Saint Christopher or a dream?

Ok this one is another true story I remember from when I was young I still remember the memory clear as day like it was yesterday.

Dentist and the tooth scary

When I was around the age of 10 or 11 I went to the dentist. He said I needed 3 teeth out but I would have to go and have them done at the hospital and be put asleep.

Now at the time the dentist was still using gas as well as needles, not sure of the type of  gas, the one that made you feel groggy so I hated the dentist as you can guess. 

But I was terrified of being put to sleep even more at the hospital
which I think is normal at that age.

Hospital visit

So a few weeks later I went to the hospital a nurse weighed me, took my name etc and then gave me a hospital gown and said what do I eat for breakfast in the mornings etc.

I said I thought I would be out today no the nurse says you might not wake up what you mean Won't wake up I was nearly crying she replies well you might be in a few days.

I goes in this room and the nurse tells me to get on bed and there is all tools on the table needles etc.
like the photo below

Dr needle

So I lay on the bed and there is a doctor and the nurse who weighed me in the room, The nurse started to hold me down and I said no I want to go home don't put me to sleep I won't wake up.

I was crying the next minute. 

I felt a sharp pain In my arm.

It was a needle
the doctor had injected me with an aesthetic needle, the one that makes you go asleep.

Next minute I felt tired and he told me to count back from ten I think by the number 6 I was out cold asleep.

While Asleep

While asleep I felt like I was floating towards the ceiling and then it just stopped.

I was looking down at myself from above at all these doctors working on my mouth. The nurse who had weighed me was not there in the room anymore. 

It was just the needle doctor and 4 others all dressed in blue.

Above and beyond

I was standing above on the ceiling with a guy dressed in white with a white beard and a long shepherd type stick. I just felt great.

I kept saying I like it here.

He said to me yes but you can't stay. I only came to bring you back to show you the way.

I just felt really happy, the feeling like when you have had a drink of alcohol and you're in a pub etc and just feel really happy.

The bearded man

The man in white says you need to go back soon I felt like I knew him. 

I remember looking down and seeing what all the doctors looked like. I remember there was a doctor with a mole on his face, another one with a beard,a tall doctor with glasses and a lady nurse with red hair.


Anyway I stood there with this white bearded man. I kept saying that I wanted to stay and he just kept saying no you can't not yet you have a purpose you need to stay.

Woke Up

Anyway I woke up, must have been 3,4 hours later still feeling groggy and a bit dazed.

My parents came to my bedside. I was in a bit of pain as I had 3 teeth out
I said to my parents I saw myself from above my parents said what?

I said I was with the man with the white beard and stick my parents thought I was just drugged up from the operation.

Faces in detail

I said I saw the doctor with the mole, the lady with red hair and the man with the beard. I described all the doctors in the room in detail who I had not seen as I was knocked out and asleep when they came into the room.

My parents were outside the room so they saw the doctors go in and  I described every one in detail.


My parents went to the nurse on the ward and said could they speak to the doctors who were in the room etc if possible? The nurse said why?

So my parents described to the nurse what I said I saw
the nurse said your son has a guardian looking after him I noticed a light above him before and I could sense something when I seen your son that's Saint Christopher who he was with he must be special for some reason.


The doctor with the mole came over and my parents told him what I said. 

The doctor said that was impossible there is no way I could of have seen them in there in the room.

I did not wake up once the doctor said and they only entered the room once I was asleep and stable.

I did have one issue though the doctor said at one point there was a problem with my breathing so they had to give me oxygen and stop the operation to make me stable in other words I stopped breathing.

What do I think happened?

Maybe I was dreaming and woke up while asleep and they didn't notice and saw all the doctors. I don't remember waking up if  I am honest.

I am talking about nearly 20 odd years so there was no google or internet back then where you could just google Saint Christopher and I had no clue who he was.

Maybe I had seen a ST Christopher photo on the hospital wall somewhere? or on Tv and my subconscious memory had dreamed of him. I am as much of a skeptic as you I really don't know.

