Stonehenge Tour Review (HOW TO GET INSIDE THE CENTER)

(Stonehenge tickets)  If you plan on visiting Stonehenge in the future you should read this post 
as I will explain what you need to look for to get close and inside the center of the circles
and yes a normal ticket will not allow you inside near the monument.

Stonehenge is more or less known world wide many people even in the UK would love to go but if you live a distance away It can be a long drive as it is at the bottom of the country.

I won't go into the history too much as I am no history teacher but most experts claim they were built in The Neolithic Age, around 3000 BC by the Druids.

The stones are said to come from a number of places they were transported over a 100 miles some weighing 25 tons.

Apparently according to my DNA on one of the DNA sites I am related to one of the skeletons found 1 mile away near the circles think he was called The golden boy or something as he was found with a gold necklace. 

Maybe I should get a discount seeing as though one of my ancestors may have helped build Stonehenge. I might ask on my next visit for a discount. Their reaction will be funny.

My journey to the Stonehenge

We stayed at an apartment about 80 miles near the circles.

We had booked our tickets to Stonehenge online on the website and we had to be there at 7am if I remember correctly so we had to leave the apartment at about 4.30am.

It was country roads, the type of roads that are pitch black where you can not see anything and have to drive slowly so a 100 mile trip would take you a few hours to drive there in a car. 

I am surprised they don't make more horror films in the English countryside. I kept expecting to hear a wolf howl or see something run across the road.

It took us a few hours to drive along the small village roads as we did not want to drive too fast you could not see more than a few metres in front.

There were not any street lights on any of the roads and the trees were covering most of the roads so no skylight either.

I have added a short video (Below) I took on the way to Stonehenge to show you what the roads were like.

We had to drive slowly as it would have been too dangerous if anyone was on the road you would not see them so better to be cautious. 

Plus it was the middle of winter so there was black ice on the roads and the last thing you want to do is crash your car by driving fast on a pitch black countryside American werewolf in London type countryside road area.

Here is the video:

We arrived at the parking lot at Stonehenge just before 7am there was about 10 cars in the parking lot and it was really quite. 

It was freezing cold. Some of the ice was just starting to melt as the sun came up.

We went to the entrance and had to show ID and our booking form tickets and show them the inside of our bags in case we had brought an hammer to chip part of the stones off and put them on Ebay yes people have done just that one of the security guards told me.

So we had our bags checked and then the guard said wait outside for the coach.

I looked at him puzzled thinking coach the stones are there?.

We walked outside and there were about 8 other tourists standing there about 5 minutes later a small little coach arrived and took us about half a mile up the private road to the circles. Apparently you are not allowed to walk up on the road. You have to use the coach for safety.

Fluffs Farm apartment on the way

Probably the best option is to do what we did and book an apartment for a few days near the stone circles around 80 miles from Stonehenge.
We drove to the apartment with the nice name (Fluffs Farm). We stayed there for a few days before our drive to Stonehenge.

We visited the local village the Cotswold's for a few days. That way we were not too tired of the drive from Manchester and got our energy back.

I would not recommend driving a long distance in one drive to Stonehenge; it would be too tiring.

Why do I recommend (Fluffs Farm) well it is an amazing place the owners live nearby as it was a huge farmland they owned and they were fantastic, really nice people.

You could look out the window and see the owners' alpacas in the nearby farmland.

The owners even baked us an apple pie and knocked on with it just after we arrived and said if you need anything just knock on or give us a call they even asked have you got food with you? if not we can make you something.

Now I have been all over the world and when people are genuinely nice to you the memories stick with you.

This is the reason I mention (Fluffs farm) as I remembered it as soon as I thought I would write about my Stonehenge trip.

I have just had a look online and the owners still rent out the apartment to the public.

It looks a little different as my trip was about 4 years ago.

I will add the link at the bottom of this post.

You can see from the photo below the view out the window was amazing and the apartment was spotless clean with sky TV and to be honest was one of best places if not the best place I have stayed in the UK.

