather than checking every few hours you will notice you feel better.


If you use twitter you can block some words and subjects for example COVID-19
so it wont show any posts with the word COVID-19.

How to

Block the trolls

People will go out of there way sometimes to insult you,make you feel down and depressed 
these are just trolls who want a reaction.

I would often get involved in discussions on twitter with trolls
This started when I would post one of my art photos to promote my art-shop on twitter.

The Trolls would send me comments like
(you call that art loser) or just random swear words etc of course people will have opinions we all do.

The way trolls are different is they will carry on with nasty comments until you respond and argue with them.

I have had people send me messages when I put that I had been in the British army on my twitter bio blaming me for Iraq.

If they see your getting upset or angry they will like this that is way you should never respond to them.

The best way to deal with the trolls is just to block them and ignore them or even report them to twitter to get there account closed.

People spend all day on social media stalkers looking for arguments it could even be someone you know on an anonymous profile trying to insult you.

If they know a little about you for example a work colleague
they could know you often talk about losing weight and then they would try troll you on twitter looking for an opportunity to bring the subject up.

Which is again why I say if you join these site use an anonymous profile and only let your close friends know you could even have a few profiles one for friends etc the other for say your blog etc.

Have hope we will get there

If you want updates on the pandemic news developments use a proper government source.
At the moment there is a lot of fake news around the internet (Facebook,YouTube,Twitter) even on some news channels.

Keep positive we will come out of this soon this pandemic has made a lot of countries work together on vaccines all over the world and they are learning more and more everyday we just have to ride out the storm and not give up hope.

Uneducated trolls

Ignore the people that say masks don't work they do work it would be like saying to a fireman
respirator masks don't work while it was saving his life in a fire stopping him inhaling fumes and smoke.

I am not going to get into the face mask stuff as it will be bringing up the pandemic etc if you want more info have a look at my other post on masks.

Also don't judge people if you see them without a mask they may have a health reason so can not wear a mask. 

The only person you should be concerned about wearing a mask is yourself you can not go up to random people and say where is your mask.


I take Vitamin C 1000mg tablets and Zinc Tablets 40mg every day as this has been proven to help the body during times of stress and illness, scientists are also claiming taking Vitamin C,D and Zinc has had positive effects on the human body to keep it strong.

At the end of day the Zinc and Vitamins short term use are not going to do you any harm if you do not have a varied diet you may be low on many vitamins.

You have to remember the more stressed you are the harder the body is going to work so you need to keep strong and treat your body well.

Always seek doctors' advice before you start taking supplements and vitamins as most are meant for short term use and should not be used to replace nutrition from natural food.

What can we do in the meantime

The key is to keep yourself busy if you are sat in front of a TV constantly you will be reminded of the pandemic with adverts on TV and charities etc asking for money due to the virus.

Watch TV when you have nothing else to do.
Sit down with a drink (Non alcoholic) and relax at the night. 

Have some time for yourself something to look forward to.
For example a TV series box set
that you can get into.

Just think to yourself yes I can watch Chernobyl, Lost tonight I wonder what happens in the next episode?

You need to have a time when you're not thinking of the pandemic,money,work or anything that is causing that stress.

If you feel a bit down go watch an old movie from when you were young.
takes a few mins online to stream the movie or buy it etc.

I guarantee it will make you feel better.

For example when I see (The Goonies) movie on TV.
I always watch it must of seen it 100 times by now why do I watch it
not fully sure all I know is it occupies my mind and makes me feel happy.

Look back on your child hood find that old movie that you would watch over and over again find that part in a movie that made you happy like a good ending.
There is many films like that ET, Never ending story, etc

When you was a kid you always had a favorite few movies that you would watch here is an example of what I mean a clip from The Never ending story and ET.

Affiliate links

Start a hobby

We all need a hobby so stress and worry is not on our mind constantly something that will relax us and be good for our mental health.

