Egypt my holiday bad luck or the pharaoh's curse?

My strange experiences of going on holiday to Egypt

Little did I know there would be a lot but make your own mind up
and see if you would have acted the same as me in these situations.
If fate was not on my side I may not be here to tell this story.

  • Location Sharm El-Sheikh
  • 2 weeks
  • Egypt
  • Myself and girlfriend

Intro to Egypt

Egypt was a place always wanted to go to see the pyramids and the ancient world 
so I went travel agents to book a holiday there.

Travel agent said the next cheapest flight is in 4 weeks time of all days (Sep 11) 2014
think it was 2014 I will have to double check the year.

I was still at my cleaning job and had to give a month's notice for time off  so we booked that.
It took me about 6 months to save up for it on my minimum wage job £.5.20 per hour if
I remember maybe less or more can't really remember.

Is that near to Pyramids? I asked 
travel agent said yes just a short coach journey I took her word for it
what a fool I was. 

515.1KM (320 miles)
From sharm el sheikh to the Pyramids


I had heard stories about Egypt on trip advisor and other people told me
of situations to be careful of so I was on guard a little, I had been on holiday once before to Spain 
but never to the Middle East and for 2 weeks.

Some work colleagues told me they lock you in shops and taxis until you buy something
to be honest. 

I did not believe them just thought they were winding me up because I am going on holiday to Egypt and they were not.

The Watch Man my first Day

My first day we got to our hotel, went for a walk to some local shops
went into this small watch shop Egyptian was really friendly asking where I was from etc.

Asked me where I was staying. I told him a lie and said we are staying at the sun hill hotel up the road
he knew I was lying but in the travel guide I read it said avoid telling anyone where you're staying as they turn up at your hotel trying to sell you items. I was really staying at the Marriott.

I looked at a few watches in the shop, bought a cheap type for around £20 and GF bought one as well did not buy anything else, the shop owner said my friend.

I will give you a discount on others £50 for this one etc I just said my first day here I will come back tomorrow or in the week we are here for 2 weeks so loads of time.


Wake up call at 6am from stranger

The next morning at 6am gets a call on the hotel phone in my room
Mr. Watto yes I replied? hello it's hotel reception there is a man down here asking for you
so I said who is it? the hotel reception says we don't know but he is asking for you.

Going to Reception

Walks down to lobby of hotel its the guy from the watch shop
with a coat full of watch's says to me my friend I have that watch you wanted

I replied it's 6am in the morning what are you on about? He says
you promised to buy a watch. I said I would come to your shop again tomorrow or in the week but it's 6am in the morning so why are you here?

I said how did you know where I was staying? He replied a friend told me.
hmm I said look not buying any watches from you now bought 2 yesterday I am tired going back to bed he leaves the hotel lobby mumbling to himself.


I said to the reception how dare you tell someone my room number.
The hotel guy said we didn't he came in and described you and said you were room 141 on the second floor.

But he could not remember your name and asked us to call you.

I remember thinking how the hell did he know
where I was staying and my room number.

Sinbad and the 7 thieves

After settling in think it was 2rd or 3rd day we decided we wanted to do some excursions 
so went and looked around found a stall that had signs up: 
  • Trips to pyramids,Nile
  • Boat Rides
  • Trips to desert
  • Quad biking
  • Horse,Camel Riding
  • Water Aqua Park
  • Stay in the desert
  • Climb Mount Sinai
  • Ride on pirate boat
  • See Sinbad's cave

Stall Owner (Mo)

The stall owner called (Mo) Started saying if you book so many trips we will give you a discount he was really friendly so I thought.

We was going to book the trip to the pyramids but thought lets see how good these ones are and maybe shop around to see prices elsewhere anyway we booked a few camel riding,horse riding and a trip to the Water aqua park we
got a discount if we bought 3 all together think it worked out at around £120.
(Mo) told us if we pay in British pounds 
we will get the trips even cheaper so ok fair enough I said.
We did camel riding and horse riding 
was quite good. The last one was the water aqua park.