Did I believe in God at the time?

Nope I did not if I am honest I didn't even believe in Santa by that age.

Do I think it was god or angel etc

I am not a religious person I believe in God now. I think there is something that created us and the earth, a god or some kind of force there has to be.

But I don't go to church or anything like that. I have been to the Vatican and to me it didn't feel like a holy place or anything.

I really do not know what happened that day. I thought I would share the story
maybe I was dreaming or it was some kind of out of body experience. I have no clue or maybe it was 
Saint Christopher.

I still remember it clear as day even to this day which is strange and I still remember the doctors faces as well.

The Nun

About 2,3 months later I was in a shopping center buying some sweets with my brother
and this nun walks over to me and my brother pats me on the shoulder smiles at me and says don't worry my child it will be OK he told me to tell you.

My brother started laughing at me and said that was weird. Your cursed what did you say to her?
I said nothing I was just standing there getting some sweets. I have no clue why she said that to me.

Why do we love Junk food

Ok there are many of us that eat junk food. I do myself yes kebabs,Pizza ,Nandos when I can afford it £11 for a burger is a little expensive.

So can we just cut out and not eat any junk food? Yes it's possible and healthier but it's hard. We all need a treat now and again.

If you suddenly stop eating high fat junk food your body is going to think hey what's going on where is all that energy gone and you will feel tired and weak.

Many of us live busy lives so don't have the time or the energy to come home and cook a nice healthy meal and sometimes we just don't want to because we are not in the mood.

In this article I will try to explain how we can still eat some junk food but lower the fat content we intake.

Lower fat content means less chance of putting weight on. I am not saying you can eat junk food 7 days a week and lose weight no but we can lower the fat intake from junk food.

I will try to keep the information short and to the point in sentences.

Why do we like junk food so much?

Eating junk food makes us feel good. Many people don't think on a Friday night I will go cook a
healthy vegetable curry. We look forward to that curry,kebab and plate of chips why you ask?

It's all in the brain

Blame the prehistoric times and our ancestors the Caveman.
In the distant past
the brain of our ancestors would often crave the benefit of high-calorie food as a survival mechanism as they never knew when their next meal would be.

Our ancestors could not just call for takeaways like we do they needed high fat food that would feed them for weeks to stay alive in the harsh environments such as winter.


Over time our DNA has been programmed to enjoy eating high fat and sugary food, and our brains tell us to seek them out which is why we crave them.


When we feel stressed and depressed we often crave junk food. The reason is because once we eat that pizza or doner kebab we feel a little better because our brain has got its high like a drug.

Similar to how an addict develops a tolerance to drugs our brain gets a kind of high from junk food.
So our brain again says to us I want to be happy are you going to KFC or Mcdonalds for something to eat?

What is Dopamine?

The  feel-good neurotransmitter  Dopamine is chemical that ferries information between neurons.
Our brain releases it when we eat food that we crave.

Dopamine is also released while we have sex or after exercise, contributing to feelings of happiness and satisfaction like a reward.

We have all had that feeling when we find some money in our coat pocket or win £10 on a scratch card lottery.


We all need fat, to survive not eating any is not possible. Our body's can not make fat by themselves.

We need a small amount of fat to help the body function correctly and keep us alive the problem is when we eat to much.


Saturated fat

Saturated fats block our arteries with fat think of a hose pipe
the water is our blood and the pipe is our arteries.

If you keep squeezing parts of the hose pipe water will move slower or stop all together.

Now imagine that hose is your arteries and the blood has stopped or is moving slower the end result is going to be heart failure or death.

Why do we need fat thou?

  • Body's primary energy source
  • Support cell growth
  • Protects your organs 
  • Keep your body warm
  • Helps your body absorb some nutrients 
  • Helps produce important hormones

Quick Example of why fat is needed

When mountaineers climb Mount Everest
(Photo below)
they will burn thousands of calories even covering a short distance because of the incline,lack of oxygen and weather up there. 

