Visiting a Donkey sanctuary

I was traveling around Buxton and drove past a field full of Donkeys so knew I had to stop to get some video footage.

The field is actually a donkey sanctuary not currently open to the public so I parked up on a side road and started to film the donkeys. 

The weather was freezing and was on off raining so tried to get as much footage as I could.

I did manage to get some videos on my phone as well of the donkeys walking close up to me.

Why was the cow angry

Went to a farm in Buxton and tried to feed a cow that I normally see sometimes but this time the cow seemed annoyed. 

I originally thought it was due to the rain and cold as it was pouring down which is why I was filming on my phone.

Mostly in the rain. I avoid using my camera in the rain.

As I arrived on the farm I saw one of the cows walking over to me which they always do when I see them.

They must recognise me by now. You can see in the video the cow walks over to me and sniffs my hand.

So as I approached the cow again to give her some grass food she tried to headbutt me kind of trying to ram me like a bull would do. I managed to back off quite quickly before I fell over. 

To be honest I thought that was strange of the cow as you can see in the other video the cow was friendly when she first walked over.

The week later I was passing the same farm so thought it was worth stopping again to see my cow friends. As I got on the field I saw my friend, the aggressive cow. 

This time the aggressive cow  had a baby calf with her and was mooing when people walked near. 

I suppose this explains why she may have been defensive the week before. I did not see a little cow that week but it seems to explain the defensiveness of the cow.

Are You Talking To Me

Cow staring at me eye to eye on a farm in Buxton around the valley of Mam tor.

It was funny to be honest the cow was giving me the Clint Eastwood western movie style eyes. 

The weather had just started to make thunder noises  and I think I saw some lightning but was not fully sure.

I think maybe the cow thought looking at me that I was a clown with a metal camera monopod pole standing in a field with thunder and lightning.

What made me a little edgy was not so much the storm brewing  and the loud thunder noise but the thought the thunder may spook the cows.

Cow Dance

It had just started thundering but was still warm and bright so I think the Cow was trying to cool down a little from the heat or doing a Cow dance.

Now I have seen this cow many times so I think she must recognise me by now every time I am there she points to her back with her head.

So I am not sure if that means she wants me to itch the top of her back or it is just normal cow behaviour either way I want to build up more trust before I try and stroke the cows.