What facemask do I need? & some useful information on COVID-19

Some advice on Covid-19

I am fully qualified in H&S and I have used all types of masks from military gas mask, half mask,N95,K95,Medical, paper masks and respirators.

So I will advise to the best of my knowledge on masks and other helpful advice on the current pandemic.

I have done health and safety for a few years.  This post is to show you the basics and provide you with accurate information and links to government sources so you can find the correct information. 

Most COVID-19 Advice is simple

  • Wear a mask
  • Social distance
  • Wash hands
  • Be alert

My experience

Whilst in the British army I did NBC training like any soldier has to do so learned about viruses and mask effectiveness. 

I have been doing health and safety for a few years
and had to use different types of masks in my job roles.

Recently done a few course's through the WHO website to learn more about the current COVID-19 Corona virus (Links at the bottom).

I read many of the studies from the CDC and the WHO on the viruses,Mask effectiveness etc.

I will also provide links in this post to government sources so the information will be accurate and based on government advice and not random internet advice as I have seen on some sites. 

I regularly update this post with new information that has been discovered about the virus so this post will be accurate and up to date.

If you're unsure of any advice online, always look at your government advice or the WHO ,CDC websites.

See below for full info.

Will a cloth mask help during the pandemic?

Yes to a point anything will help a Cloth,T-shirt,Bandanna over your nose and mouth is better than nothing and will offer some low level protection.

Will a cloth mask guarantee you don't catch the virus?
Simple answer No.

Is a cloth mask as good as N95,KN95 etc?
Simple answer No.

Will a cloth mask help
Simple answer Yes.

Nothing will guarantee you don't catch the virus but wearing a cloth mask will give you a better
chance and I would advise anyone to wear a cloth mask.

If you don't have access to other types of masks other than a homemade type as I say they will help. 

If you make your own homemade mask try use 3 levels of material and a water absorbent materiel that can catch the water droplets in the air would be best.

If the whole country (UK) as an example wore a cloth mask for 3 weeks the virus would either go or it would be much easier for our health service to cope as it would stop the spread.

At the moment the NHS is able to cope but like many other countries we can not underestimate this virus.

We just don't know what is going to happen. 

It has been reported today in the UK 3000 new cases confirmed so we can not predict if it will start to spread again.

The COVID-19 Idiots

You will often hear the words (masks don't work) or it is a scam from people but these same people also known as the (COVID Idiots)

Have no qualifications in any type of sector to do with viruses or have no knowledge from a career where masks are used; they read Facebook posts and watch YouTube videos of some conspiracy idiot saying masks don't work and it is a lie etc.

Please ignore these people who have no clue what they are talking about.

These idiots post a video on YouTube and think they know better than the WHO or medical health and safety experts on Covid-19.

They have most likely never had to use a mask before the worldwide pandemic yet somehow think they know better then the world health organization or the government experts.

Also don't judge people if you see them without a mask. They may have a health reason so can not wear a mask. 

The only person you should be concerned about wearing a mask is yourself. You can not go up to random people and say where is your mask.

The situation we are in

The fact that each country is losing billions in there economy's each day and many people are dying tells you that all these idiots that say the stupid remarks have no clue of the current situation the world is in. 

Yet they continue to say stupid stuff like the virus is fake or a scam.

It is not a scam it is real and if you get it the virus could be fatal or you could pass it to someone else and they die. If we take precautions we can prevent the chance of this happening.

Millions of people are losing their jobs, businesses are closing what do any government of any country have to gain with it being a scam.

The answer is nothing because it is not a scam, it is a deadly virus that has killed 880000 (880K)
so take caution, wash your hands and wear a mask.

You will always get idiots that make up conspiracy theories. I even saw one myself on YouTube that apparently everyone in the British army knows about aliens?

Well that is news to me I can honestly say I was never told about aliens but again 
the conspiracy theory people have never been in the army yet they make up lies for what reason I don't know.

Why do people say masks don't work?

I won't bore you with science so will try to explain in simple terms.

The virus is to big to pass through most masks.

In simple terms the virus is say the size of a (Pea) so can easily penetrate small holes in a N95 mask if it could move on it's own which it can not.

Now let's say this tennis net (below) is our N95 Mask the PEA( Virus) could easily penetrate this and infect us but it can't as it can not move on its own.

The virus (Pea) is small enough to penetrate  (A N95 mask) the net above yes.

But on its own it can not do that because it can not move on its own it needs transport a vehicle such as
(Water droplet,snot)
Cough,sneeze,person speaks etc

Let's call all these above our Tennis ball the vehicle  .