They will consume an average 7,000 calories and on summit climb day it could be as high as 15,000. There is no physical way they could eat and cook a meal and move so they have to have food that has high energy candy bars,nuts,energy drinks etc to get the calories,fat,sugar for energy during the day.

My Mole hill climb

I climbed Mount Snowdon (Photo below) in the military in Wales that day myself and others had an apple,Small chocolate bar and a bottle of water to climb the mountain. 

We had no breakfast that morning and I can say getting to the top whilst it was cold and raining was hard so to do Everest you have to be 100% fit and healthy and a unique person.

Everest, which at 29,035ft stands almost 10 times higher than Snowdon.
I respect people who do the climb they are one of a kind.

I could not imagine what Mount Everest would be like. It must take a lot of strong determination and food to climb the highest place on earth.

Could you climb it with no fat or sugar in your diet, no chance 
or if you had no fat in your body you would freeze to death in minutes so you can see why fat is needed.

Beans on toast

Eating a salad sandwich or beans on toast would be an healthy option but many people especially in the winter in the UK don't want to make a sandwich.

So beans or soup would be a better choice instead of say chips if you wanted something hot,low in fat and full of nutrients.

Take away kebab

We all love kebabs so how can we still eat food we love but intake less fat?
It is simple really choose chicken kebab grilled over a reheated donner kebab I will explain why below.

Doner kebab 
  • Around 1,500 - 1,800 calories
  • Fat  70G
  • Saturated 16g
  • Salt 6.44 g
These figures are average and some may have more or less contents

Benefits and disadvantages
  • High in fat
  • Cooked by constantly reheating up
  • Full of salt
  • Unsure of full contents (Meat)
  • Cheap to buy
  • No cooking time waiting

What is in a doner kebab then?

Some studies have shown more than a third contained a different profile of animal species 
the meat used for making doner kebab meat may
be lamb, beef, veal or chicken or a mixture of all.

Other meats have been found in undercover operations testing local kebab houses around the country.
we never really know what we are eating.

This is not to say every kebab house is not serving 100% lamb; you can't really label all the kebab houses just because of a few bad apples that serve mixed meat.

I myself visit many local kebab houses now and again and they are good people, always friendly and serve clean food that is always cooked well and I would trust them to serve lamb if I did eat a doner kebab.

Chicken kebab
  • Around  700 calories
  • Fat  12G
  • Saturated 4g
  • Salt 6.44 g

Benefits and disadvantages
  • Normally grilled on a charcoal grill
  • Cooked fresh once
  • Low in fat,Salt
  • Know what your eating (Chicken)
  • Full of vitamins,Minerals
  • Great source of lean protein 

So what can we do when we eat a kebab?

Eating more salad will help fill you up more plus salad is low in fat and full of nutrients 
to help your body break down the fat from the kebab.

Pitta Vs Nan

I always choose pitta over nan as pitta has less fat and salt content then nann 
bread so it is much healthier if you want to lower your fat and salt intake.


Now a lot of sauces Mayo, mint,yogurt,mayo,garlic 
are full of fat,sugar and salt so try to avoid them if you can or have chili sauce if it's natural and not the artificial processed type.

Chili Sauce weight loss

Red chili peppers (Sauce) may help the body in burning calories. 

Capsaicin the main ingredient in chili's can increase your metabolism and body temperature.

Altering the activity of a muscle protein called SERCA, which will then burn energy instead of storing so it can burn fat in your body.

Capsaiccin is used all over the world by people it can have amazing benefits.

Some study's have shown it may help prevent some cancers by attacking the cancer cell growth process.

Study's are still ongoing to see if the effects could be the same on humans as these tests were lab study's on animal cancer cells.

There has been a lot of success with people taking capsaican for pain relief.

Many experts say it helps reduce the amount of a substance in your body that sends signals to the brain to feel pain say from joint pain as an example. 