  • Learn a new language (Spanish etc)
  • Watch a new TV series (Chernobyl, Lost,Narcos,breaking bad)
  • Learn to paint
  • Learn to take photos
  • Write a blog
  • Look up your past (My heritage ancestry
  • Have a DNA test to see your heritage
  • Speak to people over the internet pen-pals
  • Learn to cook,make cakes etc

  • Try new recipes
  • Get in shape fitness start exercising 
  • Learn music instrument guitar,drums etc
  • Write Music
  • Share your knowledge online helping others
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Volunteer online for some charities
  • Make candles,Soap,Clay, Crystals crafts etc
  • Sign up for an online course,qualification

You will see from my other post that I started photography as a hobby I had never even considered doing. 

I remember seeing photographers many years ago 
thinking why do they take photos etc?

I find photography has helped my stress levels and keeps my mind off pandemic. You need to find your hobby to do the same.

The minute negative thoughts come into your head think no thanks not today. 
I am going to go paint, exercise or go listen to some music or watch your favorite TV show.

Even putting on a comedy show to have a good laugh will ward off that negative feeling away.


Reach out

If you get to the point where the stress or anxiety is making you ill and you just feel
down reach out to someone such as friend.

I am not a mental health expert so I can only see things from my own personal point of view and my friends etc.

There is nothing weak about reaching out 
some of my friends have served all over the world in many war zones been through hell
and they are not weak and they have reached out for help.

In fact they are some of the strongest people I know.

Success and fame

Many famous people suffer with anxiety and depression.

Don't think If I was famous and successful or had money etc I would be Ok no depression and anxiety can effect anyone.

One good example is from supermodel Sara Sampaio she made a video where she describes her own issue with anxiety and how she got help.

I respect Sara for having the courage to speak out in public as there is many people who are successful who would not be honest and speak out as they think it would affect there career.

If you wish to follow Sara Sampaio she is on twitter and Instagram.


Most of us get anxiety and many people have anxiety attacks I did often. 
Many people won't admit having anxiety thinking some one is going to call them crazy or weak.

Well no you are not crazy and no you are not weak. Anxiety affects around 40 million people in the United states so you can imagine how many people are effected worldwide
Anxiety can be treated so don't lose hope.

  • Therapy CBT
  • Natural remedies
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Medication
From my own personal experience to much caffeine and alcohol seemed to make my anxiety worse.

For example when I had been on a night out drinking beer the next morning I would wake up really on edge and have anxiety.

I thought it was just myself for a long time until a few of my mates said they had anxiety the morning after heavy drinking apparently it is quite common.

There is many different things you can try to ease anxiety besides the most common treatments.

Here is some you could try:

  • Yoga
  • Medication
  • Painting
  • Exercise
  • Gardening
  • Fresh air get out in nature
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy

Drugs and alcohol

Have you ever wondered why drugs such as cannabis and cocaine are so popular or why so many people drink alcohol?

The answer is simple it helps numb peoples pain short term or so they think. 

Many people will use drugs and alcohol to get rid of there suffering the problem is it may give the person a short relief a (high) feeling. 

But the long term effects of taking drugs or consuming large amounts of alcohol is not going to be good for you.


The problem is taking drugs in the end is going to kill you that is a fact if not it will change your life to the point where you could lose everything. 

A few of my friends have died due to drug use. 

First they started smoking weed then went on to pills then Cocaine and eventually was taking them all together and overdosed and died.

Many celebrities have also fallen to the fate of drugs Heath Ledger,Elvis,Jim Morrison,Amy Winehouse to name a few.

The main issue people find is when they have not had there fix (Drugs)  they start to feel depressed again.

So they want that feeling to go away so they use more and more drugs,and they get a dependency to them and they will either overdose or crave more and more.

Avoid drugs as much as possible I know its hard but they will be your downfall.

I have seen it in my friends. They don't wake up one morning and think I will stop today and go college and get a degree.

