Greyfriars Bobby ( True Loyal Dog)

A true story of the love and loyalty of a small little dog named Bobby. 
Who stood by his master's side even in death.

Greyfriars Bobby

In 1850 a man named John Gray 
arrived in Edinburgh,Scotland unable to find any work.

He decided to join the Edinburgh police force
as a night watch policeman. 

After a while John decided he needed a friend on his night patrols to keep him company and someone to talk to on the cold nights patrolling. 

So he took on a partner in the form of a small Skye terrier dog and named him Bobby.

John Gray

John and Bobby would patrol the night streets of Edinburgh in Scotland and would often become a regular sight on the street cobbles patrolling. 

Many of the locals would see John and his little friend toddling along at his side.

After years patrolling the cold dark streets of Edinburgh the job had started to take its toll on John Gray's health.

John caught TB ( Tuberculosis ) and was being treated by a police surgeon but sadly John never fully recovered and died from the disease on 15th February 1858 it has been said Bobby was at his master's side at his last moments.

John was buried in the nearby local Greyfriars Kirkyard cemetery.

True Loyalty to the end

Bobby, John's little faithful partner now without his master, soon captured the heart of the local people of Edinburgh when he
appeared the day after the burial of his master lying on the fresh graveside dirt where his master lay.

The little dog refused to leave the grave of John, his fallen master. 

Even in the worst weather conditions snow and rain Bobby would not move from his master's grave.

As dogs were not allowed in the cemetery the gardener of the cemetery would try many times to get the little dog to leave the cemetery but Bobby would not budge from his master's graveside.

In the end the locals built a little roof shelter (Below photo) for the little dog next to his masters grave.

The only time Bobby would temporarily leave his master's grave was for his afternoon meal around 1pm.

He knew when it was dinner time as there was a ceremony gun salute everyday at 1pm on hearing the noise Bobby would go for his afternoon meal.

Bobby would go to a local coffee shop 
(Traill's Temperance Coffee)

That he would often travel to with his master in the past .

The owner of the coffee shop John Trail would feed the little dog everyday as he was a friend of Bobby's deceased master John Gray.

John Trail 

The Coffee shop owner John Trail even tried to take the little dog in but he would always return to his masters grave at the first chance he could. 

The little dog would never lose his devotion and loyalty to his deceased master.

The cruel law

In 1867 a new law was created that required all dogs to be licensed and have a collar in the city or they would be put to sleep. 

A local Lord named Sir William Chambers decided to pay for Bobby's licence and bought him a brass collar. 

The little dog's collar is on display at the Museum of Edinburgh.

RIP Bobby

Sadly on the 14th January 1872  Bobby died
aged 16 years old he was said to have stayed by his master's grave for 14 years.

It was agreed that the little faithful dog should never leave his master's side again and he was buried just inside the gate of Greyfriars cemetery not far from his master John Gray's grave so they would be together forever.

A red granite monument was erected close to Bobby's grave to honor the loyal dog.

The monument was inscribed with the words.

(Let his loyalty and devotion be a lesson to us all)

People regularly put flowers,sticks and toys at the monument 
to show respect to the little loyal dog 

In 1873 a local baroness Burdett Coutts was so moved by the story of the little dog she paid for a statue to honor the little faithful dog named Bobby.

Booby has touched the hearts of millions and many people visit the statue above and the cemetery every year to show their respect to the little dog. 

There are books and films made directly about Bobby.

Many people touch the nose of the statue so much so that it has often had to be repainted.

Respect shown to Bobby

There is even a small dog that sits by his master's grave in the video games Red Dead Redemption 2  and Grand theft auto you probably think that is a coincidence to Bobby.

But guess where the developers of these video games (Rockstar) have one of their main offices yes Edinburgh in Scotland. Both great video games and would fully recommend.

Red dead redemption 2 (Image Rockstar games)

GTA V (Image Rockstar games)

Visiting Greyfriars Bobby 

If you decide to visit Edinburgh which I must say is a great place with loads of attractions to visit
the city is massive. Just pack an umbrella as the rain can be heavy.