Aqua Park

Our pick up van arrives at our hotel a small transit type van with seats in the back.
We get in the back of a van and there is another couple there from Ireland. We talk on the way to the aqua park and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get there. Our driver says he will be back at 5pm to pick us all up for our return ride to our hotel.

Irish Couple

We were in aqua park for about 3 hours
until 5pm. We went to the front entrance of our pick up point we see no sign of the other Irish couple 
maybe they were still in there? or had made their own way back to their hotel.

Pick Up time

Our pick up van arrives and the driver winds his window down says
Mr.Watto get in back I said where are the others?
He said they have made their own way back to their hotel.

I walked to the back of the van then the door flew open and 3 other male Egyptians and Mo(the stall owner) in the back hmm I thought this was strange felt a bit nervous me and my partner getting in this van with 3 unknown people.

So I hesitated I said what's with the full van not enough room we will get a taxi back its ok thanks anyway

(Mo ) says no my friend plenty of room we are just getting a lift on the way the stall is closed now 5pm
which was strange as few days before it was around 7pm when we booked our trips from (Mo)stall owner so I thought he was lying.

Gut Feeling

Anyway I said to my partner as I was blinking my eye we can have a look around here.

I was trying to make up a lie to not get in the van but we had no clue where we were and did not have much money to get back to the hotel but I thought it would be safer to not get in the van. My gut feeling was saying something is wrong here.

So my girlfriend says no we will just get in so we decided to get in the van (I Thought this was a really bad choice)

So we are sat there and the 3 unknowns and Mo (the stall owner) all talking in Egyptian driver is up front with another Egyptian passenger.

I had a feeling that something was not right, my gut feeling has never been wrong.

I said out loud we are going for a meal tonight when we get back to the hotel our friends are meeting us. I hope Bruce and Lucy don't argue again like last time (There was no Bruce or Lucy).

(It was a lie we was on our own In Egypt just me and my girlfriend)

I just wanted (Mo) and the others in the back of the van to think someone was expecting us so they thought we had told someone that we had booked a trip through their company.
All of a sudden (Mo) says you had a good time at aqua park
yer I say was OK.

You owe us money!

(Mo) then says there is a slight problem . You still owe us £120 for trips
I thought he was making a joke so I said yes sure and did a fake laugh and smiled. 

He then says we under charged you we only charged you £60
I went no you did not £120 you charged got the receipt out of my rucksack there you go look at receipt says £120 GBP
£40 for each trip

Well we have under charge you he says we did not charge you for the aqua park
I said look not paying you anymore money simple as that there is the receipt clearly shows I paid you £120 in total in British pounds.

The Warehouse

(Mo) replied well we will go back to our warehouse to sort it out
hmm what warehouse your stall was on the front near the beach why would you have a warehouse?
I said?

(Mo) replies it is our base.

So I said no take us to our hotel or let us out here. We paid you for the trips 
I know what you're trying to do intimidate me and her as there are 5 of you here and only 2 of us.

Well not going to work on this Brit I said
take us back to our hotel no he says we need to sort this.

(I had no clue what there plan was if we went to there so called warehouse)

Time to act

As we are driving up the road near our hotel I started to recognize we was near our hotel
big long road called (peace road) I noticed this soldier on the street and thought they won't try anything if he was there.

We were stuck in traffic. I said to my partner to get ready to get out.

I stood up and opened the back door of the van and told her to jump out first before me then I did. 
(Mo) then shouts hey where are you going you owe us money.

I turned around and said steal from someone else. We walked back to our hotel as you can guess we did not book any more trips off his stall.

Regular Business

I thought afterwards I wonder how many other people have they done that too
and people have handed over cash in fear.

Any normal person is going to be nervous in that situation
you have to look at it this way. You're in a country you don't know in a van full of men you don't know driving to some place you don't know.

Not going to lie if I am honest my heart was pounding. I did not know what was going to happen
it was only quick thinking and anger, to not show any fear or weakness as they would have exploited it.