No they ended up destroying their life's and others.
Get help there is plenty of online groups like (FRANK) now that can help and they are confidential they don't want to know any details they just help to get you off the substance.


Beer is the same if you drink to much it is going to give you liver failure and eventually kill you.

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with having a few glasses of wine etc to relax at the end of a long week.

The problem is when your drinking to try get rid of feeling depressed
trust me it wont help I have done it myself on the weekends.

I would drink maybe 20 bottles of beer flavored vodka bottles like lemon and lime.

It was a nice taste so it was like drinking lemonade and you could drink maybe 3 or 4 bottles in 10 minutes. 

You did not feel drunk until you went outside and the fresh air hit you then it was a sudden rush and you felt the alcohol content then.

I think the lemon vodka bottles had around 4% alcohol per bottle.

I would drink at least 20 bottles while in a club,pub they did not seem to make me drunk and on the weekend nights I just drank to feel better the worse part is I had work in the morning so was feeling depressed about that as I hated the job. 

I stopped drinking when I had problems with my kidney not caused by the alcohol. 

I got e-coil in my kidney and was passing blood. I will be writing a post about that soon so will add a link when I have completed it. 


Gambling is often overlooked by many people as many people don't see the harm it can have but you have to remember people who have an additive personality or are low on cash may think they can be lucky at the local casino or bookies.

I put the lottery on every week but I see that as one win will change your life forever rather than say winning small amounts in bookies. 

I don't go bookies or casinos besides myself being bad luck.

I just don't think I would win look at it this way if a lot of people won would the bookies or Casino still be open?.

Paul and the roulette machine

Here is an example of a guy I worked with I will use the name (Paul) not his real name.

Every dinner time at work we would get our dinner and go sit in the local bookies
I did not put any bets on but he did.

I had not long since started the job and we was working together so he was showing me where everything was etc.

In the bookies
I would just talk to the other people in there the regulars etc while I was eating my dinner.

Now everyday Paul would spend maybe £20 on the roulette machine he would win some times but mostly lose.

I remember one day we had not had any wages for a few months due to new company taking over our jobs we got paid monthly so we both got out wages on the Friday afternoon he got around £800
now we was both on minimum wage so £800 is a lot of money.

So we went in the bookies I sat there eating my dinner.

Paul was on the roulette machine after about 10 minutes he walks over to me says I just won £1400 I said nice one and jokingly said you buying the drinks tonight. 

I said I am going outside to get some air about 15 minutes later Paul walks outside to me and says have you got a £1 in change I said sure thinking he had not cashed his £1400 winning ticket in yet
so I says you cashing your ticket in?

Paul replies no I lost it all I had £1400 won £1800 got it to £2300 lost some got it down to £500 and then lost it all
I said your joking?.

No he replied every penny gone I said at least you got your work wages
no he replied I put that in as well.

So Paul says to me his wife is going to go mad. He says to me he needs to throw his jacket away and house keys and tell his wife he got mugged and that they took his jacket with his monthly wages of £800.

I said what you on about don't be stupid someone could find your house keys and use them on your house door.

He says my wife will throw me out if she knows I spent the months wages in the bookies.

I said look I can lend you a little cash just for bills etc but don't be gambling it and to be honest it is non of my business but maybe you need some help with your gambling problem.

Yes he said I do I lost £500 the other day that I borrowed off someone. I said well you can pay me back the money I lend you in installments anyway he went and got some help with gambling and stooped going in the bookies. 

I thought I would share this story as many people just don't know how gambling can be a big problem.


Speaking to your doctor can be a good idea many people do not know why they feel down
and depressed it can be caused by many causes.

No your not crazy anxiety and depression can have many causes.

Even some lack of vitamins,sunlight etc
can make you feel sad this is where a doctor can help.

There is many things a doctor can advise that may help.

  • Talking to specialists
  • Medication
  • Change of diet
  • Lifestyle change

If you don't want to share your personal life with your friend or doctor.