The apartment is right next to the little village of the Cotswolds as I say we stayed
in the apartment for a few days so visited the local village probably a 15 minute walk from the apartment. 

I would love to go back just for a mini break
From city life.

If you do visit Stonehenge or even if you stay in the Cotswolds which is an amazing place.
You are halfway to Stonehenge.

The distance from the Cotswolds to Stonehenge is 63.0 miles according to google the fastest route now.

Here is the link to the apartment on
I am not sure if the owners have there own booking system website but they are on
Fluffs farm Apartment

Plan ahead

If you go Stonehenge in the winter months pack warm clothing gloves and a hat the wind on that day just went right threw me and I had a thermal hat and gloves on it was freezing.

Stonehenge stones are in the middle of a slight hill in a large open grass field so you can imagine the wind on a cold day like that.

Stonehenge weather can be harsh I would check the weather before you travel if you are driving better to be safe.Ice on the road can be dangerous to motorists.

I would also take some food for in your car as the gift shop was not open at that time when we arrived.
We had limited time as we were on a private tour.

If I remember correctly, I think we got an hour before the next coach arrived and the gift shop opened and hundreds of tourists would be turning up just as we were leaving there must have been 40 cars in the parking lot and around 8 large coaches with tourists had just arrived that was about 8am.

The walking path myth

Looking on the website it seems it is the same as when I went that you are not allowed in the circles on a normal admission Stonehenge ticket you have to stay on the path that you can see on the left on the below photo.

When I told people at work I was going to look at visiting the circles a few of them said don't waste your money etc.

My work colleagues said one of their sisters went and it was a waste of money.
Why I asked?

He said his sister went and you can't go anywhere near the circles, She said you have to stay on the path which is about 10 metres from the circles, Have a look on google maps he said there is a path and it is nowhere near the Stonehenge circle.

(PATH on left photo above).

Now after looking online quite a few people were saying the same thing about not being able to walk inside the circles you have to stay on the path etc . (View from the path below)

The Reviews

Many people were going mad on many of the review sites saying I come from the USA,Canada,France etc.

I am not even allowed to walk up to the circles. 

Many people were saying I have to stay on a path but Obama walked inside the stone circles. How is that fair?. 

Apparently President Obama visited and was allowed to walk in the circle and even touch the stones.

To be honest who is going to tell him Mr.President could you please not touch the stones.

I even found the video for you from when he visited.

Private tour

The path thing put me off. I wanted to get up close to the circles. 

I was going to not bother going anyway after doing some research I had read you could pay for a private tour which cost extra then the normal admission fee.

But you had to email English heritage as they did not advertise it at the time on the website.

So I emailed them and they sent a form via email that I had to fill in.

With the (Private tour) you had to get there extra early before the tourism rush and had to book in advance and the places get booked as soon as they were available so we had to book like 3 weeks in advance on the form and email it over for this private tour.

Apparently they allowed you and a few limited number of people to walk among the circles. 

You were not allowed to touch any of the stones and you had to agree if you did you could be fined,removed or thrown out and officially banned and you had to agree to your bags being checked as well.

At the stones

So we got to the circles and indeed we were allowed to walk anywhere inside and around the stones it was amazing. 

We were not allowed to touch or lean on them but people did. 

There were 2 security guards (Photo below) constantly watching people to make sure you did not touch the stones.

It was a freezing cold day. I got a few photos and a short video.

I was not into photography then so my photos are not the best quality as I remember I had a small cheap Samsung camera and my hands were shaking it was just too cold.

Is it worth the trip

Yes 100% you will not find anything like the circles to be honest there are some places in the world where your hairs seem to stand up the Pyramids as an example and Stonehenge is one of them places.

You get a sense of the energy there, not sure what it is but it's like you get a strange feeling.

According to the experts the stone circles were built for summer solstice etc it seems to change every year to be honest what they were built for I just think they don't know.