So we have these below we can use this as our key
PEA     (Virus)
Tennis ball  Cough,sneeze, water droplet  (vehicle)
Tennis Net     (N95 mask

The virus needs a Tennis ball (vehicle) such as a water droplet,aerosol from a cough these act as a vehicle for the virus and enable it to move around firing the virus towards its next target to infect them (you)

There is never a virus just floating in the air it needs transport but it can exist in the air if some one sneezes etc near by to you.

Now once the virus is in a Tennis ball (vehicle) it has gotten bigger as the water droplet is much bigger in size then the PEA(virus) and now as the virus is in the water droplet it can't penetrate our Tennis NET below (N95 mask) as it is too big. So in other words masks work.

What does Coronavirus, Covid-19 look like?

If your wondering what the virus looks like here is a video reconstruction.

Do not underestimate this virus. I have seen people say it's not that bad on social media etc.

Well at the time of writing it has infected nearly  20.Million people worldwide 
and  killed (732 499) people world wide so it is bad.
(Scroll to bottom of the page for updated daily chart)

The number of infections and death will be higher because we will not know all the infections and deaths as many will be unreported.

For more updated information visit the WHO website link below

Get COVID-19 Through Your Eyes?

Even with a mask on you could possibly still catch the virus as your eyes are exposed.

The virus is most commonly transmitted to others through the mouth and nasal passages but eyes could be a route of infection.

At the moment the experts are saying yes it is possible to get the virus from exposed eyes but it is low risk in my opinion any type of risk should be taken seriously so we should do our best to prevent it the best way we can.

A face shield should be used with a mask or goggles if you want 100% protection and try keep 6ft away from people would be the best option or use a full face mask like a military respirator.

I use a half face mask and keep my distance from people who I see as low risk(family indoors etc) If someone was high risk I would wear my full face mask.

Face  Shield

If you can afford a face shield buy one of them as well if you wear N95 style masks.

I have seen people on YouTube making them do they work?. I have no clue so I'm not going to recommend a homemade face shield mask.

The professional versions do help so are worth the money and they are not really expensive.

Always mask sure to keep the shield clean as well
the only way we are not going to catch this virus is to limit the ways it can enter our body.

It is up to you how protected you want to be yes you could walk around with a mask goggles and face shield on will this help yes. 

But not every person is going to want to do this everyday.

Some people I know won't even wear masks now even though at the start of the pandemic they were wearing them everyday.

You have to be a very disciplined person to keep doing something over and over.

Sadly many people are not disciplined. They change their habits after seeing a Facebook post written by some idiot that says masks don't work or they restrict your oxygen etc which
are both proven false.

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Why am I writing this blog post

Well I got annoyed at all the negative fake news and people telling me my mask don't work.

I have been doing H&S for around five years and knew a little of how viruses worked. etc.

Now I don't have the best spelling so it was put off writing a blog then I thought no I can help people who are unsure of what helps.

You will notice I often put links to the CDC as well so you know you can check there for more information.

I hope this post helps you even if it helps one person it would have been worth it.
If it does help you leave me a comment.

I decided to research all the facts and created this post hoping it will help people like yourselves.

I have qualifications in Health and safety and have vast knowledge of masks and did use them even before the pandemic.

If you're thinking whether they work or not don't take my word for it go and read your government websites studies on masks and you will see they do work.

I will also give you advice below on the different types of masks and what the difference is between them for example a cloth mask is not a respirator will it help? during a pandemic yes to a certain point.

Not every person can go out and buy a respirator and a brand new top of the range filter
so most people are using cloth masks or making their own masks like I say anything is better than nothing.

Many people I know will not wear a half mask or even a N95 mask as they say they look stupid.
So I say to them at least wear a cotton mask that way they at least offer you some low level protection from the virus.

I will explain below in more detail.

What type of mask should I use?

In simple terms

(Cloth masks do not really have a rating.) 

  • Dust mask        P1 filter Surgical Mask
  • N95,KN95        P2 filters 95% 
  • N99 ,FFP3        P3 filters 99% 

So what's difference

FFP3 will offer greater protection than FFP2 and FFP1. 

Common dust masks are for low level work like sweeping up dust they are more or less the same as a non rated cloth mask. 

They will not guarantee protection from infection if a person nearby coughs, sneezes they would act as a low level barrier guard.

They will offer little protection from inhaling a virus from others.

Their main use is to stop the spread if you are the one that is infected.

This is their main use hence the reason why governments are saying use a cloth mask as there are not enough N95 type masks.

If everyone wore a cloth mask then it would not spread from people who were infected.