There is many online charity's that can help with anxiety,depression,alcohol addiction or drug addiction. I have listed some below click the links to find out more info hope it helps.

Always a light

Don't suffer in silence there is always someone to talk to this year has been a tough one for all of us
we will get thorough this fight and come out strong I promise you.

If your sat there feeling depressed go look out the window at the birds and bees flying what are they doing?. I will tell you what they are doing as nature intended them to do we all have our reason to be here.

You have to realize your here for a reason you have to find that reason.

If your feeling down find that inner strength we all have it something that drives us
it could be anything you have to find it.

Get a pen and paper and write down this is what I am going to do this week
Here are some examples:

  • Go help out at a animal charity
  • Go offer to walk the dogs at an animal shelter
  • Go adopt a rescue dog,cat 
  • Go online look for volunteer opportunists
  • Start a blog
  • Meet new friends online
  • Talk to old friends online
  • Ask old neighbours if they need any help with shopping
  • Make face masks donate them anonymous

Website where you can look for volunteering jobs

Leave me a comment if you wish to add anything you think will help in this post.

Start a blog,ignore the jealous people

Start a blog if your good at playing the piano as an example or you know a lot about Photoshop start a  blog or YouTube channel on either of them subjects.

I hear many people say but I don't want to show my face no problem.

I had a YouTube channel with over 2000 subscribers and I have twitter and now a blog and I don't have my name or face on any of the profiles.

Why do I stay anonymous you ask? Because I like to keep my blog etc private from people
Because people I know for example will be looking at my blog constantly some will try criticize and be jealous of me so I would rather they not know anything about my life and blog etc.

The jealous people

I know it sounds stupid why would someone be jealous of a blog?
People friends and even a co-worker can be jealous of when you are trying to better yourself.

Don't let people put you off doing something that makes you happy 
if you say you have created a blog and someone for example a jealous co-worker or friend start to insult you.

If they start saying insults like your thick or it is a waste of time or that they will make a better blog then you.

The simple question to ask them is have you nothing better to do then criticize my life or be looking at my day to day life.

Some people don't like the fact as an example you have just passed a qualification they will get jealous if your more qualified then them and if you are trying to make something of your life.

At the end of day there is nothing stopping that person who is criticizing you from doing the same as you and trying to study in there spare time nights,weekends.

But they won't they would rather insult you because they can't be bothered using there own time and effort to study something.

The insecure snakes

People will often go out of there way to put you down they may insult 
you by saying your ugly,small and fat.

If they are called out by other people who overhear them
they will say they are only joking but you know they are not. 

The people that try insult you and put you down will do it if they can get away with it.

For example do you think your boss would speak and try bully you the same on the street as he would in your work place if you did not work for him the answer is no because you would probably tell him where to go but in the work place he has a little power over you.

Snakes comments

Some idiots may even call you for working in some jobs for example you work in the fast food industry Popeye's, MacDonald's etc .

For example one person would often call me for being in the British army just trying to insult me for being in the army then would try insult me for being a cleaner at a shopping center.

My reply to them would be let me know when you put a uniform on and serve this country or in fact let me know when you pass basic training you won't so don't be jealous of someone (Me) that has.

Ask yourself a question why are they calling you trying to insult you?
the answer:  

There insecure of there own life but rather then try change there own life they would rather criticize you as it makes them feel better so who is the loser here? the answer the person that is trying to pass there insecurity onto you.

I call these people snakes because they are just trying to make you feel bad similar to how a troll would act they want you upset to make themselves  feel better you don't want people like that in your life they are just snakes.

Talk to people

Remember there is always someone to talk to you are not alone if you are feeling down talk to your doctor or even friends.

If you are a private person speak to people on twitter or Facebook you could set up an anonymous account that way no one will know your name.

People on social media can be a big help and point you in the right direction and be a shoulder to lean on to air your problems some people can offer good advice and remember ignore the trolls just block them.

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