Why you should get out in nature 2020

Getting out in nature can be good for many reasons. It improves your mental health and helps you destress after a busy day at work or even to get away from the current stress we are all under during this tough year.

The natural air is good for your skin and overall health.
Look at it this way you live in a city you are breathing in car exhaust fumes daily as well as being exposed to chemicals in the air all this can have its toll on the human body so what better way to give your mind and body a rest then to go for a walk in nature.

Walking in Nature

Having a walk in your local woodland or park is a great idea to destress you ask any person
If they feel better after a walk in the woods.

They will tell you yes there is something about nature how it seems to heal us when we are feeling down and stressed. We all need to recharge now and again like a battery so nature can recharge you.

Maybe it is our DNA calling us after all we lived in woodlands millions of years ago now many of us never even see nature that much for a number of reasons too much work or we are stuck in concrete city's with no green space.

This is a photo on the top of a cliff in Blackstone Edge England. 

The view of the moorland was an Amazing view and the weather was good as well so it was an added bonus the fresh air up there was amazing.


If you like taking photos for photography whether it is for a hobby or an art-shop the woodlands and nature is a great place to capture so many good photos from trees,amazing views to forest insects.

I take photos to help relax me and recently opened an art shop online where I sell my photos online links at the bottom or click the photos below.

Here are some of my captures.

Garden of Eden

I took this photo of some trees in a field in Alderley Edge North England. I remember thinking why is there only 3 trees in a big field and it reminded me of the Adam and Eve tree of life story so when I got home I went to work on editing this piece and this is the end result.

Gate To Peace

I took this photo of this old wooden gate. This was the first week after lock down in the UK so a lot of places were quiet as people were going shopping again.

I went for a walk in Alderley Edge forest in Chester,Manchester an amazing place nice calm and quiet full of great healing energy.

I thought to myself it would be a great place to live in a little wooden cabin in woodland like this
rather than a overcrowded city full of noise and car fumes.


This flower seems to grow everywhere but I often wonder if most people know how deadly Foxglove is
either way it is a nice flower and makes a great photo.

Lady on The Edge

I saw this little ladybird in some woodland in the northwest.
One thing I noticed after the lock-down in the UK. 

The insects seem to have took back the forests due to less humans in there we have to remember it is there home so treat it with respect this little bug was just sat on the tree branch for a while enjoying the view. 

Waterfall of peace

This one was a right hidden gem I was looking on google maps for some off the beaten track places to get some photos. 

It was the end of the lock down period at the time so I wanted to avoid traffic and crowded places as people were going crazy as most of the parks and shops had reopened and many of the shops were having sales. 

So the city's were full of cars parked everywhere and people panic buying toilet rolls. So I found this place in Rochdale, North England. I could sit here all day. It was so peaceful just listening and watching this waterfall.

Mental Health

If I am stressed or just having a day feeling a little down I always go to the healing place nature.

When I go for walks in the woods or even the local park to take photos the stress goes away. 

This is why I always recommend to people I know to do the same if they feel a little down then go for a walk in the park. 

It will help heal your mind. Is it a cure for depression or anxiety? No but it will help that is for sure try it what do you have to lose? Maybe 20 minutes of your day going for a walk in a park to see if it makes you feel better try it you will be glad you did. 

It has been proven walking in nature helps reduce depression and anxiety.

With the way things are this year all over the world with COVID-19. 

Nature is the perfect place to take a break from the negative news.
Walk your dogs in the park or go for a walk or even find a tree stump or bench and sit down and you will see the benefit. 

You will feel better mentally and more relaxed and calm.

Even if you go into nature and sit on a bench to gather your thoughts it can be a big boost on your mental health and a good healer this bench was in Mossley Northwest of England.

Always remember to never never give up, keep keep going, is life hard?.

Yes of course some people have life easier than others. Of course if you're rich etc you can live more comfortably and have less worries but it doesn't mean you have no stress. 

We are all human and breath the same air if I was rich I would try help others as much as I could do I wish I was rich no to live comfortable would be enough for me.
It is true we are stressed with all the lockdown and pandemic stuff  but you know what if in the future it happens again we will be prepared mentally as we survived this and adapted. 

There is a reason humans have survived so long because no matter what our differences are in the world as humans we can work together. 

I always say to people think of it this way what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. 

Keep positive

Keep positive and remember
tough times make tough people are we stressed today yes but the sun will set and tomorrow it will rise again and so will we ready for the days battles.

You are stronger than you think, so get out in nature and recharge and destress.

You can be the fittest person in the world physically but you also need to look after your mind because without that your body will not be able to function 100% you need both to keep going.

Read my other post for tips to stay positive this year.

There is a great quote from a true legend that makes sense to many of us this year.

Robin Williams 
Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

Fitness and Health

Getting out in nature can improve your overall health for example you will get fitter walking in nature this will improve and make your heart stronger and improve your lung health. 

The fresh air will do wonders for your body and fitness is so important right now a fit healthy person is better able to fight disease better.

How many of us stare at computer screens or our tablets,Phones daily whether it is for work or just to browse online either way the constant staring at blue screen light can affect our eyesight. 

So getting out in the woods will help strengthen your eyesight and improve overall eye health.

What will improve our eyesight walking in the park seeing squirrels run past us and up trees or staring at our computer screens day in day out, think we all know the answer. 

So put the tablet down with all the negative news online currently and get outside.

There are even studies that have been done that compared people going for a walk in a city to walking in a park. Every participant who walked in the park had lower blood pressure,less anxiety and felt more relaxed.

The participant's who went for a walk in the city had increased blood pressure ,felt more anxious on edge and overall felt stressed so again you can see going out in nature can be a healer.

Can you remember before we all had cell phones I remember being about 14,15 and no one could afford a phone then and they were the size of a house brick as well.

If you were going out you would go knock on your friends house to see if they wanted to come out.

These days what do we all do? Even as adults we text or phone so in a way we all kept in shape in the past by walking to our friends house or even by walking for a pizza now we have phones, food delivery and automatic machines that do everything for us.

Environment Compare

Here is a short video I recorded the other day in a forest in the north west of England.
It is only 20 seconds long but watch this and the video below and tell me what would be a  more relaxing place to go for a walk or just to sit down and gather your thoughts.

Here is a video from a city. Can you see and hear the difference? What do you think is a more peaceful place to go for a walk?

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  1. Nature hits you so much differently. The views and even the atmosphere is good for you! It is interesting that you referenced the calling from our DNA. We adapted to technology so fast versus the hundred of years it took for us to progress in general. It's so cool to see the unique plants out in nature we wouldn't see in urban areas. Thanks for sharing these vibes!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

    1. Thank you Nancy I have only just started to get back outside in nature Last time I was in forests etc was in the army.

      I forgot how relaxing and healing nature is. It is only since I started doing photography that I remembered why I like the outdoors so much.

  2. Hi Watto. I couldn't agree more - we would all benefit from spending more time with nature and taking a break from urban stresses. I took Harvey, our Lab, out for a walk in the countryside this morning. We both got absolutely soaked but do you know what? - We both still thoroughly enjoyed it :-)

    1. Yer there is something about nature that seems to benefit us.
      Once I buy a few cameras i can start taking photos outside in the rain at the moment I don't want to break my cam as it is only one i have lol.

  3. I think I also need to find some method to release stress recently. Walking in nature will be a good choice for me!
    Thanks for sharing��

    Fashion┊Lifestyle┊Japan ―https://happyesme.com/

    1. Yep it is the best way to destress nature is great when it is not cold and raining.

  4. I really could not agree more! Nature has so much to offer. It soothes our soul and mind. Lovely Post!


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