The Ghost and the darkness (True Ghost Story)

The Beginning

This is a strange true story from around 10 years
I was collecting war medals. I had some of my granddads from WW2,WW1
in a wooden and glass medal case on a small wooden table in my bedroom. 


So when it was my birthday,Christmas etc family, friends would often buy me medals from all conflicts WW1, WW2, Korean war, Vietnam,Gulf war as I started collecting them I started to have quite a large collection.

The majority of the medals had been issued some were in bad condition dinted etc meaning they were battlefield relics from the front line of many soldiers during conflicts.

I had many rare ones worth a lot of money; most medals are normally issued after wars but some are issued during the conflicts. 

The Ghost and the darkness

The strange part of this story starts at around 3am one night I awoke about 2.50 am
feeling cold not strange in England its a cold climate.

I was just laying there in bed thinking damn I got to be up for work 
In a few hours I looked around my room and I noticed what could only be described as a black cloak flouting in the air in my room.

The Cloak

This was weird It was like a black plastic bag floating in the air slowly. 

How you would describe a black plastic rubbish bag (Photo Below) in the wind on a windy day I was wide awake dreading work the next day (My Cleaning Job).

I looked at this floating thing and thought what the hell is that by this time it was 3.00am
I just froze as this black cloak was slowly floating towards my medal case and it just disappeared into the wall next to my medal case.

Glass cracking

Then I heard a cracking glass sound the type of noise you hear when you stand on glass like a creak
next minute my medal case smash's glass all over.

I jumped up out of bed and turned light on. My medal case was still secure on the wood table
with the glass smashed in as thou some one had hit it with a hammer or punched it
there was nothing above the case so nothing could have fallen on it.

By this time everyone else is awake in the house
as it was that loud it woke everyone up.

Phoning In Work

I did not sleep that night afterwards I wanted to hoover my room but thought it was not fair on the next door neighbours hoovering at that time so I left cleaning up the glass until the morning I just went down stairs.

I phoned in work just said I had no sleep did not tell them why
they would of thought I had been out drinking or making it up to get a day off I had not and I only drink on the weekends if I remember this was a Tuesday plus I never drank when on a early shift which I was on in the morning.

What was It?

So I sat there thinking what could it of been
I checked online, thinking maybe it was a mini tremor earthquake
there was none reported the last few days.

I thought afterword maybe it was an hallucination but even if it was 
how would the medal case smash?

Maybe I was sleepwalking?

No I was wide awake just laying there in bed.

I remember it clear as day.
I was just lay there thinking can not be bothered with work in the morning I need a new job.


So I Started looking online as you can guess when searching for a flouting black cloak
all the results come back (Grim Reaper and ghosts).

I have never seen anything like that and I have been to many places around the world known to have sightings and never seen anything
I do not know what that was I still do not.

Donating the medals

Anyway a few days later I decided to donate all the medals to a few local museums I only kept my granddads and all the others I donated.

What do I think it was?

Maybe some of the medals had an evil force on them or some energy field.

I really do not know? I am no ghost hunter expert so have no idea.
I have told people this story in the past and most people did not believe me.

But you ask any person to admit they saw something like 
that and was worried and froze most will not admit that.

I even went to a psychic and she told me to be wary of a dark cloud and the (dark one) she said don't worry you have protectors on the other side just be careful hmm right OK what the hell does that mean.

So do I believe it was a ghost

I think there is a lot in this world we do not understand
that science can not explain. 

I think ghosts may be some sort of energy
left behind I really do not know I know I saw something that night that I can not explain.

Even recently I have been to the most haunted house in York,England did not see a single thing.

I went to the cellar in York known to have roman soldier ghosts did not see anything took photos did not see anything.

The Photo

Anyway I recently starting creating art I remember the memory so thought maybe I should
create a piece based on it so I did (Photo below)

The cloak did not have a skull with eyes that I saw that night. I have added that design to the photo art piece to try describe and explain my story better to people who look at my art pieces.

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