The lesson I learned here 

  • 1- Don't get in a van with strangers
  • 2- Listen to my gut if something looks odd
  • 3- Always have a back up plan to get back to hotel after a trip
  • 4- Don't trust anyone aboard

Taxi Lock in

We decided to have a trip to (old sharm) the old part of sharm el sheikh in the day as we had not been before.

Everything I had read and what people had told me was to avoid (old sharm) at night after 10pm as it can be dangerous but it is cheap and ok in the day to a certain point.

So we asked the hotel reception how much for taxi to (Old sharm) around £10 Egypt pounds
he said so we walked down the street got in taxi how much to (old sharm) I asked
taxi driver says £15 Egyptian pounds I thought only £5 more than the hotel guy said.

So we were driving down road think it was about 8 to 12 Miles there
me and partner sat in back so we gets to our destination (old sharm)
taxi driver turns around says fair is £50 English 

£15 To £50 taxi ride

What? you said it was £15 no I did not he replied you did I heard you and she did
you said £15 Egypt pounds gave him a £20 and went to open the door he had locked doors I tried to open window to open from the door from the outside would not open. 


By this time he was saying give me money you owe me
I said look not in the mood open the door. 

A tourist police officer was walking on the street
so I said open the door or I am going to shout him over next minute he said something not sure what and unlocked the doors and I opened the door got out.

Shop Lock in

We decided to stay close to the hotel the next day so we went into town was only a 15 minute walk
walking down the street. Every shopkeeper was walking over to me trying to get me in their shop.

Come In my friend

Where are you from,British,America,Polish,Russian?

I says British come in my shop the shop keepers were saying I just said maybe later 
anyway further down street this shopkeeper comes over saying same come in shop etc

He would not leave me alone putting his arm round my shoulder the lot. 

I said maybe later he says no just come in sign my visitor book in the shop no buy no buy honest right ok I said goes in there signs his book decided to have a look around his shop.  

I notice he locks the glass door we had just walked in through now I had heard about this from TripAdvisor and rumors etc.

So I said look open the door I get the reply no my friend it's windy hmm no its no look open the door no my friend you buy first.
I was getting slightly angry now open the door I said now or I will open it my way he opened it.

Let's just say I did not fall for the book signing BS trick again.

Trip to blue lagoon Dahab

We decided to book another trip from another stall (Not the same as other one )
this time it was a trip to a place called Dahab which apparently included a safari trip in the desert and a swimming place called blue lagoon
apparently the pick up was 12pm next afternoon.


Wake Up Watto

Next morning the phone rings in my hotel room
Mr.watto there is a man down here at reception for you
I thought if it's that watch seller guy again going to tell him to get lost.

I walked to reception and there was a guy in dark sunglasses standing there saying Mr Watto room 141
yes I said he says I am your driver for the trip I said which trip it's 7am?

your trip I said which one I don't know he replied I just got your name and room number 
right so where were we driving then what is the name of your company I said?

I don't know I have to go pick our guide up he says.
I said look mate not getting in your van you have no clue
where we are going and you do not know the name of the company we booked it.

You have no ID uniform to say you work for them not going no thanks you could be anyone.

Then the driver comes out with a strange comment.

Don't worry English man we won't leave you in the desert
I said well is any 1 else on this trip he says yes but I have to pick them up after you

Ok I said where are they from? He said America right go get them first
then we will get in the van then I told him he leaves mumbling.

I have no clue what he was saying but he was clearly calling me.

This time I explained to the hotel reception man who tries to phone the company for me
he says do not get in any van,car etc if you are not sure who they are as it happens often in Egypt and they demand money from you. 

So my friend at the reception desk gets the company on the phone and hands the phone to me. I explained to the company they said its fine he works for us he should have a uniform on and show you a ID card
so half an hour later he comes back with other 2 other people in a truck we get in and go on the trip. (Truck Below)

Fake Punch old sharm 

We decided to go old sharm late in the day for a meal. We had something to eat and it was getting late but thought we had enough time to visit the market before dark so we are walking down this market For the first time.

