How To Advertise Your Blog/Artshop

Where you can get noticed.

I have been looking for sites recently to advertise my blog and my art shop
so I have put together a list of places that I have found where you can advertise your art shop,art crafts and blogs. 

Some of the sites below are better than others it all depends on what type of art or blog you have. Some of the sites will be better for painting,prints,crafts while the others will be better for blogs.

Imgur    (1)

This is a good site for your artwork to be shared. You can get thousands of views an hour when you upload an image of your artwork here. 

Always remember to put a link to your art shop/blog in the comment section that way people can find your site.

If you post full size high definition prints as an example you have to remember this is an image share site like any site online other people may download and copy your prints so just keep that in mind. 

If you post full size prints online even if they all are copyrighted there is nothing stopping someone stealing your designs and then trying to pass them as their own. 

I always try to limit the size of images I post of my artwork online so that way they will not have a high definition copy of my art.

Reddit   (2)

Reddit is a great place to advertise and get your art,brand or shop more widely known but just always make sure you read the rules of the subs before posting links to your shop as they have rules.

Officially self promotion is normally not allowed some subs do allow it though. 

You are allowed to upload someone else's artwork as an example on some subs but not your own Reddit prefers if you pay for ads etc to advertise your own stuff. 

But many people advertise their work on Reddit including me just do not over spam advertising. 

On some of the subs if you put (buy my prints or buy my art work) in the comments they will class it self promotion and delete your post. 

So instead write something like  (Here is a link to my Art/Shop) in the comments.

Here is my post as an example when I posted it in this sub.

This is a good subreddit as they allow self promotion
for example you can post one post advertising your art-shop,resin,crafts every two days. 

Just remember to read the rules on each sub you post on. 

If you spam any sub on Reddit by posting your art shop every hour they will ban you.


These are some sub reddits that are good to post your prints,artwork I post an image of one of my prints and just leave a comment in the comments with a link to my art shop if you do prints or paintings these are good places to post every few days.

Homemade face masks advertise?
If you sell face masks the home made type these two subs could be useful to share your works and shops.


Reddit can be useful to promote your art shop,resin,crystal shop etc it is all about looking to see if there are subs on Reddit that are talking about what you are selling and trying to promote. 
For example let's say you sell crystals and want more people to see your works.

Well this sub is perfect

You are allowed to advertise your crystal shop every Sunday on this sub. 

Here is what their rule says.
(Selling and advertising your shop ONLY on a Sunday.)
They have 82.2k members that means a lot of people will see your works and shop which could mean more sales.


Be warned about Reddit there are a lot of trolls on there who may send you messages or comment on your posts insulting you or your artwork etc I have had that happen often my advice is to just block them and ignore them.

Facebook,Instagram   (3)
I have heard many people say they have had success selling prints etc with Facebook and Instagram I do not have an account on them yet but as they have millions of people worldwide they would be a great place to advertise your artworks and shops etc. 

One thing I often hear is people say they join groups on Facebook to promote there artwork and they get a lot of art sales that way.

Twitter   (4)
I use twitter the most to promote my artwork and blog.
The best way to promote your art shop or blog is to engage with other artists,writers,bloggers Retweet their work, follow them, and join art shares. 

I sell wall prints and I often retweet other artists who sell prints because they may help you one day and retweet your work and again you make friends.

Interact with other artists. We all need friends and we can learn much from other people and many will gladly help you.

When advertising your artwork,art-shop etc use hashtags
and look at trending topics to see what people are talking about. 

Let's say the hashtag (#dogs) is trending and you have some cool paintings or wall prints with Dogs add your artwork,print to a (Tweet) with the relevant  tags ( #dogs) (#prints) (#art)  (#artwork)
Don't use too many tags though as twitter will see the tweet as spam.

If you go on google and type  (Trending hashtags twitter)
You will get a list of websites that will show you the best tags for your tweets to promote your Art,Blog.

Here are two sites I just found to save you time.

Hashtags for blogs

Using hashtags is a must if you want more exposure let's say you want to advertise your blog
follow some of the below blog sites and then when you tweet your blog posts tag them in. 

Add these hashtags and the below sites will retweet your post for you to thousands of people so will be a big boost for your posts.
#blogger #WritingCommunity #writerslift
#OurBloggingLife #theclqrt @GoldenBloggerz #writersgain #TRJForBloggers @BloggingBabesRT #rtArtBoost #BlogReq @BloggersHut
#BloggersHutRT #BloggersTribe @cosyblogclub

Here are some blog Retweet sites you can follow.

Celebrities On Twitter

Tweeting a celebrity now and again can be useful if you follow them then why not try tweeting them a few times when they comment.

Some celebrities are always on twitter tweeting and many reply daily to their fans. 

Can you imagine if a celebrity retweets or likes your art shop or art work or even a comment you make they have millions of followers who will see that. 

Millions of followers means some of them followers will click your profile to check you out now if you have a pinned tweet with your art shop they may click the links and visit your shop and you make a sale.

This is not to say you should keep annoying them by spamming daily, sending them your artwork no but once in a while is ok and always add a comment etc.

For example I sent my artwork to British Comedian Dom Joly and he kindly retweeted it for me. 

You can see below I was talking about the lock down in the UK.

My Tweet below that I sent.

So how do you get a celeb to like a comment or retweet first thing is to follow them then you could write a message like what do you think of my art or even just comment on a post of one of their tweets.

You might think why would they like my comment or retweet my comment etc.
Here are a few who have liked my comments.