The local museum has an oil painting of Bobby the little faithful dog dated from 1867
As well as a few other of Bobby's items in an exhibit.

Here is the address of the cemetery where Bobby is located

 Greyfriars Kirkyard cemetery address. 
 26A Candlemaker Row
 Edinburgh EH1 2QE

The statue of Bobby is just facing Bobby's bar ( local pub)
just outside the graveyard. 

The statue has become famous world wide and many people every year come to see Bobby's resting place and the statue to pay respect to the loyalty and faithfulness of the little dog.

Some useful links that may help

This story just shows how our four legged friends love us and create such a bond and loyalty with us that even in death they will wait by our side to see us once again. 

I hope John and Bobby will one day get to see each other again if there is a God which I think there is then I am sure he will make it happen.

Bobby's story is not just a one off either; there are quite a few story's worldwide where dogs and other animals have done the same and shown their true love and loyalty to their human friends. 

Image by By Sumit Surai - , CC BY-SA 4.0,

I have often said that the most powerful force in the world is love because when you love something or someone never can stop you and keep you apart even in death love never dies the bond of love is unbreakable.

Bobby's love, devotion and loyalty will last the ages and will be a lesson to all of us what love and devotion our pets have to us.

Gone but not forgotten

We all have it in us to love animals
If you treat a dog or any animal well you will get back love and loyalty forever.

If you have lost a pet in the past, don't think that if I get a new dog etc I will forget about  my friend that passed away. No, not ever will you and what would your passed away dog want? They would want you to be happy and to show love like you did with them. 

I remember all my friends that have passed on no greater love can a human have than to love their animals.

Here is a video a friend of mine made a while back when he lost his friend.

Getting a dog

If you are considering getting a dog or want to help dogs with donations etc have a look at some of the sites below for advice and consider getting a rescue dog.

I adopted a rescue dog and named her (Sam) she was only a puppy. She was left dumped in a ditch by her owners who dumped her because they did not want her. 

She was in ill health when she was found and really thin the vets said she probably would not make it.

But we adopted her and she recovered and I have to say no loyal of an animal you could have found she was so loyal and such a great dog.

She has passed away now she lived to 14 years and passed away with cancer. The PDSA did some operations to give her a few more years and I am forever grateful to them for that.

The memory's will live with me forever. I miss her and all my other pets now who have passed but this is what we are on this earth for to help each other and our animal friends. 

Helping dogs

I will be honest I have no time for people that dump animals or treat their animals bad there is no excuse to do that if my dog was hungry and I was he would get fed before me.

When I have seen homeless people on the streets of Manchester I buy them some food and if they have a dog I buy the dog some tins of food and dog treats. 

It is not hard to help, we are all capable of helping even in small ways like this. 

Here are the links to some dog shelters and charities. If you have any to add to the list let me know and I will add. 

All of the below do amazing work for animals even if you are not considering getting a dog. 

Have a look at the links to see how you can help you could donate food,money blankets etc.



  1. Hi Watto. What a fantastic story of true devotion. We should all hope to be so lucky as to have a pet that shows us that much loyalty. And a great list of dog shelters and charities too - Dogs Trust is one of the charities that we support.

    1. Thanks Rich. Yer is a great story well worth a visit for people if they go Scotland.

  2. Awwe! The whole story behind Bobby is so touching. You can't go wrong with having a companion who is always there with you. I am glad that at least both John and Bobby were buried together. That is a sweet ending. It is so sad that Bobby spent 14 years at his master's grave. I am glad that he was taken care of though! Thank you for sharing this touching story. Very heartfelt.

    Nancy ✨

    1. Thank you Nancy. Yep dogs are great Scotland was an amazing place to visit well when it is not raining it is lol.
      Bobby was a true loyal friend.

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  5. Thank you very much for this great post. true story


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