Mental Health why is it important

We all get stressed from time to time this year has been so hard for everyone some people were suffering before the worldwide pandemic and now this virus has made the situation worse.

Many people are feeling 100 times worse. 

Here is a updated post that my help if you are getting stressed with the way things are with COVID-19  and the pandemic.

Mental Health why is it important

A constant barrage of stress on the human body is not good and sooner or later the mind will explode. We need a chill out time to rest or just to get away from that constant stress.


The Deers

I remember reading a story a few years back about deer's yes, the animal.

Scientists noted that 20 to 30 deer were dying every month in a small part of America
they hadn't been shot or hit by cars and had no visible wounds. All they had in common was they were near to roads when found.

After a study the examiners noticed the adrenal glands in all these deer were constantly pumping adrenaline to the point that the glands had burst causing death by heart attack.

Scientist found the deer's were constantly on guard nervous due to the freeway lights and noise from cars from the near by road

So the deer's heart got to the point where it could not cope due to stress. 
The point I am trying to make is constant stress is not good for any person and that deer could be us.

Whats adrenaline

Adrenaline, is a hormone secreted by the medulla of the adrenal glands. 

Strong emotions such as fear or anger cause epinephrine to be released into the bloodstream.

When released into your body the heart rate increases, increasing blood pressure, expanding the air passages of the lungs, enlarging the pupil in the eyes.
Redistributing blood to the muscles and altering the body's metabolism.

Flight or Fight

In short, your body goes into alert mode thanks to this survival hormone.

You have to remember when our ancestors was still in caves hunting they did not have a front door and lock and key and a fully secure CCTV alarm system. 

They had to be on alert 24/7 from other humans and predators who may of wanted to harm them so our brain triggers this hormone when it senses something not right.

The difference is our ancestors were worrying about predators and their next meal
whereas these days many of us get stressed and depressed from our job in the office or over petty things.

Ready or Not

When we are ready to fight like in a boxing match or if we are walking down a dark alleyway at night feeling nervous of being mugged etc being on guard (Anxiety) the body pumps adrenaline to be ready to act quickly to events.

A short time boost of adrenaline can help us run faster and increase strength. 
(We have all seen the videos of mothers lifting burning cars when their child is trapped under a car
If you're wondering where they got the strength to lift a car you know the answer now adrenaline.

Constant alertness and constant anxiety 24/7 is not good on the mind and the body have you ever felt tired when anxious or stressed. 

The reason is your body and brain are working harder so it tires you out.



Under constant stress sooner or later you will break even Delta Force, Navy Seals, SAS special forces soldiers the best in the world who are trained to cope with high stress environments and even some forms of torture will crack under constant pressure.

I was in the British army (Royal Engineers) and I can say the training is tough and it does make you physically and mentally strong but not invincible or unbreakable only a fool would say they are invincible so you need to keep the mind healthy as well as the body and have positive thoughts.

You have to turn negative things into positive things I know it is hard. 
A common few words often heard in the army (It is what it is)
In other words don't let it bother you keep positive.

For example

You hate your job but then try think to your self right when I get paid at the end of the month. 
I will use some of my wage to pay for an online qualification course in health and safety to put on you CV so it will help you get out of the job you hate.

Avoid the stress

If the stress is not avoided it will get worse. We need to avoid the source or create coping methods. Put on headphones for example if your neighbours are noisy listen to music or go for a walk.


Working Stress

So let's say you work 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
and your boss phones you at 7 pm Friday night and says don't forget to do that paperwork Monday morning. That is the deadline it has to be done or there will be job vacancies.

I guarantee all Friday night and even maybe Saturday and Sunday you will be stressed out thinking about work and the deadline on Monday morning.

Now the weekend should be your time for relaxing to chill out and that stress was caused by one phone call from your boss.

So I go back to what I said we all need an escape some time to rest for example run a car constant it will overheat we are the same as humans.

The dread

If you come home from work every night stressed and depressed and dread going to work the next day then you need to get a new job or change the situation of your work.

If your boss is reasonable, speak to him and tell him what is bothering you. If he is a good boss he will help but you don't find many good bosses these days.

Do you want to work for ten years doing a job that you hate where you dread getting up in the morning where your co-workers are informants and it is low paying you know the answer to the question no.

Should I just quit?

I am not saying quit and walk out tomorrow. You need to plan, save some money, think what you are good at, what's stopping you from getting that office job? you don't know how to use Microsoft excel so you could learn Microsoft excel in your spare time.


Don't tell employer you are looking for a new job or anyone in your workplace. 

It will get back to your boss even from people who constantly call the boss names and claim they hate management etc.

I guarantee if you tell a friend in the workplace that you are looking for a new job it will more than likely get back to the boss that you're thinking of leaving or going to quit. 

The boss always has people who feed back information to them.

I will be creating a post soon with some examples of some of the kinds of people I worked with that were basically the ears and eyes for the boss.

The reason I mention this to do with mental health is when I worked in my cleaning job other 
co-workers would constantly repeat anything I said to them to the boss and management.

It got to the point that if I wanted to let the boss know I thought he was a bully I would say it to a 
co-worker and with in a day or 2.

I would be in front of the boss with him saying I have heard I am a bully according to my source.

People just love to gossip and inform I had this often in my job roles if I was late to work or late off my dinner break when I say late I mean 2,3 minutes.

I know it was that petty but my co-workers would tell the boss who would then tell me off for being late.

This pettiness and being on guard knowing that there is people you can not trust who will tell the boss everything can cause you stress in the workplace and this could put a strain on your mental health as you just don't know who to trust.

Make a plan

Get qualified in something, sit down and think about what you enjoy and see how you can turn that into a job in photography etc.

Money is important, yes we all need it to pay bills and other things.

But your health is more important than money
and that can't be replaced. Neither can your life a new job can.

You will see from my other post (The Job from hell (Toilet Cleaning)

I had a terrible employer and a horrible job cleaning public toilets and moving feces and needles everyday.

So as you can guess I speak from experience and know what it is like doing a job you hate don't let it ruin your life and make you depressed you only live once.

My horrible job cleaning toilets

Link to full story here

Whilst doing that job I made plans to try get out of there as quick as I could for example in my dinner breaks I would sit there eat my dinner and read the highway code book.

I would read it everyday to get my driving license
Once I passed the theory side of the driving test I then went in for my driving test and passed.
After that I would read employment law and health and safety books so I knew what the employer could and couldn't do. I am now qualified in Health and safety.

There was not that many online courses when I was in this job and the internet was still the slow dial up type not the broadband type we have now so if you was looking for a new job you had to get the local paper or walk into job agency's.

Now we have the best tool at our disposal the internet you can use the internet for many things to help in your job search such as online qualifications, improve your CV with online courses or even make connections using LinkedIn.

The Escape

I find photography my escape
going in to nature woodland forests even the moorland where there is no one about well maybe few sheep.

My point is we all need an escape from that constant stress for example maybe sit in a quiet room, library, sitting on a bench in a park or even feeding ducks at the local boating lake.

Nature is a great escape because many times there are not many people about so you can just go for a walk in the woods.

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