My Trip to a Psychic fake or real? (True Story)


Always been interested in the future and fortune tellers 
psychic powers thinking wonder if they can see the future?
if so why can't they predict lottery numbers?

A friend of mine had already been to a psychic and said she was great 
she knew everything she said she knew my nans name she knew what job I did etc.

I was skeptical If I am honest.

I said to my friend she probably just picked up on words you said as you probably gave away information not knowing she may of even said words on purpose to see your reaction or could even of been reading your body language movements. 

I told her I see them online all the time free psychic reading etc
I said it is just a money making thing.

My Trip

So after a few days I thought well let me see myself

I have to know if they are the real deal or fake money makers.

I phoned up for an appointment no she is booked up for 2 week
lady on the phone says so I book an appointment a few weeks later I go there.

Walking In 

I get to appointment a small doorway and stairs up to an attic in this building so I sat down on a chair in this dim lit room with a candle burning and tarot cards on the table and a small crystal ball.

She introduces herself  hi my name is Meg I am 3rd generation psychic (I can't remember her name so Meg will have to do)  

She said oh wait a minute you have this ability as well you just don't know how to use it yet but you have seen stuff before they happen sometimes and had dreams am I right?

What I am a psychic I said nope don't think so I would be rich if I was I would know the winning lottery numbers wouldn't I.

No she said your ancestors have passed it on to you one of your ancestors was Psychic and that's how we all have the ability it gets passed on.

You can see the future she says to me you just need to learn how to use your ability.

Hmm ok I said.

She says the tarot cards and crystal ball on the table are for show as she don't believe in them 
so I said well why have them then?

She says well some of my customers prefer them there it gives them the vibe of a psychic reading hmm
I said it sounds like a waste of time to me having them there. 

My name

Anyway she asked me my name.

I said Mr.watto I thought you were psychic should you not already know? my name.

We both start laughing
she says are you looking to talk to any one from the other side?

Well that depends I said
is Elvis busy or captain Kid could you ask him where the gold treasure is buried?

I wasn't being ignorant with her I just did not want to say yes my nana and her name is etc and then she starts making stuff up.

I wanted her to tell me names etc not me tell her. 

So she says did you know Elvis or Captain kid?

No I reply well I cant connect to them then

So I said how does that work with ghosts then do I have to know them for them to haunt me?
that makes no sense to be honest.

I said if there are any ghosts I know here tell them they can pay half of the money for this appointment.

She starts laughing then replies I don't request unknown people.

I only request people you know but sometimes others come through the portal who are not welcome ghosts and other evil spirits etc.

Hmm right ok I said.

You don't believe me, do you she said.

I said if I am honest no offence but no I don't why did you come for an appointment then she replied?

Well to be honest I said I wanted to know if you're legitimate or not I wanted to see myself if you really can see future events.

Any news

She says I have to ask do you want me to tell you everything? Some people don't like bad news or
knowing what's going to happen to them.

So I said nope tell me everything when am I going to win the lottery.


Next minute she goes silent then says wait a minute closes her eyes and starts acting like Whoopi Goldberg in the film (Ghost) the one with Patrick Swayze)
always makes me laugh when I see that part in the film now reminds me of her.


Anyway She says right ok I am connected there are a few spirits here in the room a little old lady
she is related to you she says her name is Debbie 
she says don't worry she knows your worrying.

So I said I don't know that name so have no clue who she could be? not my nana her name  was Diane not Debbie.

She said it could be Diane, the message is not clear and she has just said she is proud of you and is watching out for you.

(Now I never knew my nana as Debbie, her name was Diane she died when I was young)
I actually found out later her real name was Debbie and Diane was a nickname from when she was young and it stuck.

The man with the oil hands

She moves on with her session there is a man here also with dirty oily hands he owned a truck
and would often repair it so would have oily hands from the engine oil.

He said he wants you to get a job and use your skills in a job where you will like it with your hands not the one you're currently doing it is making you ill ( I Was still at my cleaning job by this time)

There is no pain here the pain is gone she claims he said.

He wants you not to go back I said go back where?

She says the army don't be going back
If you do you won't make it there is a few paths of your destiny for you and a few of them are not good
and will lead to the end.

hmm she got that one right kind of. I never told her I had been in the army.
so not sure how she guessed that one.

My granddad was a truck driver and always had oily hands due to his truck breaking down he would often repair it himself. 

He died of cancer
I did not know him as he died before I was born. I just know story's I have been told.

So she got some things right there.

You going on holiday?

So she says your going on holiday soon aren't you
I said we were looking at places to go but not booked anywhere yet. 
(It was a lie we had booked Egypt few days before)

Scuba Diving

So she says you need to avoid scuba diving
I said what? I can't swim that good anyway to do that?

Well you won't make it back to the surface if you do that aboard in a place with clear blue water.
I can see it and he is saying it to me now.
He is me telling me how he is going to get you.

The reeds in the water stop you getting to the surface the dark one won't let you get to the surface and that will be your fate.

Wait a minute I said who is saying it?
who is the dark one?

Promise me

She never answers me and just says promise me you will not do scuba diving on your next holiday, sure I said I can't swim that good to do that anyway.

Now I did want to do scuba diving in Egypt as I heard you could see all the fish close up
under the water and if you put bread in the water then all the fish swam close to you to eat bread.