Whilst I worked as a cleaner I would sometimes use a dust mask
To sweep up dusty areas.

After sweeping up at the end of the day I would take my mask off and my nose would be full of black dust inside so it shows how particles would penetrate the P1 dust mask when I was wearing it.

These offer around 95% protection so if you was wearing a P2 level mask then it would
Stop you inhaling around 95% of virus particles this is the best choice mask for you to use.

A P2 mask will also prevent you from spreading particles to others. These type of masks are mostly used by doctors and P2 is around N95,K95 level mask the most common type used.

The P3 filter offers the highest filtration effectiveness and is the type of filter I use with a half face mask it blocks about 99.95% of particles. You can also get single use P3 mask's Like the one below.
P3 level mask's are often expensive.

Some experts are warning against using the valve tap mask (Photo Above)

When used the air exhaled from this will not be filtered and others nearby could inhale it nearby so if you were infected you may spread the virus to them.

Each country has their own certification standard for each mask type
some may be higher, Lower rating etc avoid buying cheap copies of masks online if possible as they may say they filter 99% but really offer 0% protection.

What is a Single use mask?

A single use mask is one you throw away at the end of the day
Most common types are the N95, K95 these are designed for one day single use of around 8 hours and then should be thrown away.

Due to lack of masks in the past in some parts of the world some doctors have had to use the same N95 mask for days.

It is possible to clean these types of masks as study's in labs have shown but the mask also loses its 95% filtration and could be then as low as 40% once cleaned so if you have spares use them instead I really would not advise trying to clean them.

There is videos on youtube showing how
To clean etc only do that if you have no other choice (money to buy spares etc)

I have read the study's done regarding cleaning this type of mask and then reusing again and many of the masks showed low level effectiveness after cleaning.
I would not recommend trying to clean N95,KN95 type masks.

If you want more updated info 

K95 Single Use Mask

I have bought some of these for friends in the past who wanted the cheap option
K95 type mask they look like more or less the same as the common N95 mask. 

These are made in China so are priced around £10 for a box of 20 masks.

Many K95 masks online are of poor quality.

I have seen some good quality types but these tend to be more expensive if possible, buy from a reputable online store that has proper legitimate documents to back the mask quality up. 

The HSE is not really a big fan of these masks as many are poor quality
and often have fake paperwork.

I would not recommend buying them over a half face mask which you know offers the proper protection and we know they work 99% if a P3 filter is also used.

How do I know if Mask is Fake or real?

Quick link below for you to check and has more information on how to identify real or fake.

Long term use mask

A cost-effective measure is to
buy a half face mask or a surplus gas mask respirator
And a brand new P3 filter. 

I think this is the best option as these masks will last longer and a half mask has the advantage of being able to be used for spray painting and sanding and other DIY if you use the correct filter
Such as vapor filter etc.

So a half mask will be useful once the pandemic is over for DIY jobs around the home.

For example if you use a P3 filter with a half mask or full respirator mask
When used this way the filter will last 4,6 months even if used every day on normal day to day trips (shopping outdoors etc.

If for example you worked on a construction site or in dusty environmental or humid conditions then it won't last as long as the dust, and humid conditions will clog the filter up quicker. 

You will know when to change the filter as it will be harder to breathe when you are using it.

These types of mask are designed for long term use so they are a good investment
and a wise purchase to have as a back up mask in case N95,K95 masks go up in price again.

Aviva 40 with a scott P3 filter

For example, you can buy an Aviva 40 half face mask £30 and a Scott P3 40mm filter and these masks are simple to clean and use every day as well and they are well made.

I use this mask and filter every day
the mask comes with a bag so if like me you travel in your car you can pop it in the bag to keep it dry and bacteria free.

The mask is strong, lightweight and works out cheaper to use rather than buying a box of single N95,K95 type use mask and the most important part is you know if used with a Scott P3 filter it works to stop 99% of virus particles.

The thing I like about it is I can clean the plastic and rubber with an antibacterial wipe. 
It fits on my face and creates a good seal which is important when wearing a face mask.

The mask is a 40mm screw thread which is the same as most NATO military respirators that use 40mm filters.

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The stealth mask is a great mask easy to breath through and is P3 as well
which means you get 99% protection from a virus.

Surplus military gas mask

Another option is to buy a surplus military gas mask respirator. You can pick these up on eBay quite cheap now.

These are full face masks so they cover the eyes and the full face these offer maximum protection when used with the correct filter. 

Now most people can not wear these types of masks as they may make you feel claustrophobic.

Plus many people feel embarrassed using a mask like this. 