I have had Ice-T, Jean Claude Van Damm,Wesley Snipes,Ricky Gervous and a few others like my comments so it is always worth a try.

Deviant Art    (5)

This site is one of the world's biggest art sites so if you make digital artwork or prints,paintings and you want to get your work out there then this is a good site to join. I have only just found this site
but it has been positive up to now.

You can also offer commissions to create artwork on here and create a free Wix portfolio so well worth joining and it is free to join.

Pinterest     (6)
I get a lot of visitors from Pinterest and I try and pin every few days the more you pin the better traffic you will get as Pinterest knows you are creating new stuff.

If you are going to join Pinterest or if you already have an account then set up a business Pinterest account it is completely free and better than the normal account you can still keep your old account and pin your old pins on the new account.

With a business account you can see Analytics how many views on your posts,keywords searched and loads of other useful tools it is so much better then a normal Pinterest account.

Making Good Pins

If you want to make good pins apparently Pinterest promotes pins that have new images rather then say a stock photo background pin and from what I have read vertical pins get more views.
So use a free site like ( to make some cool pin images for your pins.

YouTube    (7)

If you paint or make resin works or whatever type of artwork you make why not make a video showing your artwork being made and start a YouTube channel. 

A video of one of your items being made that you are selling is a great way to advertise that way the buyer will know the time and hard work that has gone into the item, artwork they are considering buying.

Would you buy a painting if you saw a post on twitter or YouTube of the artist spending days or hours painting it?  or would you rather buy a cheap $4 mass produced painting made in the thousands in a factory from Ebay?

HARO    (8)

This is a good site basically reporters/journalists put out ads on 3 daily emails that get sent to you asking for information or experts for advice and you respond if you have expertise in that area.

For example one reporter was asking for advice on what face masks are best for COVID-19 etc so I sent a reply email explaining I am qualified in H&S and I explained the best masks and explained why. 

In return the journalist put a link with my real name and my LinkedIn profile on the readers digest website so now people read that article and then click on the link which takes them to my LinkedIn site.

I often get employers messaging me asking if I am looking for work as they have read my article so this is a very useful site to join.

Now how can it help you as a blogger or artist?
You just have to keep an eye out on the emails to see what is being asked and then respond by email with your advice blog links etc.

I often see ads asking for bloggers advice and how to start small business's.

It is free to join as a source which is what you need to join as to offer advice.

So what's in it for you?

In short it is free advertisement for you, or your blog/shop.

If you offer advice the journalist can put a link to your shop,blog,LinkedIn so it gets you or your brand more known it is basically free advertisement.

Some journalists may read your advice email and say thank you they will use your quotes etc and not put your name or your blog on there news article there is no guarantee they will.  

I have had that happen as well a few times and I have read their article and it was my words word for word it is a little disappointing as you think I spent an hour giving you advice for free but again there is no guarantee they will put your name or links to your shop blog.

Blogloven,MIX  (9)

I have only just joined these two sites so can not really offer much advice on them 
Mix has now replaced the old StumbleUpon site and seems good for blogs. 

I have posted some of my artwork on there as well as links to this blog. 

You can also share Reddit posts on there which I have done so you can also get your brand more known. 

You have to remember the more social media accounts that share your artwork,art shop,blog on etc will get you more traffic to your art-shop/blog.

I am still learning how to use this site so hopefully will learn more and then will update this post. Even if you get a few views though it is worth joining. 

Medium (10)

This is a good site. If you are a blogger you can post your blog posts here to gain more views to your blog. You can also monetize your posts on this site if you are a writer and write good story's and your posts get popular. 

I would say this site is more for the writer,book author type blogger if I am honest.

When I uploaded a few of my blog posts here I did not get many views but I did not add many keywords which is important if posting on medium. But if you write a lot and have a blog may be worth joining up it is free to join.

Red Bubble (11)

This is a good site if you make digital artwork or prints you can upload your designs onto stickers,
t-shirts and many other designs. 

If a t-shirt sells as an example they post them to the customer and you get a percentage of the sale price if the item with your design sells.

Society 6 (12)

Not really a fan of this site  the main reason is I keep trying to upload artwork designs and it just rejects many of the images. 

You have to have the correct size for images or it rejects you. 

I thought I would list it as you may have more luck using it than me. 

It is more or less the same as the red bubble site where you upload designs on t-shirts and you get a commission if they sell.

Buy Me A Coffee  (13)

This is a good site to join if  you are an artist,creator,blogger.
It allows people to donate to you and send you a tip.

The site also has regular giveaways on twitter and you can win. I won £5 a few weeks ago.

It is also free to join and also allows you to post blog posts so again you can advertise your shop,artwork,blog 

This is a great site if you have a blog, shop or make artwork and want people to support you.

The main advice I have learned is if you join all or some of these sites have a brand so if people go on twitter and then go on Reddit they know it is you or the same brand so have a memorable name or logo I have this as you will see on all my sites as it is easily recognizable .

Few other sites to join

You could also use sites like these below to advertise your art and blog.
Sites like Quora are quite strict on self promotion and may remove your posts and LinkedIn is mainly a business type site. 

I use LinkedIn when I apply for jobs,but I don't advertise my blog there.

But if you have a blog with say Posts such as (Job interview tips)   (How to write a CV) LinkedIn would be the perfect place for you to advertise.

Tumblr Is good if you create digital art or do blogging. I often post on there and get a steady stream of traffic so again worth joining. 

If you have any questions just ask and if you wish to follow me here are my accounts

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