  • Helps suppress your appetite
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Increases metabolism
  • Reduces congestion when ill
  • May lower blood pressure
  • Helps relieve pain
  • May Improve psoriasis
  • May reduce cancer risk
  • Helps keep your heart healthy
  • May help some people prevent allergies

Carolina Reaper

I love chili I have tried the ghost chili pepper which I thought was like fire
and then I tried the hottest in the world currently the (Carolina Reaper)

I have to say that it is like Lava. I put it in my hand and my hand started burning. No, I am not joking.

Decided to put half of the reaper chili in one of my stir frys, my eyes were watering, my temperature was like being in a sauna in Egypt ,my face and skin was burning and my head started to pulse.

It has a nice flavor but I say with a word of warning be very very careful with this one
I thought the ghost chili pepper was hot. The Carolina Reaper heat is just unbearable pure lava.

Now I eat hot spices all the time and love ghost peppers etc
and the Carolina Reaper was unbearable to me so use with caution.

Have some cold milk or yogurt  nearby that will soothe your mouth and take away
most of the burning sensation. 

Never eat them raw or whole if you do decide to try it just have a small piece trust me you will thank me later.

Also you will not get more health benefits by eating them
if you want to eat spices for health benefits just eat normal low heat bird's eye chili peppers.

Never give them to young people or people who don't eat spices or chili peppers etc and never have more than one they could be dangerous. 

A comparison of there heat
Carolina Reaper 2,200,000  Scoville Heat Units
Normal red chili pepper around 50,000  Scoville Heat Units

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Salad cream VS Mayo

If possible choose salad cream over mayonnaise as it is lower in fat and salt.

Go for a low fat mayonnaise instead of regular mayo most supermarkets do low fat versions now and they taste more or less the same.

Have a look at the salad cream and mayonnaise fat content (below)

Mayo has 11 grams of fat and 0.8 saturated fat and salad cream has 3.6 grams and 0.3 of saturated fat so is much lower than the mayo.

Heinz Salad Cream 
Per Serving (15 g)
  • Calories       44 kcal
  • Fat                3.6g
  • Saturated     0.3g
  • Salt               0.2g

Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise
Per Serving (15 g)
  • Calories       97
  • Fat                11g
  • Saturated     0.8g
  • Salt               0.15g

Going to the gym

Many years ago I would go to the gym every day with my friend. We would do some weights and treadmill, some rowing etc. On the way home we would often stop at our local takeaway kebab house.

My friend would get a doner kebab on naan bread no salad just yogurt sauce etc

I would get chicken tikka on pitta bread with salad no sauce
I lost weight he put weight on.

In the end my friend gave up the gym saying it was pointless he wouldn't believe the kebab was stopping him losing weight.

Even the local kebab house owner would joke to us why do you both come here after the gym and would joke with my friend saying you should eat grilled chicken like him instead of a donner.

Pizza dab

I love pizza now we all know they are not healthy so how can we lower the fat content
dab dab dab what?.

Get a simple kitchen towel and dab the top of the pizza. You will see all the oil and grease then dissolved on the kitchen towel .

All the oil on the paper towel will turn into fat when you eat it.

It's only a small amount of oil but less fat and calories for you to intake and you can still enjoy your pizza.

You can use this method with a lot of foods home made chips or anything that is oily etc less oil on food less fat content you ingest.


Is it healthy?
Nandos is grilled chicken not fried chicken which is worse for the body than grilled.
I would choose Nandos any day if I was having fast food. 

The only issue I have with Nandos is that it is expensive and I could not afford it often.

Now people will say it is bad for you, it's fast food but any food in excess can be bad.
As long as you exercise regularly and don't take in too much fat then you will be ok.

Try make Nandos yourself

If your like me and love Nandos but find it expensive and always busy. 

Try make some at home they do the sauce and ingredients online you just add chicken and your cooking skills.