I had a few of these masks at the start of the pandemic with new P3 filters and I offered them to my friends free of charge all 3 of my friends refused them. 

They said they would rather not wear a mask then wear a respirator as they thought they would look stupid I told them that the virus doesn't care what you dress like.

Respirators can be bought cheap but they seem to have gone up in price recently. 

Having a respirator and a new filter is a good thing to have at the end of the day you will have a mask and a filter that will offer 100% protection from (COVID virus) and the filter will last 6 months and you can pick up a respirator and filter for about £40.

A popular cheap option is a
Polish MP5 respirator for around £30
And then add a new P3 40mm filter the Scott P3 filter will also fit this mask and other 40mm NATO Masks.

40MM Filters

You could also buy a NBC filter, the type the army uses that more or less protects the user from everything from viruses, to gas or anything you would encounter in a war.

There are many types of different filters that are good but some are more expensive than others 
a standard P3 filter won't stop gas as an example but will stop dust and viruses (COVID-19).

Always make sure you know the filter you buy is suitable for the use you are buying it for.

All the below are P3 so will protect from a virus (COVID-19).

If you are unsure of what filter you need, pop me a message in the contact tab or in the comments below and I will try help.

Cleaning a cloth face mask

Current advice to clean a cloth face mask is that they should be washed after every use if possible.
Cleaning any item that you use daily is good advice to stay hygienic and clean. 

The best option is to have a few masks, put one in the wash and allow it to dry while you use the other mask.

Washing Machine

You can wash your face mask with your regular laundry.
Use regular laundry detergent and the warmest water setting for the mask to be cleaned effectively.

Washing by hand

Masks can also be washed by hand using a diluted solution of bleach
the CDC recommends to soak in a bleach solution for 5 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with cool or room temperature water.

Always allow the mask to air dry before you use it or use a machine dryer.

Do not use a damp mask or a mask that has large rips,holes discard and replace with a new one if possible.

See CDC for more information and updates on cleaning cloth masks and other info.
official Web site of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

(Asbestos Warning)

Some military gas masks, respirators come with free NBC filters check before you use them as some have deadly asbestos in them do not use filters if out of date.

Many people use modern filters even if out of date but it is always best to buy in date brand new filters to be sure it's modern. 

Always make sure you can Identify the filter if in doubt buy a brand new filter from a reputable source. Asbestos example (Photo below)

If the filter is from Russia,China and made before the year 2000 the chances are it has asbestos in it.

I bought a mask a few months ago online and when I got it the mask came with a bag and a new filter sealed looked brand new.

But on further inspection it was out of date and I could not understand the writing on the label so I was unsure of the origin.

So I emailed the seller and asked if this filter has asbestos in it the seller did not know so after looking online I found out it was of Polish origin and did have asbestos in it so I discarded it.

Avoid old cheap gas mask filters online as they more than likely have asbestos in them 
If you breathe in asbestos fibers, they can damage your lungs and cause cancer.

The mask on the far left is a Soviet GP5 gas mask now the mask is fine to use on its own with a new filter.

But that green filter in the photo below has asbestos in it now if you go on eBay you will see many of these for sale with this asbestos filter and not one seller will tell you this. 

People just don't know what they are buying.

Putting mask on and taking off

Always wash your hands before you put your mask on or take off
with soap and water if possible plain household soap is suitable and it does not have to be antibacterial. Use hand sanitizer if you are not near a sink.

Why use soap?

Soap breaks up the fat bubble of COVID-19
Without sounding too much like Einstein with big words etc 
I will try to explain in simple terms.

COVID-19 and other viruses protect themselves with a Fat (oily lipid membrane) creating like a bubble around the virus that protects the virus from water etc so it can stay stuck on your hands.

Waiting to infect you and the bad part is it is very sticky so perfect to stick to your hands.

Water alone may not do anything to pop this bubble or remove this sticky virus.

We need to use soap and water to break up the bubble and destroy the virus.

Once the bubble is broken the virus starts to break up and sticks to the soap and starts
dissolving in the running water and this results in the soap killing the virus and it gets washed away.

The best way to describe it is say you have some black car oil on your hands water alone
never really washes the oil away.

But soon as we add a bar of soap it starts to break up the oil and our hands are cleaner and the oil starts to break up and wash away.

We need soap to get into the fat,sticky structure of the virus to break up its shell that is protecting the virus.

Always scrub your wrists, palms and backs of your hands, and even the spaces in-between your fingers for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. 

Many experts always say hand washing with plain household soap and water is better than alcohol hand sanitizer  as it is much more reliable than liquids and gels containing alcohol.