Whoever built them must have struggled to build them and they must have put them there for a good reason.

My advice

If you do go look for the private tour and ask if you can walk in the circles because to be honest the path looks close to the stones but it is about 5,10 metres away in my opinion it is pointless going if you can not get up close that's just my opinion.

I would not want you going all the way there and then find out you cant even get close to them
you need to look for  (Special Access or Inner Circle tours)

These allow you to walk inside the stone circle same as we did.

Here is a website that explains the special access and inner circle tours

Video I took inside the circle.

English heritage 

Here is what the English heritage website says about the normal admission tour
notice how it does not say you can walk inside the circle but you must stay on the visitor path.

How close can I get to the Stone Circle from the visitor path?
At some points, you are as close as 5m from the Stone Circle from the visitor path.

Can I walk all around the Stone Circle?
The visitor path goes all the way around the Circle and is a mixture of both hard-standing and grass. On rare occasions we may need to close parts of the grass path for safety reasons .

English heritage special tours

Now from what I understand English heritage do the special access tours now on there website.
When I went it was not on there site you had to email them but it seems they now have it on there site.

I have put the links below have a good read and if in doubt just pop them an email and ask any questions.

Normal admission visit price is £21.10.
Inside the circle tour outside normal hours is  £ 47


If you're wondering how busy Stonehenge gets here is a photo from google maps just to show you how popular it is. 

This is why they don't allow people to walk among the stones in normal admission times you would not be able to move let alone get a photo of the stones.

Apartment once there

We also booked a small apartment near  Stonehenge so we did not have to drive back home as soon as we had visited the circles.

I say book an apartment because I don't rate some hotels, even some of the big brands.

I won't name them but I have stayed in hotel rooms in the past and some of them were just basic.
You were lucky if you got a working TV.

I have always used small cottages,Apartments as they are always better than hotel rooms for a number of reasons:

  • Cheaper
  • More cleaner
  • More private
  • Better parking
  • More secure
  • More accessories TV,sky etc
  • More room
  • Better beds

The Crows,Ravens

Even the Ravens or Crows at Stonehenge seem like guards I think it is a raven as I am no bird expert. This one below let me stroke it on its head. It was just sitting on the path post while everyone was taking photos. I stroked it on its head and took a few photos.


The Ravens seem to like Stonehenge for some reasons. When I was there they just seemed to walk around or land on the stones and just look at you like an ancient form of CCTV.

You can see on the (Photo below) one of the Ravens just in the right corner of the stone not sure if it was asleep or just watching people.

Some birds such as Crows have always acted strange near me even a few of my friends said in the past they seem to squawk near you many times crows would be on house roofs etc and fly down and walk near me.

Many of my friends would laugh and call me the crow.

If they were on the road and I drove up in my car they would not move but walk towards my car as I would always stop my car for them.

I noticed most people do not stop if they are on the road if the road is safe and no cars are behind you then why not stop?.

I love animals and I like Crows,Ravens so maybe they can sense something?

My Native American Friend

A Native American friend I was talking to online a few years ago was talking about herbs etc and just some history stuff I had known him for a few years when I had a you-tube channel and made some native american videos etc.

He said I had the wolf's spirit in my heart; he could sense it apparently. He said I was a descendant of the wolf.


We ended up talking about crows and I told him how they follow me etc.

He said you're a guardian of the crows. I joked with him and said wait a min. Last week you said I was a wolf-man or something lol.

No he said you have the wolf's spirit in your heart. 

He told me Crows are really intelligent and recognize people
have you ever helped a crow injured or fed them? So I remembered back a few years ago I did.

The crow in the road

I was crossing the road and a small crow was in the middle of the road.

Cars was zooming past it and it was squawking. 

If I would have left it I am sure it would have gotten run over. I picked it up off the road and placed it on a nearby grass field.

I thought I can't just leave it here as I placed it down it walked back over to my hand so I was going to take it home and give it some food and water.