It was getting late it was getting dark and its was really busy.

As I walk down a small walkway an Egyptian shouts something at me and swings to hit me so I grabbed him in a headlock next minute I am surrounded by 2,3 other Egyptians shouting let him go my friend he is joking.

What I shouted? I still got him in a headlock by this time, the other Egyptians said he was playing about having fun
I let go of him and the guy said to me my friend it's just a joke fun. 

I said you don't swing to punch a stranger at night who you do not know, he then apologizes says I do it to all tourist, especially Brits.

You love boxing Lennox Lewis, Ricky Hatton he then offers me some tea in his shop we go in
bought a few things small statues he blesses me and said thanks.

For buying some items so it was around 10pm and I was getting a bit weary of being in (old sharm) it just has a weird atmosphere at night. Photo below.


The Followers

So after buying a few statues off my (fake boxing punch friend) we had spent all the Egyptian money only had British £20 notes hidden in my sock for emergency use and I thought not a chance of getting any change off a taxi driver if I use that.

We saw a money exchange shop. I was a little weary to go in there at night to be honest
it's common sense really people going in them shops are gonna have money on them when they come out I was an idiot not to listen to my gut.

Changing money at night a fools delight

So I went in gave my partner some money from my sock to change to Egyptian pounds while I was in there my partner was changing the money I was stood there with her just waiting and then I noticed the 2 men sat on bench outside just looking at me through window 

So I said to my GF I don't like the look of them 2 outside so I asked the lady changing money behind the till could she call us a taxi? I will pay for the phone call.

No, she replied, walk up the road and put your hand out and taxis may stop.

Anyway we go's outside and walked up the street towards the market.

Looking for a taxi I looked behind and the 2 men sitting on a bench were walking towards us. I said to GF let's cross over the road.

I think we are being followed so we crossed over the 2 men then crossed over the road they were about 200 meters behind us by this time as we were walking quickly.

I thought maybe it could be coincidence so we crossed back over the road again next minute they crossed over again to the same side as us. The street was empty and dark
We knew now we were being followed, not a coincidence I thought.

Now I am getting nervous about what to do. I am in a foreign country
It's like 11pm. By now the streets are dark.

We could be walking into a dead end street and they ambush us or maybe they could phone others and a gang may turn up. It's their country they know the terrain, the streets etc where they lead to.

 I could feel my adrenaline pumping my heart pounding and getting tense ready to defend or be mugged.


I told my GF if out happens she was to run while I dealt with them
I assumed they would be carrying a knife I don't care how good you are at self defence I have had people 
try attack me with knives In UK at least 3 times I was lucky you would be stupid to try self defence run or talk your way out of it if you think you can.

If a mugger has a knife and hits an artery you could die in minutes not worth thinking you're Steven Seagal.

Run only fight if it is a last resort or you are defending the ones you love which on that day I would be doing so it could have been deadly for me but I was willing to do what any soldier would and protect the innocent.
Running was not an option for me
We had no clue where we were so where could we run to.

Anyway we are walking down the street and the 2 men following are catching up now to us I then sees an Egyptian soldier on patrol walking up the street bingo I thought.

I walked over to him and said excuse me, do you know where the taxi rank is? We are lost and I turned around and pointed at the 2 men following us and said is it that way as I did that they both stopped suddenly.
(The 2 Men following)

They then turned around and walked off really quickly, They must have thought I was telling the soldier they were following us.

The reason I did not tell the soldier was he may of thought I was being stupid.

Anyway he flagged a taxi down for us. I thanked him and we went back to our hotel. That soldier may have saved our life that night and never even knew he did.

Old sharm crazy oil burner

Ok as you can guess by now I was getting annoyed at Egypt and old sharm and on edge
I said to GF not going there again (Old sharm) at night not worth the hassle to dangerous so we decided to go in the day early this time.

I had spare money for a taxi,phone number of the local police. I even had a map to the hotel now to get back on foot if needed and a card to phone for a taxi I got from my friend at the hotel reception desk.