You don't have to use antibacterial soap, you can just use the plain style soap.

Tried to explain best I can for more info see CDC link below.

Always give your hands a good scrub for at least 20 seconds with soap and water
like shown below it may save your life and prevent the spread of the virus.

Soap products for hand washing

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What if I am outside?

If you are outside shopping as an example consider carrying an hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol and use on your hands before you adjust or take off your mask.

Do not buy cheap copies or homemade versions unless you have no other choice and know for sure the ingredients and alcohol content you could get hand rashes or broken skin with cheap sanitizers if it is too strong or has other ingredients in it.

I have seen loads for sale on ebay etc I would doubt they have been made by professionals. 
Stick to a brand you know then you know it is what it says on the label and works.

(Do not touch your mask with unwashed hands)

The key is to prevent spreading the virus which could be on your hands.
So avoid touching your open entry points to your body with unwashed hands
as you may infect yourself

 Entry points
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Nose
  • Open wounds cuts etc

Scientists don't fully know if you could catch the virus from an open wound such as a cut on your arm coming into contact with say the virus on your hands as they say there is no data to back it up yet.

But don't take a chance where you don't have to keep your unwashed hands away from entry points of your body.

The last thing you want is the virus in your blood stream like the below video.

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Can you get COVID-19 from food?

Apparently they say it is very unlikely, not impossible though.
For example if someone was to sneeze on your salad and then you were to eat it you could possibly catch the virus as you would ingest the food with the virus.

Always make sure your food is washed such as salad etc.

There were reports from Japan that the virus had been found on fish (Salmon)
after 10 days but scientists were unsure if it still was capable of infecting humans.

I would always cook food if it was the type you could cook in the microwave as we now know the microwave has been shown to be a powerful weapon to kill bacteria and viruses in the past.

I even put my take away food in the microwave for a minute on a plate but I did that even before the pandemic.

A friend told me to do this who works in food hygiene. 

He said always put a kebab etc in the microwave even for a minute as it will help kill any bacteria that could give you food poisoning. 

The problem is as Covid-19 is such a new strain of a virus they just don't fully know yet what it can and can't do. We are learning more and more each day. 

But you should always wash salad anyway and cook food especially meat until piping hot.

The microwave trick is handy for kebabs but it is not a guarantee to stop you getting food poisoning or a virus.

Mobile Cell Phone

Also remember to give your mobile phone/cellphone
a wipe with sanitizer and a wipe do not use too much as you may break your phone if it gets on the inside so a wipe may be better choice use gel at your own risk. 

Mobile phones are often overlooked, people will text and use them without washing hands then put a mask on so this could spread any germs(Virus ) from phone to hands to mouth.

Cleaning your house

(Covid 19) The coronavirus can live on some surfaces, floors etc for 2.3 days and even longer on some surfaces the of number of days depends on the surface type and conditions 
(Temperature,humidity and strain of the virus)

It is always better to keep floors and kitchen sides and other areas in your home clean the more clean the less chance of a virus getting inside your body from touching a surface and giving you the Covid 19 virus.

What should I use to clean then?

Bleach is proven to kill the COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

I would not really recommend using anything else as your main household cleaner unless you had no bleach and only something else to clean up with.

Of course still use other disinfectant sprays if you have some as well in places in your home
that you see as low risk but (Bleach) should be the main cleaner for removing high contamination.

Never mix bleach with other chemicals this is dangerous due to gas.

For example I use Detoll  spray for just standard cleaning low risk areas that I have not had much contact with.

But bleach is used where I think is high risk
floors,door handles,kitchen sides,handles, outside garden etc.

Bleach is cheap and easy to buy from most shops and lasts a long time and is proven to kill the COVID-19 virus.

The CDC has some useful information on cleaning with bleach etc worth a read.

Their advice is to
  • Prepare a bleach solution by mixing:
  • 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per gallon of room temperature water.
  • 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of room temperature water.
  • Bleach solutions will be effective for disinfection up to 24 hours.

When I have used bleach in the past when cleaning toilets. 
I always found it to be good at cleaning, removing dirt etc. Now we cant see all the bacteria but we know bleach works well so it is the best cleaner we have. 

You have to be very careful though using bleach.

Always wear gloves to avoid getting it on your hands or if you do get bleach on your skin wash  the area immediately with water until washed away.

Be careful near your eyes when using bleach splashing etc wear goggles if you have some.
Getting bleach in your eyes not only stings it can make you blind so use caution.

Don't mix anything with bleach this could cause some gases to be released
and be dangerous to your health.