It just kept looking up at me. I had a water bottle on me as it was summertime in the UK. 

So I put some water in my hand and it drank the water then walked a little looked up at me and then flew off.

So I told my friend this story. Apparently he said if you help a crow they see you as some sort of guardian or protector of crows or something like that. 

So this is why the crows act strange around me he claims. How they recognize me I do not know maybe they have Facebook or twitter.

I always help animals. I have helped quite a few dogs as well as people when they have been run over injured etc.
Sadly a few of the dogs did not make it. You have images that you can never seem to erase from your head. I won't go into detail as they are gruesome. But as I always say we can't change the past so keep positive and don't dwell on the past.

Stonehenge facts

  • Stonehenge sold for £6,600 in 1915
  • Stonehenge is owned by the British Crown
  • The body's of at least 25 people have been found at the site
  • There is an early painting of Stonehenge from the 16th century
  • More than a million tourists visit a year
  • One of the Stones weighs about 30 ton
  • Some of the stones may have been dragged over 150 miles
  • People have graffitied the stones with Alien symbols in the past

Where is Stonehenge located?

Address of Stonehenge
Salisbury SP4 7DE

  • London to Stonehenge  (88.2) Miles
  • Manchester to Stonehenge (195.3) Miles
  • Scotland to Stonehenge  (454.1) Miles
  • Wales to Stonehenge  (147.4) Miles

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  1. There are few places that my husband and I talk about visiting as much as we talk about Stonehenge! I have been a practicing Pagan for a while now, and my husband has started his own spiritual journey as of late, specifically looking into Norse Paganism. The connection between our spiritual beliefs and the area has us both incredibly interested!

    1. it is a good place to visit just at a little cold in the winter.
      always better to do the special tour to get up close to them they are strange reminded me of the pyramids.

  2. That would be so much fun to visit Stonehenge sometime. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Charity yes it is a great place to visit.

  3. Wow! Thank you for the honest review and helpful tips. This is a helpful guide for anyone visiting Stonehenge. It is amazing to know that somehow your lineage are traced from one of the ancestors. Definitely worth the trip. Will I visit this place? Of course, hopefully I get an opportunity.

    1. Thank you Vinn. Yes is an amazing place yes according to my DNA I seem to have a lot of links I will be posting a post soon about DNA links etc

  4. I'd like to visit Stonehenge one day, but it's a shame that main road is so close to it, it kind of ruins the vibe

    1. There is a few other places like Stonehenge but they are all around the country so is a lot of traveling. StoneHenge is good just not in the winter.

  5. I would love to go to Stonehenge someday! I did watch the live feed of the summer solstice that they streamed this year which was pretty neat. I think the pictures of the crows on the fence post are my favorites!

    1. It is a good place to visit if you do the privite tour so you can get up to the stones.
      I am glad i was able to do that rather then being stuck 10meters away

  6. Super informative post! i've always wanted to visit Stonehenge but haven't gotten around it to just yet. Will probably have to wait until I'm back living in Ireland as it's just a short trip then. Thanks for the info!

    1. Thank you Ellie.Yes it is a good place I always tell people if they go there to have a look at near by attractions as well Churchill's monument etc rather then just going all the way the to see the stones.

  7. I've always wanted to visit Stonehenge. Beautiful pictures, and you gave tons of great info! Maybe one day, I'll get to visit.

  8. Oooh! I love that the Stonehenge is still up after so many years. I am just amazed at how the rocks are just chilling on top without any movement. I guess that is the beauty of early engineering. It is great that you got to visit Stonehenge. Wow, the road there looks pretty interesting. It is so scary when you have to drive through potential black ice!!! The sights of the farm apartments are interesting. It is so sweet of the owners to welcome you with some apple pie. Glad you enjoyed your time out there!

    Nancy ✨

  9. Thank you Nancy.
    Yes it is a nice place to visit it is still a myth how they are still standing like an ancient form of jenga game.


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