I even studied the map of the area and used a pen to mark places before we went so I knew the dead end streets where the police station,Hospital was etc I was taking no chances this time.

Oil Burner

Anyway my partner wanted an oil burner, some kind that lights up a room with glass patterns when you put a candle in the inside (for a gift present) we were looking at one on the market stalls and shops then this shop owner comes out of one of the shops. 

I have more inside he says we go's in his shop and my girlfriend is looking around I am just stood.there

I will be honest I am not into shopping and could not really relax at old sharm market.

It was just to busy people constantly bumping into me and after our other trips there I was too alert. 

So the shopkeeper walks over handing me oils and stuff I said not for me thank you present is for her friend and hands them back to him
anyway GF says to me there £20 cheaper over at another shop whispering it to me.

Hand Crusher

So we went to walk out. The guy says wait my friend, I will give you a discount. 
I said look might come back later. Ok my friend shake my hand then so I did.

Then he won't let go of my hand and starts saying you said you would buy you waste my time 
I said get off my hand. He is crushing my hand by this time so I pushed him off to release my hand.

Then he picks up some sort of wall type dagger knife type ornament shouting at me waving it around.

I backs off slowly facing him did not want to turn my back to him to be honest we walks out shop.

He walked out of his shop shouting stuff at me and I did not really hear what he was saying.

I just said to my girlfriend to get your present from that shop over there then we are not staying here with loons like him around I just did not trust him. 

We got in a taxi I said to my girlfriend never never again are we coming back to (old sharm)
we have been lucky up to now fate wont keep giving us chances every time we have come we have had some kind of bother or hassle.

The Pyramids and Cairo

So we decided not to do any more excursions or trips to old sharm and just stay local but we had not been to the pyramids.

Our main reason for going to Egypt was the pyramids so we thought right instead of  going to a market stall and booking a trip and getting conned or having dodgy people picking us up.

We would go to the Thomas cook shop down the road. It was more expensive but at least you have a bit more of guarantee and security as there a well known brand.

So we booked a trip to the pyramids by coach 7 hours by coach they said 528.7 km distance
from Sharm el sheikh to Cairo.

Coach to pyramids trip

The coach was due to pick us up at 1am in the morning
so we sat in the reception at the hotel waiting for our coach thinking at least this trip is going to be good.

So we are sitting there by this time it's 2am and they are an hour late
so I said to the hotel reception man can you phone them for me hands him the company card.

No answer on the phone he tries again around 2.20 am by now he gets an answer they ask for me
I gets on the phone. 

Apparently they forgot to pick us up the company says.

So I said well can they turn around come get us?
No they left hours ago but don't worry Mr.watto we will pick you up tomorrow same time 1am.

Lift Off Coach Arrives

Next night the coach arrives right on time 1am
gets on coach sat down tour guide on speaker at front of coach says my name is Ramsay
any questions just ask also the toilet is broken so we will stop half way there.

The journey takes Around 7 hours but maybe less depending on the checkpoints 


We had to keep stopping at checkpoints 
and some would require we held our passports up in the air and soldiers would walk around our coach with Ak47s.

The odd time one soldier would get on the coach, have a look around then get off again.

At a few of the checkpoints we had a few
military escorts of 2 jeeps with heavy Mg's (Machine Guns)
Mounted on top of each jeep.

I kept thinking, are we expecting trouble? they would drive us to the next checkpoint then we were on our own again until the next one.

Time to Pyramids

Ended up taking 9 hours. We stopped at a shop in the middle of nowhere for around half an hour for a drink,food and to use the toilet.


Tour Guide Ramsay

So around 2 hours into the journey the tour guide walks over and stands next to us 
asks where we are from etc. Do I have any questions?

I said yes what happened last night you forgot about us?

That was you from the Marriott? he said.

I said yes he replied you're very lucky
apparently he claims the coach last night got stopped by locals or some gang who took over the coach and were demanding money for the release.

I thought he was just talking nonsense and didn't believe him. 