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Grilled chicken is full of nutrients if possible avoid the skinned chicken. This is where the fat is going to be. Go for a chicken breast in a burger bun instead of skinned chicken and add some hot sauce if you can handle the heat but the sauce can also increase fat content as it may have high sugar in it.

As said before spice helps your body break down fat etc.

The smell and and taste of grilled chicken when you make it yourself is great.

We have loads of easy ways now to cook chicken to give the chicken that grill flavor and taste.

George Foreman machines are great quick and easy to use for chicken like this
marinade some chicken with Nandos Seasoning and get it on the grill and try new recipes
and get cooking healthy.

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Air fryers

These air fryers are great. I got one last month. I only bought it because it was on sale. 

I have to say they are amazing for cooking food. You use a little tiny bit of oil.

Cooks food, fast chicken,chips and meat etc.
Way more healthier then other methods as you don't need loads of oil.

Would fully recommend one of these not seen a bad review yet.

I got the Ninja model only because it was on a special offer but there are loads of different types less expensive than the Ninja model. links below.

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But what if you want a snack on the go?

Eat some small carrots or fruit rather than a chocolate bar or breakfast bar that's full of sugar.

Eat some carrots and you will be getting some vitamins and nutrients.

Carrots are low in calories and packed with nutrients. improving eyesight, your skin, and even heart health.

Some people even say avoid carrots because of sugar but these are the same people that say a chocolate breakfast bar is better than natural food.

What's in Carrots?
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Magnesium

Take away currys

We all have eaten a curry in one of the silver boxes so how can we avoid fat here?

Always avoid eating the last bit of curry or sauce (Sweet and sour etc)

The reason all the oil from cooking and in the sauce sits at the bottom of the box container so if you avoid eating it you will consume less fat you can even see some sitting on top in the photo below.

You could cook your own curry?

Cooking your own curry is good in many ways for example

  • You control the fat content
  • You know what your eating
  • You can use any ingredients
  • You can make it anytime
  • You can make it healthier than a takeaway curry
  • You can save money

Jar of curry paste

Cooking a curry has got to be one of the easiest foods to cook
all you need is a paste.

What I like about pastes is they last for ages one jar will probably get you ten curry meals all you do is add your own vegetables and meat and cook it is that simple.

The good thing about jars of curry paste is you can use them for anything.

For example marande a kebab, marinade BBQ chicken,chicken wings etc they are not just for curry's. Well worth the money the amount of meals you can create. I often use them in vegetable stir frys as well.

I use Pataks most often as I like the taste as I think it tastes most like takeaways recipes.

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Label reading

The only way we can lose weight Is to exercise and lower our fat,sugar content by changing our diet.

All these quick diet pills may offer a short term fix but in the long term they will do more harm than good and could be dangerous to your health.

When we eat takeaway food 
we don't really get a label when ordering a curry so we are unsure how much fat content is in it?.

Rough guide

The only way we can get a rough guide is comparing like the chicken kebab vs doner kebab.
grilled vs fried etc.

Looking online on google can give a rough idea of fat content in foods.

A meat curry is always going to have more fat than a vegetable curry because of animal fat.

Fried food is always going to have more fat content
rather than grilled as it is fried in oil so the oil soaks into the food onion bhaji as an example.

This is where a stir fry is excluded and a good example even though it's fried it only requires a drop of oil rather than being dipped in a litre of oil like an onion bhaji would be.

Caveman and woman

You have to remember the human body is not designed to lose weight. Our ancestors who lived in the caves in the past
would not have turned down a big piece of fat from meat like we do.

Most of us cut fat from our meat now before we cook it to be a bit healthier our ancestors had no options they needed food and energy so nothing was wasted.

We struggle to go to the supermarket in the winter in our nice warm cars
our ancestors living in caves had no supermarket down the road
or a nice warm car or thermal clothes.

They had to hunt store fat and eat anything to keep them warm
and to gain energy from fat etc so it's in our DNA not for us to lose fat quickly and to store it.

