Saint Christopher or a dream?

Ok this one is another true story I remember from when I was young I still remember the memory clear as day like it was yesterday.

Dentist and the tooth scary

When I was around the age of 10 or 11 I went to the dentist. He said I needed 3 teeth out but I would have to go and have them done at the hospital and be put asleep.

Now at the time the dentist was still using gas as well as needles, not sure of the type of  gas, the one that made you feel groggy so I hated the dentist as you can guess. 

But I was terrified of being put to sleep even more at the hospital
which I think is normal at that age.

Hospital visit

So a few weeks later I went to the hospital a nurse weighed me, took my name etc and then gave me a hospital gown and said what do I eat for breakfast in the mornings etc.

I said I thought I would be out today no the nurse says you might not wake up what you mean Won't wake up I was nearly crying she replies well you might be in a few days.

I goes in this room and the nurse tells me to get on bed and there is all tools on the table needles etc.
like the photo below

Dr needle

So I lay on the bed and there is a doctor and the nurse who weighed me in the room, The nurse started to hold me down and I said no I want to go home don't put me to sleep I won't wake up.

I was crying the next minute. 

I felt a sharp pain In my arm.

It was a needle
the doctor had injected me with an aesthetic needle, the one that makes you go asleep.

Next minute I felt tired and he told me to count back from ten I think by the number 6 I was out cold asleep.

While Asleep

While asleep I felt like I was floating towards the ceiling and then it just stopped.

I was looking down at myself from above at all these doctors working on my mouth. The nurse who had weighed me was not there in the room anymore. 

It was just the needle doctor and 4 others all dressed in blue.

Above and beyond

I was standing above on the ceiling with a guy dressed in white with a white beard and a long shepherd type stick. I just felt great.

I kept saying I like it here.

He said to me yes but you can't stay. I only came to bring you back to show you the way.

I just felt really happy, the feeling like when you have had a drink of alcohol and you're in a pub etc and just feel really happy.

The bearded man

The man in white says you need to go back soon I felt like I knew him. 

I remember looking down and seeing what all the doctors looked like. I remember there was a doctor with a mole on his face, another one with a beard,a tall doctor with glasses and a lady nurse with red hair.


Anyway I stood there with this white bearded man. I kept saying that I wanted to stay and he just kept saying no you can't not yet you have a purpose you need to stay.

Woke Up

Anyway I woke up, must have been 3,4 hours later still feeling groggy and a bit dazed.

My parents came to my bedside. I was in a bit of pain as I had 3 teeth out
I said to my parents I saw myself from above my parents said what?

I said I was with the man with the white beard and stick my parents thought I was just drugged up from the operation.

Faces in detail

I said I saw the doctor with the mole, the lady with red hair and the man with the beard. I described all the doctors in the room in detail who I had not seen as I was knocked out and asleep when they came into the room.

My parents were outside the room so they saw the doctors go in and  I described every one in detail.


My parents went to the nurse on the ward and said could they speak to the doctors who were in the room etc if possible? The nurse said why?

So my parents described to the nurse what I said I saw
the nurse said your son has a guardian looking after him I noticed a light above him before and I could sense something when I seen your son that's Saint Christopher who he was with he must be special for some reason.


The doctor with the mole came over and my parents told him what I said. 

The doctor said that was impossible there is no way I could of have seen them in there in the room.

I did not wake up once the doctor said and they only entered the room once I was asleep and stable.

I did have one issue though the doctor said at one point there was a problem with my breathing so they had to give me oxygen and stop the operation to make me stable in other words I stopped breathing.

What do I think happened?

Maybe I was dreaming and woke up while asleep and they didn't notice and saw all the doctors. I don't remember waking up if  I am honest.

I am talking about nearly 20 odd years so there was no google or internet back then where you could just google Saint Christopher and I had no clue who he was.

Maybe I had seen a ST Christopher photo on the hospital wall somewhere? or on Tv and my subconscious memory had dreamed of him. I am as much of a skeptic as you I really don't know.

Did I believe in God at the time?

Nope I did not if I am honest I didn't even believe in Santa by that age.

Do I think it was god or angel etc

I am not a religious person I believe in God now. I think there is something that created us and the earth, a god or some kind of force there has to be.

But I don't go to church or anything like that. I have been to the Vatican and to me it didn't feel like a holy place or anything.

I really do not know what happened that day. I thought I would share the story
maybe I was dreaming or it was some kind of out of body experience. I have no clue or maybe it was 
Saint Christopher.

I still remember it clear as day even to this day which is strange and I still remember the doctors faces as well.

The Nun

About 2,3 months later I was in a shopping center buying some sweets with my brother
and this nun walks over to me and my brother pats me on the shoulder smiles at me and says don't worry my child it will be OK he told me to tell you.

My brother started laughing at me and said that was weird. Your cursed what did you say to her?
I said nothing I was just standing there getting some sweets. I have no clue why she said that to me.


  1. This is such a cool post. I loved reading this. It's so cool how the nurse has an angel looking after him!

    1. Thank you glad you like it the memory still stays in my head from over 20 years ago


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