Night time in the sand

I was sitting there thinking what if he(Ramsay) was telling the truth are we at risk being British?
So I was on edge a bit so we were driving through
The desert was pitch black was about 4am when up ahead there was a car smoking and a man stood next to it.


Our idiot coach driver decided to stop the coach.

I got out of my seat and walked to front of the coach said what is it?

Ramsay says he must be having car trouble don't worry though the driver is going to go and
See I said you're joking right?

No he may need help from our coach driver Ramsay says.

I said you just told me last night a coach got took over and now he is taking the keys to go see if that car needs help.

I said it could be a trap or an ambush they might be waiting for us to stop the coach?

Translate to him please.
Ramsay says something in Egyptian and the coach driver just shrugged his shoulders and gets off coach.

Ramsay says
Don't worry go take your seat
So I said no so I am still stood at front of coach and this american walks to front and says to Ramsay are you stupid why let him take the keys.

Then the coach driver walks back and gets on the coach. 

He is ok. He says to Ramsay he says I will radio for a recovery truck
I had to wait for Ramsay to tell me what he said.

I remember thinking are they stupid.

Marriott and Ramsay telling the truth?

Once back in the UK found out he was telling the truth so we were lucky. 

To make matters worse, when we got back from the trip to the pyramids, our hotel's other sister hotel (The Marriott in Pakistan) I think it was? had been attacked by terrorists so our hotel in Egypt was on a high state of alert.

The security was already high anyway they had armed guards on the doors
with pistols and automatic weapons.

Cars were not allowed to drive up to the front of the hotel; They had to stop at an armed checkpoint.
They used mirrors to check under cars and search them. 

Every bag got checked when you went in hotel
I felt a bit sorry for many of the guards on front entrance they were doing long shifts.

None of them was allowed to leave their posts due to the security risk.

I bought them some cans of soda/drink from the local shop think they was £0.30p in British money where as the hotel was selling them £4.00 each. 

It was funny because after that they would always say here is the drink man.


Once at the pyramids

So we arrived at the pyramids
I get out of the coach and looked at them could not believe the size of them 
so the tour guide says meet back here in 1.30 hours thought it was an insult after a 9 hour trip.

Anyway we walked to the pyramids not even off the coach for 2 minutes and this guy walks over hey you where is your permit?

I said what permit he replied you need a permit its $30 dollars I just wasn't in the mood  I said we are with a Thomas cook tour guide go see him about it.

I don't care you need a permit, he says so I point at some police standing near the pyramids and say let's go ask them then shall we.

No my friend its ok my friend I am just trying to make money for family puts his arm around me sorry my friend sorry so I just walks off .

Silver Surfer

So we are stood there taking photos of the pyramids when a man with a camel comes over camel ride my friend? I said no thanks he says you want a photo with Camel?

My girlfriend says yes please to him so she is standing there with this camel and the camel man putting his arm around her shoulder while I try to take the photo.

So as I look through the camera lens I notice the camel guy is sliding my girlfriends silver bracelet off her arm.

I put the camera down and said to him give her back her bracelet thief.
My girlfriend says to me what is up?  He has got your bracelet I said.

She looks and notices her silver bracelet has gone off her wrist.

Camel guy says sorry my friend accident I gets bracelet back thinking by now is it just me or is everyone trying to steal from us.

Go in cursed tomb for a fee

So I am standing near one of the pyramids taking photos again and these police officers point at me and wave me over to them?

So I said to my girlfriend not sure what they want, hold my bag, Camera,money,map etc.
I had a few notes in my pocket in my shorts.

I walked over 3 tourist police officers sitting on deck chairs outside this small tomb building
the police said Britannia? to me I said yes from England.

We love Britannia, they said  I reply thank you so they then say you want to go to the tomb?
What tomb? they then point to the building they are guarding there is yellow tape and signs up no entry.

I said am I allowed? yes they say it's cursed and they all start laughing.

So I went inside. It was only small inside there.

I start to look about there is a table with papers and few laptop computers, a wheelbarrow, Lighting on stands and all archaeology workers stuff clearly they were excavating or working in there for some reason and I am guessing I shouldn't have been in there.