Example of needing fat

I know another random story
when I was in the British army I did not eat much meat I only really would eat chicken now and then nothing else no pork,lamb,beef , etc

Wake up time 5.30am

Many mornings we would be woken up by the corporal  suddenly and we would go for breakfast before we would do our exercise training in all weathers in winter.

The breakfast choice was either a small bowl of cereal cornflakes with milk
or a full English breakfast Bacon,2 sausage,eggs,fried bread,beans,black pudding and a cup of tea.

First few weeks

So my first few weeks I would eat cornflakes (cereal) then we would go do some exercise could be a 5,8 mile run.

After eating the cereal I noticed I was hungry half an hour later the cornflakes gave me no energy. I felt weak and fatigued
when running and afterwards I was exhausted.

Scabby vulture

Anyway one of the other soldiers said mate you need to start eating proper food
and cereal is rabbit food that would not feed a scabby vulture.

The energy we are burning daily you need fuel your only going to get that from meat fry ups (English breakfast).

Welcome english breakfast

I started eating the English breakfast bacon,sausage,eggs,beans,blackpuding and fried bread every morning instead of cornflakes.

I noticed I had more strength and energy even after our morning run I felt ok. 

I will be honest I did not like the taste of the English breakfast much at first so I would just cover it in black pepper.

After a few weeks I noticed myself craving bacon in the morning and eggs then sausage.

The point I am trying to make is similar to the caveman story: if we are hungry our body and brain 
wants fat to keep us going so it is hard to avoid fat when we are under stress or burning a lot of energy.


This is just a quick guide, the key is to not stop eating junk food all together as you will just crave and crave it until you go on a junk food binge.

There are a lot of ways to lose weight. it's just finding what works for us 
here is a quick guide for weight loss, not just junk food etc.

  • Have sugar free cola instead of full fat
  • Add more herbs to meals rather than salt
  • Have porridge,Weetabix instead of sugary cereals
  • Have one less sugar in your coffee or tea
  • Have no milk in tea or a low fat version
  • Use low calorie sweetener instead of sugar
  • Try cooking some new recipes
  • Use a low fat butter instead of full
  • Use Low fat oil when cooking

  • Don't butter toast if you have beans on toast
  • Have more vegetables with meals and less red meat
  • Grill,boil,stir fry food rather then deep frying
  • Eat foods that help weight loss chili, leafy Greens
  • Drink more water hunger is often confused with thirst
  • Drink herbal teas Green tea,Ginger that help burn fat
  • Eat meals at regular times
  • Do not skip breakfast
  • Eat high fiber foods
  • Read food labels

  • Using a smaller plate can help you eat smaller portions
  • Eat food you like to boost morale not just because it is good for you
  • Join a club weight watchers with friends helps motivate you
  • Exercise regularly
  • Set goals get motivated use music to help you
  • Above all don't get stressed
  • Keep a diary of your progress
  • Watch and use exercise videos on YouTube Joe Wicks etc

The key is to eat in moderation and see how you can cut fat content out.
Little small amounts help have 1 less sugar a day in your drink add it up over the week it all mounts up and helps.

Do research, don't take my word for it, study foods that help you lose weight, what burns fat and what exercises help burn fat cardio, running, jogging, rowing etc.

Don't be demotivated by other peoples comments or remarks you will always find people that will try To put you down in life when you try new hobbies or join the gym or change your diet etc.

I speak from experience as people have tried to do it with me in the past. Never surrender to the jealousy of people you have the power to win and accomplish your goals.

As always, leave any questions in the comments.
Hope this article helps 

Apple a day keep Doctor away?

Do Apples keep the doctor away?

Why do we eat apples?

Apple trees are cultivated worldwide and are the most widely grown species in the genus Malus.
There are more than 7,500 known  cultivars of apples.
There is thousands of varieties of apples

Apples have been eaten since humans were first on this earth.