Open windows when using bleach as it is very strong and can cause coughing and other side effects so have adequate ventilation and people with asthma should avoid being in the house as it may trigger asthma attacks.

Store out of the reach of children and pets this one is important also make sure the lid is locked and out of sight and in a place where children or animals can't reach. For example, say the dog can't chew the bottle etc.

Always wash your hands after using bleach and store away from food.

If you experience any of the below:
  • Eyes start to sting and burning
  • Skin feels like it is burning
  • Coughing
  • Choking
  • Dizziness

Stop using the bleach and open all the windows to allow more ventilation and get fresh air.
If the bleach is in a mop bucket put it outside.

Pressure sprayer

I use one of these for my front garden. I add some bleach diluted solution with water.

You could use disinfectant or even soap and water on their own if you wanted but I prefer to stick with bleach diluted as I know for sure it works on the current strain of COVID-19 virus.

Just be careful when using as the spray mist may blow in your eyes if it is windy outside when you spray it so maybe wear some goggles.

Also allow the floor to dry if you have pets don't let them walk on the watered bleach solution if you have just sprayed your front garden etc as the bleach can burn their paws.

Every morning I give my front garden a spray that way I know it's clean and no virus,bacteria germs etc can be walked into my house from the outside.

I use it on:
  • My garden gate
  • My garden wall
  • My wheelie bins outside & inside
  • Outside front door
  • Front pavement
  • Front door letterbox

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Dettol spray & wipes

Another good option for door handles etc 
is Dettol spray.

I use this as well as bleach for cleaning. It is handy for door handles and light switches but again do not mix with bleach though as that would be dangerous.

This spray is good because you can use it on:

  • Bins
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Sofas
  • Mattresses
  • Car seats
  • Taps
  • Curtains
  • Bed sheets
  • Door handles
  • Fridge doors
  • Chairs

Does Dettol kill the COVID-19 virus ?

We don't fully know so I use it for low risk

It is also handy if you can't use bleach due to the smell or side effects etc.

Now according to Dettol as COVID-19 is a new strain they think their products would be still effective against the virus here is what they say.

We would expect our Dettol products (listed Below) to be effective against the new strain. Definitive scientific confirmation of this, as with all other commercially available virucides, can only be provided once testing against COVID-19 Coronavirus has been conducted, following release of the strain by relevant health authorities. 

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Where should I clean then?

  • Floors
  • Light switches
  • Kitchen Sides 
  • Kitchen cupboard doors
  • Kitchen fridge,handle door outside
  • Microwave handle
  • House door handles
  • Remote and TV control and game controller
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Kitchen bathroom tap handles

  • Toilet, seat and handle 
  • Stair banisters
  • Front door letter Box
  • Front gate handle
  • Inside car door handles etc
  • House phone & mobile phone
  • Waste bin lid and handle
  • Chopping board where food is prepared
  • Dirty washing basket
  • Any item you touch (Indoor bin handle etc)

Always make sure electronic items are turned off at the plug,Mains when cleaning with water as you may risk electric shock.

Symptoms of coronavirus

These may appear two to 14 days after exposure. 

  • High temperature 
  • New, continuous cough
  • Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste 
  • Feeling breathless
  • Tiredness
  • Muscle aches
  • Chills
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Headache
  • Chest pain

If you have a few symptoms contact your doctor,Hospital or clinic right away for medical advice.
Tell them about your symptoms and possible exposure. 

(In emergencies only phone for ambulance)

In the UK you can get tested if you have symptoms for more information contact NHS or click  (Link below)

Test today to check if you have coronavirus

Self care If your staying at home 

  • Rest as much as you can
  • Drink plenty of fluids water, Vimto etc to avoid dehydration 
  • Take painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen if needed.
  • If coughing: avoid lying on your back – lie on your side instead
  • Have some honey for sore throat
  • Wash your hands regularly

  • Keep energy levels up eat soup etc
  • keep your room cool 
  • Open a window for more air 
  • Do not use a fan as it may spread the virus
  • Avoid close contact with others

You'll need to stay in isolation away from other people until you've recovered.
Phone for ambulance if symptoms get worse.

Social distance

The most likely way you will get the COVID-19 virus is by coming into close contact with some one who has it they may not show any symptoms and may not know they have it.

Always try and keep 2 metres minimum away from other people.

I know this is not always easy the more distance you keep the less chance you will have of inhaling the virus water droplets etc if some one coughs or sneezes.

The chance of getting the virus depends on many factors some for example
Age,current health,time near infected person,ventilation,viral load,your body's own defense.