But I am not that good of a swimmer so I was unsure if I would of done it
I just don't know I did jump in the sea though when in Egypt. 

But The current was just to strong for me so I got back on the boat.

The dark one

Then she comes out with this weird comment again the (Dark one) there is a dark one here
I said look you keep saying this but your not saying who this dark one is.

Tell him if he has a problem with me to say it to my face I said.

I remember thinking a few mins later am I really arguing with a ghost now lol.

Anyway she says there is dark one here he is a evil spirit.

I tried to stop him coming though the gateway
but the others are also trying to stop him coming through but they cant he is to powerful.

She said you need to be careful? he follows you around and you brought him with you here today.
He came through the gate but I did not summon him he is with you he came in with you.

I am sat there thinking BS by this time.

I thought nice try, lady not working trying to scare me
so I said be careful of what?

I don't know she says this spirit here it's not nice the others are calling it the dark one
but they are protecting you from him but they can only do so much.

Just don't do scuba diving and be careful of water aboard near clear blue waters.

Left Kidney

You have a problem with your left side of your kidney. She says
you may need to have it out in future if you carry on drinking.

I started laughing. I don't drink not had a beer in over a year. 

Maybe longer no not beer she says you have a problem with your kidney and you need to avoid drinking something else it could be coffee or soft drinks cola etc.

Now I did have a problem with my left kidney I had gotten (e coli) when on holiday in Spain and had it in my left kidney and it caused scarring on my left kidney. 

When I drank to much beer,coca cola,lucozade.

I would get a pain in my left kidney over time so I avoided beer for about 2 years.

I only had a drink on birthdays etc I did still drink coke and Pepsi, just not loads.

Apparently the pain is liquid backing up in my kidney if I drink too much sugar as my kidney can not dilute it fast enough according to the doctors.

 (I May add a post later about kidney as its long story.

Your friend is here as well 

So all of a sudden she says your friend is here as well 
there is a young man here he is stubborn like you he doesn't want to talk to me.

He don't believe in all this. He is the same as you. He won't even tell me his name. He wants to talk to you he is refusing to talk to me. 

He is stuck he said and he is protecting you from the dark one this person is very powerful.

He said he made a mistake he is sorry he is standing at the side of you.

My Friend

Now one of my friends got killed in a car accident
on a family trip. He was only young it was a long time think we was both about aged 13 at the time
so thinking maybe it's him?

So I said to her well it could be anyone couldn't it?

No she said he has a mark around his neck.

One of my other friends killed himself about 4,5 months before I had this appointment hung himself. 

He was same age he was 25.

All the results on his fate and news afterwards said he changed his mind halfway through taken his own life and wanted to live so he tried to save himself.

He was my friend, a good one as well.

I had seen him the night before in the pub we were talking. 

He seemed happy I was drinking lemonade and cola he was drinking lager and joking about me drinking soft drinks but my kidney was giving me trouble that night so I stayed off drinking beer.

I had not seen him in a few months so it was good to catch up. We had known each other since primary school. 

He was just saying he got a new job and just seemed his normal self he was having relationship problems with his GF. 

I remember saying to him just don't get to drunk mate have you got taxi money to get home yes he said I am going soon he said ok mate give us a phone call tomorrow we might go into town, few clubs etc I said.

He then said you know something, Watto you have always been a good friend to me. 

After all we have been through you have always been at my side even when that drug addict tried to rob me and beat me up.

He said all the others (Our other friends) run off you stayed at my side with me.

I will always be there for you to stand at your side no matter what the odds.

I said likewise mate that was last time I spoke to him he killed himself the next night.

kind of still haunts me to this day could I of stopped him? 

But the past is the past we can't change it unfortunately I wish we could.

What did she get wrong?

Ok back to the Psychic she said I need to you to tell the one that speeds to slow down or he is going to hurt himself well most people in Manchester speed when driving so could be anyone?

Haven't had My left kidney out (Yes had problems but still have 2)

She also claimed I will be back for another reading from her well I haven't up to now and it was a few years ago now.

She said I needed to tell some one who had the lottery ticket in there pocket to check the numbers again on an old ticket.
Well I'm not rich so she was wrong on that one.

She got a lot wrong it's just hard to remember I do have a tape recording
so I will have to play it see what I have forgot she even charged me £10 for the tape as well as the £40 appointment fee.

Do I Think she was legit as a psychic

I really do not know she did get a quite a few things right no person could have known but maybe she was good at cold reading I don't know but she also got a lot wrong as well.

I don't know I tried my best not to give anything away names or any info
she could use to make things up.

I also have a body language diploma so I thought she may try to read my body language when asking questions to see my reaction so I kept my movement to minimum when she was asking me questions.

Do I think people can tell the future?

Maybe I have read a few books on Nostradamus in the past
he got a lot right but again got a lot wrong as well.

I think it is possible to a point to see some things maybe the ability is in our brain or DNA
and we have just forgot how to use it.

We have all had them dreams and few a days later some parts of the dream come true or we sense we have been to a place before etc.

So I kind of do think seeing the future is possible but I think there is that many fakes cold reading what I mean is they might say your worrying over say money, Job or a friend well most people would be.

Let me know what you think in the comments? See if Knew the future I would know what you would say­čśé.

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