They are mentioned all through history from Adam and Eve and the forbidden tree to Isaac Newton who is said to have thought up the law of gravity while sitting under an apple tree, observing the falling of apples.

Where do they come from origin?

The apple tree originated in Central Asia,
more than likely they originated in the mountains of Kazakhstan.
from around 2500 to 6500 BC they were a popular sweet fruit which would have been traded to other parts of the world. I wonder if the first tree is still there?.

What does a normal apple contain

  • Vitamin A 
  • Vitamin B1 
  • Vitamin B2 
  • Vitamin B6 
  • Vitamin C 
  • Vitamin K
  • Folate (folic acid)
  • Potassium
  • Quercetin
  • Calcium 
  • Catechin. 
  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Magnesium 

Health benefits of apples

  • May help to improve insulin sensitivity
  • Protects against heart disease
  • Promotes Good Gut Bacteria.
  • May help prevent and fight cancer
  • Known to reduce total cholesterol levels
  • Study's shown help reduce chance of thrombotic stroke
  • Used by many people to help lose weight
  • Boosts the immune system and helps prevent illness
  • Good source of fiber
  • Known as a super-food
  • One of your five a day

What countries grows the most apples

China grows the most apples at around 44,447,793 tonnes
The European Union came in second place with just over 14 million tonnes.

Are some apples better than others?

All depends on your taste. Some are more crunchy,crisp and sweet then  others.

I remember seeing a TV program a few years ago that apples grown in the UK was quite big compared to average size apples and we would export them to Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Saudi Arabia,Vietnam and others would then export their grown apples to the UK because they were smaller and sweet.

Apparently British people prefer smaller sweet apples that they can carry in there hand or put in a lunch box for work and for eating on the go etc.

If you eat apple seeds will it kill you?

The seeds contain a compound called (amygdalin) a substance that releases cyanide into the bloodstream when chewed and digested. 

Amygdalin is a part of the apple seeds’ chemical defenses when chewed or crushed it more less wakes it up.

You would need to finely chew and eat about 200 apple seeds or around 40 apple cores
this number seems to change from different sources.

Eating apple seeds that contain (Amygdalin) cyanide. or swallowing the whole seeds is unlikely to be fatal, but chewing and swallowing a large number of apple seeds could be dangerous.

Avoid eating them anyway as they may not be fatal in small amounts but even a few are not good for you in the long run and can make you sick and cause side effects.

The amount of amygdalin in the different types of apples varies, depending on the variety.

So what is cyanide
Simple put it is one of the most deadliest poisons
in the world.

We all have seen the films where they swallow a pill and die instant
such as James Bond etc well that's a (cyanide pill)

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, 1–2 mg/kg is a fatal oral dose of cyanide depending on body weight.

It may take several hours before the poison takes effect,
even a small amount of Cyanide can harm the heart and brain.

Avoid eating the seeds at all costs. It is always wise to spit them out the same goes for animals (Dog) etc don't feed the seeds to animals.

Symptoms of cyanide poisoning include anxiety,stomach cramps, headache, nausea and vomiting, and can culminate in cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, coma and then death.

These fruits also contain  (amygdalin)
  • Peaches
  • Apricots
  • Cherries
  • Almonds

Why do we not eat more apples in foods?

Not sure when I have been aboard I have had curry's with apples in them and stir frys
and they tasted great.

I just think it has not got to the point yet in the west where it is popular to have in curry's and stuff but hopefully it will do as adding them to meals such as curry's will create new recipes and great tasting healthy food and will be a good health boost for people.

Will apples keep the doctor away


They will help benefit your health, that is for sure they also will help lower your chance of getting some diseases and help keep your vitamin and mineral levels up so in a way yes if you don't eat them now is a good time to start.

But eating apples doesn't mean you could eat one apple a day and then smoke 20 cigarettes and drink 6 litres of alcohol a day you still need to live a healthy lifestyle.

Warning always wash apples before you eat them as they may have pesticide on the outer skin so always worth washing before you eat.


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