So I looks about then walk out thank the police they hold out there hand and say tip, tip
so I gave them about £20 in Egyptian money they said bring wife come back take photos
I said yes sure I did not go back.

I have no clue if it was cursed. I have seen the building on a TV show since
so will try to get more info. Photo below is not the building but these ones were near it.

Corrupt Cop

So we stood near the pyramids again taking photos. We had about 15 mins left before
we had to go to coach so we took photos and this tourist police officer walked over to us 
and says you want a photo together you and wife? I said yes please he took a few photos.

Then holds his hand out Tip he says
I then hand up £20 in Egyptian no he replies £100 in English pounds please
(Here we go again I thought)

So I said I only got Egyptian money on me, officer.
(I had some English in my bag and an emergency 
back up money £100 In English notes hidden in socks and a money belt.

Arrest me?

He said I want £100 so I am thinking now can I really argue with the police in a foreign country
could he arrest me and lie and make something up.

He then starts to pat my pockets on my shorts and says you have money.

I said look we got to go coach is leaving any minute I want money for photos he said
so I then got 2 x 20 pound notes in Egyptian money from my pocket and handed it over I then said look that's all we got he takes money and walks off. 


Egypt is a nice country. I am not writing about these stories to put any person off going there 
I have known people go since and they said they had no bother so maybe it's just bad luck or it's changed since.

One thing I often hear though is people I know always say they do not leave the complex (Hotel) they don't go on excursions, In to town or visit the pyramids.

Which to be honest I think is pointless going to Egypt and not doing any of that.

Like I say this post is not an insult to the Egyptians. I met many good people there. For example the hotel staff was great, really helpful, nice people and most taxi drivers,tourist police were great except for a few greedy idiots. 

Hotel maid

Our last day In Egypt the flight was at night about 2am so we got all the stuff ready to check out
I had bought loads of gifts so I had to leave some stuff there
trainers,jeans,t-shirts,shower gel,razors,few travel books, even a bottle of Jack Daniels.

I would have given them to a charity but we did not have time to go look for one so I phoned down to the reception.

Said to my friend on the reception desk (The one who offered me advice most)
do you want any of this stuff? got loads of items trainers, t-shirts etc.

I can't take home as my case is full of gifts and we are only allowed so much weight in the suitcase think it was 22kg.

He said no just leave it on the bed the maid will be grateful for it and do you mind if he (The Maid) keeps some so I said sure that's no problem he can have it all. I even left about £100 and some coins in Egyptian money and left a note saying thank you for great service. 

(I read in a travel guide that you were not allowed to use Egyptian money at the airport or take it out of the country etc.
found out at the airport you could use it but at least it helped someone.

Waiting for coach pick up

So I am waiting for our coach outside due in about an hour
next minute my friend from reception walked out and said Mr watto the hotel manager wants to speak with you. (What now I thought)

Do you mind speaking to him? what about I said he said your room please wait here
next minute the manager walks out said Mr watto yes I replied.

Hotel Manager

You have left a number of expensive items and money in your room and the maid
has taken them. 

I said yer ok that's fine the manager says so you don't want any of it? there is money and expensive items I said no I phoned down before explaining I have not got any room left in my suitcase so the manager says can you sign this paper to say we can have it sure I said.

Thank You

Next minute the manager calls the maid over and the maid walks over to me and starts hugging me 
nearly crying thank you thank you kind sir he says.

I said what for? He replied the clothes and Money you left in your room 
it will help me so much no problem I said.

The manager from the hotel then says that will help out the maid a lot and it is a month's wage to him. You're a nice man, you're welcome back at the Marriott any time he says.

He then hands me his card with an email address and says if you come back to Egypt again
contact me and I will get you the best discount on hotel room and extra staying days. I thanked him and we left. I never went back.

There are nice people in every country in the world. We just have to find them
so my point is don't judge Egypt or its people on stories even my stores think it was just a case of bad luck or maybe the pharaohs curse make up your own judgement let me know what you think in the comments.

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