How do memory's make you feel good?

Photos are memories 

Can you imagine going back in time and showing one of our ancestors a photo on a phone, tablet etc
they would think you were a wizard or maybe a witch.

When we look at photos, we do go back in time in a sense in our memories we just can't change the past..

I think it was Albert Einstein who was once asked if he thought in the future we could see into past.

He said every time you look in the mirror you look at the past because by the time the signal has passed from your eye to your brain time has already passed so in effect you are looking at yourself the past.


The Past

Looking at a photo of a waterfall for example sends messages to our brain making us feel good so what better way to have that feeling again and again then to have a photo print on our wall with a photo of a nice scene.

What do travel agents do they show us that nice photo of a beach in Greece or that nice swimming pool etc same thing they want us to look and go I wish I was there because they know that makes us happy.

The Test

Test yourself, go get an old holiday or a photo of your old dog and have a look. 

I bet it will make you feel good
looking back at holiday photos of that beach in Egypt or that trip to Turkey.

Looking back at old photos of your pets that have passed thinking I remember taking him for a walk or I remember bringing him home.

When looking at my old holiday photos.
I always think damn I wish I was there it was so hot and nice weather and the food  was great.

It was amazing instead of looking outside at the cold windy rain of Manchester the point I am trying to make is art and photography has the same feeling makes us feel better.

Change The Past

We can't change the past. I sometimes sat there and thought what if we could go back and do this do that well we can't not up to now anyway.

When looking back at the past don't think of the negative parts that make you feel sad and upset.
That will not help you trust me.

There is a old quote I think it is Buddha not to sure but here it is.
(Don't dwell on the past or think of the future think of the present moment)

I have lost a few friends in the past who was took from the world before there time
now when I look back I think of the good times we had together.

I think yes they are gone but they left memories that will stay with me they have made me keep positive and gave me strength.

Lost pets

When looking back at my dogs and other pets I had in the past.
Do I miss them yes of course with all my heart.

I wish I could see them again even for just a minute but I am happy that I know I gave them a good life and they made a difference on my life. 

I think of the good times raising my dog from a puppy that little smile on his face and wag of his tail when I first brought him to his new home.

The running to me wagging his tail when I got home from work everyday.

Even when he was old still trying to run to the door to see me. 

The last time I looked in his eyes the love never went away never and I am glad I was with him at the end to let him know I loved him and was with him.

I will tell you what the most strongest power on the earth is Love
because nothing can break that bond nothing.

I lost my friend a few years back now as I say I miss him everyday
but I know I was there to give him a good life I love all animals.

If I saw someone treating a animal bad lets just say I would stop them with all my power and they would create an enemy.

If you believe in god don't matter what religion 
all that is important is will we see the ones we loved that is what is important.

If there are no dogs in heaven then when it is my time I want to go where they went if there are no dogs in heaven and I cant see my pets then it is not heaven.

Adopting a new dog

If you don't have a pet cat or dog I would recommend you to adopt one not saying go out and just buy a dog no you have to have time for the animal and love and treat them good. 

Visit a animal shelter where dogs have been abandoned you will know when your there
you don't choose the dog the dog will choose you.

When you show a dog love you will not find a more loyal animal on this earth.

Getting a puppy

If you are considering getting a puppy have a look at the blog below for some advice it is packed full of useful information that will be a big value to you to read.

There is a new post up with some good advice on puppy's.

Collecting a New Puppy – How to Make it a Happy Experience

Keep strong and remember the good times
memory's are not written in stone they are written in our minds.

If you have lost a pet and friend recently here is a YouTube video that may help you.


  1. Hi Watto. What a lovely post. It's tough losing those you love (be they human or pet) but, as you say, looking at a photo immediately reminds us of the happy times that we had with them. And thank you for the link to my puppy post - much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Richie. yes we have to remember the good times and remember the memories. Great post on puppy's I am sure it will help many people who need more info.


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