This is important a small household with no windows open should be avoided keep rooms well ventilated. 

Opening a window will lower the risk of transmission that is a fact so open windows fresh air is your friend.

If you have to use public transport like a bus,train wear a mask and open a window if you are near to one.

In America many of the cases have been in Jails the reason is clear lack of fresh air ventilation people living close together over long period of time same cell etc.

People in poorer areas will suffer more because of overcrowding they may share the same household with others and the lack of separate room space will cause a high risk spread and even a lack of testing in poor areas is not helping the situation.

Dining food indoor

The best advice I can give.
If lets say for example your sister was cooking a meal in the kitchen wait until she has finished then cook your meal just try avoid getting up close in the same room and open windows if possible to allow good ventilation. 

Sustained close contact drives the majority of infections and you are most at risk here.

If you was eating a meal near a flatmate this is risky always try and use your own cutely such as your own cup,plate,knife and fork etc and maintain a distance.
Even sitting at the far side of a table can help lower your risk.

Dining with other people and even close contact like playing board games has been known to increase the risk of getting the virus to high and cause infection.

Again I know this is not always possible in a shared house but you have to try lower your chance of getting the virus.

Remember every time some one talks little small water droplets get released from that persons mouth these water droplets are what carry the virus in the air so this is why social distance is important. 

Visiting other relatives.

Extra care needs to be taken around elderly people they are more likely to catch the virus from a young person so this is why you need to have discipline if visiting elderly relatives.

If you have to visit your grandmother at her home as an example wear a mask in the house sanitize your hands before you go in the house and again wash hands if possible in the house. 

If you have a hot,cold drink there tell your grandmother to keep that cup only for when you visit and give it a good wash after you have used same with a plate fork if you use them etc.

The mask will limit chance of infection to your grandmother so use it.

Washing hands will limit and destroy any virus on your hands so again will prevent you passing any virus to you grand mother.

If possible ask your grandmother to open some windows to allow good ventilation while you are there or maybe even sit in the garden if possible this would be the best option.

Avoid close contact try sit at a suitable distance minimum 2 metres away from your grandmother.

If you take any items in the house clean them with anti bacterial wipes.
The advice for food such as fruit and vegetables is to give them a wash under a running tap.
Don't  use bleach on food items.

Link with some info


At the moment the government is saying wear a mask in shops in the UK.

But if you are stood less then 2 metres near to someone outside I would wear a mask it is better to have the added protection of a mask. The 2 mere rule is a guideline and should be a minimum of space kept.

If you was stood 3 metres outside taking to say a friend I would still wear a mask as it is added protection.

The issue many of us find is that some people we know won't wear a mask and will walk right up to us and start talking like there is not a pandemic going on. 

A few friends have done this with me and I walk away and tell them to keep the distance
I always say look not being rude but I would prefer to keep my distance you are not willing to wear a mask that is your choice but I know enough about the virus to take precautions.

So I can hear you ok from here standing about 3 metres away.

I always wear a mask outdoors going shopping etc for this reason don't get me wrong if I am in a park taking photos for my art-shop or in forests open ground away from crowds.

I won't need a mask it is handy to always carry one though as like I say some people will ignore all the advice and put you at risk.

Just because shops,pubs are open again don't think the virus has gone the reason shops are open is because the government wants to get the economy back up again this is to do with money without money a country can not run so the government has to balance the risk of the virus spreading and  the risk of the economy losing money.

Lock down part 2

The government has said a National lock-down is the nuclear last option.

My honest opinion I do not believe that I think they have other options but don't want to alarm the public so they will not say what they are. 

Now I do not know what the other options could be so I am not going to say they could do this or that I just think they would have more options if the 2rd lock-down did not work.

Will there be a national second lock-down in the UK? the way things are looking probably yes 
because the virus is spreading again and the numbers of infection are going up
again this is because of a number of reasons.

If there is a lock-down again most places will stay open according to the government pubs,schools etc will remain open as it won't be a like the lock down we had last time but we will have to wait and see what they do.

Some of the reasons why the virus has spread.
  • People ignoring advice
  • Government u turning advice constantly
  • People not social distancing
  • People not wearing masks
  • Schools,Pubs,Restaurants open again
  • People back in the office (Work)
  • People no longer alert
  • Misinformation on social media
  • People going on holidays aboard
  • Track and trace problems

At the work place

Now I have seen a few posts on twitter with people saying there back at work and there boss is not doing anything to prevent the spread of the virus or making the workplace safe such as:

  • Opening windows
  • Providing hand sanitiser
  • Keeping the workplace clean 
  • Not sending sick people home
  • Not allowing windows open
  • Providing masks etc
  • Social distancing
  • Not allowing home working
  • No cleaning

Boss ignoring guidance

If you are in this position then do not put your life or your family's at risk by going into a high risk work place.

