Animals In The Zoo Deer's🦌

From what I found these animals are Spotted Deer and Eld Deer.

Knowsley Safari Park Zoo

The zoo is a great place to go if the weather is good, as the animals seem to like the dry weather I have been before when it was raining and could not see many of the animals.

The Deer were quite a distance from myself so I had to keep zooming in, but cars kept driving past and would get in the way.

Animals In The Zoo Giraffes

Animals In The Zoo couple of nice Giraffes at Knowsley Safari Park in Prescot, England.

I neve knew they were so big in size when seen up close but they were friendly and kept walking over to people they are nice animals.

Animals In The Zoo wolves, Meerkats And ,Bush Dogs

Short Clips of Animals In The Zoo. I only managed to get short clips of these animals which is why I have added them all on the same video.

The Zoo was quite busy and people kept walking in front of my camera so I had to keep stopping filming.

Only managed to get short clips and I was trying to work my camera focus it decided to not work that day very good but got what I could.

Animals In The Zoo Rhinos Close Up

Animals In The Zoo Rhinoceros at Knowsley safari park close up. Not to close as I did not want them over turning the car which they easily could. 

These animals are awesome it is a shame they are going extinct because of hunters.

No animal should face extinction in the world we live in.

You get to drive past these animals on the safari drive again you can not walk past them on foot due to safety issues.

Animals In The Zoo Forest Buffalo & Bison


Forest Buffalo and Bison on the Safari drive at Knowsley Safari Park.

You get to see these animals on the safari animals drive the part where you use your car. I am guessing the zoo won't allow people to walk near as they could charge at you.

Animals Black Sheep On A Farm


Animal Black sheep on farm in the Bakewell area of England.

I only managed to get a few short clips as the happy sheep kept moving around the farm fast and it was starting to go dark.

We all know the song baa baa black sheep so here is a real black sheep.


I decided to create a  YouTube channel where I would upload all the animals that I photography around the countryside. 

Most of the photos I have taken also have a short video clip that I have filmed along with the photography. 

Some times it can be difficult mainly due to the weather as it rains here often but if you like seeing Cows, Sheep, Deer and other great animals in the wild roaming the English countryside then have a look at my channel I promise you won't be disappointed..

Animal Prints

Selection of photos I have taken from around the Uk of animals I post all my photos that I take and I think are good enough on my Fine art America site where they are available to purchase.

Protective Cow on a Farm In Wales🐄

Protective Cow on a farm in Wales I got quite close but this Cow was a little on guard.

I always seem to be able to get close to film cows so I assume they would not let me near them if they did not trust me?

Cow video Cow on a farm in Mold,Wales the Cow was a little on guard as there were baby cows in the farmland so I did not want to get to close after a while the Cows seemed to relax when they knew I was no danger to them.


Sleepy Cow On A Farm In England🐄

Video I filmed of a Cow sleeping on a farm in Saddleworth moors.

The cow on the left seems to be keeping watch over the sleeping cow. I only got a short video as it just started to rain and the wind was picking up.

I think the Cow was dreaming by the expressions on his face.


Cows In North Wales🐄


Cows close up in a field in North Wales just being Cows.

I could not get that close as the farm was located at the back of a forest so I had to lean over a barbed wire fence and zoom in you can see the cows keep looking at me as I was leaning over the barbed wire.

Bee nest on a street🐝

Honey bee's taking over a street in Manchester today.

Looks like there was a nest in the bush behind the fence as the Bees were all over I am guessing the Queen was in the nest. 

I was driving down the street and noticed the big cloud of Bees' so knew I had get to get out of my car and get a few video clips.

I did have a few of the Bees land on my head and arms as I walked up to the nest but none of them stung me.

The average Bee seems to have a bad reputation but I think to be honest if you don't provoke them they will not sting.

Cows cows cows on a farm in Saddleworth Moors🐄


Cows and the Farmer on a farm in Saddleworth Moors, England herding the cows. 

Some of the Cows looked like they were starting to ignore the farmer.

The farmer seemed to be in a rush too get the cows off the field. 

Cows Resting on Farm In Saddleworth Moor🐄

Cows on a farm, resting in Saddleworth Moor In Oldham.

They were just resting, I think they knew the weather was changing as it started to get windy and it was raining, very light as it often does when I try to film outside. 

There is a old myth in England, if Cows sit down, it means it is going to rain.

Funny Horse on a farm🐴

I was a little worried the horse may catch one of his eyes on the barb wire but after speaking to the farmer he told me the horse was aware of the wire and itched his head everyday on the fence post.