Herbs used for stress and anxiety

List of herbs that can be used for anxiety and stress

If you're going to use herbs, always try using a branded type if you buy tea bags etc you know what you're getting  rather than buying loose herbs from a market stall or off eBay.

Don't get me wrong if you live in a country where herbs on market stalls are the real thing (India) as an example then of course buy them.

I am talking about the UK herbs many times I have bought herbs in the past from market stalls
and they have not been what they claim to be so just be a little cautious.

Herbs can be great to use and help you in many ways I use herbs everyday not just for stress relief but for a number of other issues.


Ginger contains a potent antioxidant, gingerol, which helps cleanse the harmful chemicals our bodies produce when we’re worried so ginger is a good herb to use. 

Ginger can also influence serotonin levels to make you feel better, more calm and relaxed.

You can use ginger as a powder or in its raw form in curry's,stir fries etc
or buy some tablets or tea bags.

I use the tea bags. I drink ginger and lemon tea every day and I feel much better rather than drinking tea or coffee.

I use ginger as well after a workout as it is known to help reduce muscle pain and soreness.

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Helps with anxiety, depression, and insomnia a few cups a day always helped me sleep. 

I don't really like the taste of chamomile if I am honest. I add a few teaspoons of sugar or some honey. 

I noticed I don't seem to wake up in the night or have as many nightmares when I use this herb.

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Valerian has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy 
to help people relax and sleep better. 

Valerian is a great herb I used to take it every morning before cycling to work. It does help relax you.

But when you first start taking it can be a strong herb so make sure you stick to the guidelines to avoid driving or operating dangerous machinery after taking it as it can make you feel tired and fall asleep.

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This herb has been known to have been used as a short-term treatment for anxiety disorders.

It is mainly used in tea bags or as an oil in aromatherapy often used to make rooms and baths smell nice but it is also known to help relax people if you walk in a room and it smells of lavender it relaxes you.

Few drops of the oil in bath water can help tired body and muscles as well.

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Green Tea

The tea has an amino acid naturally in the tea, (theanine)  which is said to promote relaxation and benefit other stress problems.

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St John's Wort 

This has been used to treat nervousness, tiredness, poor appetite, and trouble sleeping and some forms of depression.

Many people swear by St John's Wort to improve their low mood. 

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Milk Thistle

Mainly used for liver conditions and diabetes but has also
had success in helping with symptoms of severe anxiety.

Many people use the herb for indigestion and an upset stomach.


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I have used all these herbs and still use some daily, some worked better than others for me.

Before you start going out buying and trying new herbs
seek doctors' advice as some of these could interact with medication tablets you are taking and have side effects so it's better to be safe and get advice from your medical practitioner/doctor before you use them.

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