If you are worried about upsetting your boss by speaking up remember your family and your health should be your main concern so speak up.

What is more important your job or your family's health?
if you are going to work and it is not a Covid secure work place speak out and tell your boss and if nothing is done email or go to his boss or even contact the council or government.

Have a read of the governments guidance (UK) on how to keep a workplace COVID-19
safe and if your boss is still ignoring the guidance contact your local H&S advisor,Union rep or show your employer the links below.

Here is the link to the governments advice

Common Sense

Most advice to avoid getting the virus is common sense. 

Yes we can not walk about in a bubble constantly it would effect our mental health to be honest look at the situation now how much is it effecting peoples mental health. 

I created this post to give you an idea on how to stay safe many of us are sick of hearing about the virus but this is why you should do a little research so you don't have to keep looking things up you will have the knowledge to memory.

  • Avoid close contact with people
  • Avoid crowds
  • Avoid sick people with colds (May not be a cold)
  • Avoid badly ventilated rooms
  • Wear a mask
  • Keep mask clean wash often
  • Wash hands often

  • Keep your house clean
  • Use bleach to clean
  • Work from home if you can
  • Avoid putting fingers in mouth or eyes
  • Have a good diet with vitamins and good nutrition
  • Self isolate if feeling ill
  • Stay alert
  • Get tested if you have symptoms


A few country's have been working on a vaccine USA,China,UK,Russia.

Most vaccine's generally go through a few stages of human testing before being mass produced and approved for human use.

The problem is that in the past we were not in a such a rush to cure a virus so quick.

The world has never been shutdown like it is now with the coronavirus
yes there has always been deadly viruses (Ebola), as an example but the way the COVID-19 virus is different is it is able to spread quick and has a high death rate.

Some people can show no symptoms but pass the virus to other's it really is the invisible enemy.

Time is vital so many country's are trying to rush vaccine's through and trying to cut red tape paperwork that would normally take years to complete to just months so we can beat this virus and get back to normal. 


The Oxford University vaccine has shown good success and is in the 3rd line of its test phase and is looking that it may work without any major side effects.

Today Russia has approved a vaccine for use on the coronavirus
the name of the vaccine (Sputnik V).

The vaccine has been given the name (Sputnik) after the worlds first Russian space satellite to be launched into orbit during the cold war in what was known as the space race.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he has even gave it to his daughter so he believes it works and there are no major side effects. She only had a high temperature for one day and is now ok.

Global health authorities are skeptical and have said the vaccine needs to complete critical, clinical trials known as phase 3 trials to determine its safety and full effectiveness and if there are any side effects before approval for human use.

China has tested their vaccine on their military but has been accused of cutting corners.

The question on many people's mind's is once the vaccine is here how many will take it?

I saw a poll a few weeks ago in the UK that said only 50% of the British public would take it voluntary. Will the government change the law so it's mandatory to have the vaccine?.

More information can be found on the Sky news website link below 

Will supplements help with COVID-19?

Many things are known to help us when we are ill with flu, colds etc
Garlic,Ginger,Chili,Echinacea, Zinc,Vitamin C and D.

The problem is we just don't know enough about this strain of virus to know if any supplement, or foods are going to help as a preventive measure of catching the virus or even to treat this virus.

So I am not going to say they do work when we just don't know.

As you would have seen from my other post  here is what I do everyday now I am not saying anything I use is a preventive  measure or a cure no this is just my own personal lifestyle.

I did take most of the below even before the pandemic to keep my health in check.

  • Take 1000mg Vitamin C
  • Take Zinc Tablet
  • Take Vitamin D
  • Take Echinacea tablets
  • Eat Garlic
  • Drink Ginger Tea
  • Eat fresh vegetables

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Please note this advice is not used to be used to replace any expert or government advice on face masks for COVID-19 or any other type of government advice on the pandemic.

I have provided links to government sources for you to check updated information.

You should always seek expert advice from your government ,Doctor or health provider.

As with any health-related advice online, always check with your local government public health sources (Links below) or medical experts as advice changes often.

Here is some links to current advice

I always check if my post is accurate at time of writing if everything is correct and reguley update it with new information.

I also always follow government and expert advice and I provide links to the government information for you to check the information is accurate.

Some more useful links

If you have any questions
Just ask in the comments.

Here is a current map of confirmed infections worldwide
map provided bing.

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